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Law enforcement down under.
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Law enforcement down under.

G'Day chaps, I've just been watching an Aussie based cop show that centred around traffic policing.
Three questions:
1. How does the de-merit system work and what is it?
2. What's the relevance of the pink ticket and what does that do?
3. What's the limits on drink driving and how is this tested at the roadside?

Cheers, Ian. Thumbs Up
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Post #19235397th Mar 2018 4:45 pm
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Hi Narpy,

Until a true blue Aussie bloke comes along, I can ell you how those things work across here in New Zealand. Our systems are broadly similar, but there may be some differences....

1. Demerits. Basically, depending on the severity of the offence, as well as a fine you get a number of demerit points. If you collect a certain number of points over a certain timeframe, your licence is suspended. For NZ, you can see a list of point offences here:

2. Not 100% sure if this is the same in Oz, but here a pink ticket means a vehicle is unroadworthy and must not be driven. It has to be collected and taken for either scrap or repair before the ticket is removed.

3. Police is a breathalyser (breath analyser) at the roadside to test for alcohol. This is just a device you speak into. If the reading is over limit, they will then ask for an evidential breath test where you blow into a bag with a chemical that changes colour. You are them can also request a blood test back at the station. It is possible to fail the breath test but pass the blood test, although that is rare. If aged under 20, the limit is 0. If over 20, it is 200mcg of alcohol per litre of breath.
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Post #19235737th Mar 2018 5:55 pm
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dont forget that for bank holidays and state days there are often 'double demerits' awarded for offences committed on those days!

drink drive is a bit like the UK, roadside blow, and depending if youre a full, learner or 'P' plater there are different levels of alcohol limit, as well as a sliding scale for how much over you are. The current limit is 0.05ug/ml.

they must have changed the colours, but in western australia a 'yellow slip' or 'canary' is a prohibition for defects requiring the car to be re- MOT'd.
Will dig out my offence code book and post it if youre interested.... when I can find it amongst the junk.
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Post #19235887th Mar 2018 6:32 pm
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"True blue" Aussie is a bit much but I've been here a fair few years now.

The points system, correct the number of demerit points you get is based on the severity of the driving offence committed. They changed the system a few years ago here in NSW where you could have up to 12 points, it is now 13 unless you're a professional driver then you're allowed 14 before you lose your license. Speeding used to be 3 demerit points but that changed to points based on how much you were speeding, lowest being 1 point now. Then around Public Holidays they have a double demerit system in NSW for speeding and seat belt offences.
The demerit system differs per state, I got caught during a Public Holiday weekend near Brisbane, at the time I only received 3 points instead of 6 (for anything up to 14km/h over), as QLD didn't have double demerits. Points drop off after 3 years. If you've driven 5 years without any "active" points on your license you get a discount on your drivers license renewal fee.

A "Pink slip" is the MOT equivalent for cars over a certain age - 5 years and over now. It used to be a pink piece of paper which you then took to the RTA/RMS to renew your car registration (annual thing, can be for 6 months as well maybe even shorter now. I've only ever done a 12 month rego). These days they also refer to it as an "e-safety check", as the result is sent to the RMS immediately so you can renew your rego online.

Road side breath testing is done via breathalyser. First they use a device which just detects alcohol in your breath without blowing into a tube, they ask you to count to 10 - if this device gives a positive reading you get to blow in the tube that gives an alcohol reading. If this reading is 0.05 or over, they arrest you for the purpose of a breath test and they either take you to the "bus" or Police station. There they do a second test and if this one is 0.05 or over then you're in trouble. How much depends on how high the reading was.
For drivers on L or P plates (red or green) the alcohol limit is 0. P platers are drivers that just got their license, a red one first and after a year you do a safety test on a computer then you progress to a green one. Another 2 years later and another test, you get your full license. Speed restrictions also apply for P platers.
There's also a 0.02 limit for drivers of public vehicles (bus, taxi), drivers HGV over 13.9 tonne GVM and drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

The above I believe is correct for NSW, as said there are state differences.

Post #192744218th Mar 2018 5:15 am
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