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Auto-Vox reverse cam - And community thank you
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Auto-Vox reverse cam - And community thank you

Firstly, thank you to everyone for posting questions and how-to's on wiring for a reverse cam. The advice is invaluable and I managed to find the correct wires and remove the trim etc with little trouble.

So on the weekend I fitted this to the silver brick:

After debating the RR mod and not fancying taking the dash out to install a switch or cutting wires, I opted for a slightly more overt solution.

The install routine went:

1) Open boot and look up - remove the screw holding the handle in and then unclip the cover around the latch part of the trim - I suggest investing in some plastic trim removal tools so you don't damage the plastic.

2) Use 'some' force to remove the plastic around the upper boot trim, i saw a thread somewhere that said 'be brave' Smile - i'd second that with be brave and careful at the same time, it will come off.

3) Removed boot handle - So 2 of my boot handle outside screws were corroded and stuck, however once i got to the inside bolts and removed the other 2 outside screws, I was able to lever the remaining off the handle - amazingly no damage! Smile - On the refit use some grease to make sure you can get them back off again.

4) Fit the cam - i drilled a small hole to route the cable through the boot handle from underneath then created a channel that followed the latch switch cabling through the boot and around the left edge of the window to the top. Now the cable is too short to reach all the way through the top and down the side so you will need to run a seperate power cable up from the reverse power - more on this later

5) Earth - due to the short cables the earth location is also a small pain - so there are a couple of modules on either side Red and White of the top of the rear window. They use a torx bolt as an earth, I undid the bolt of the red one and, attached a long spade connector and slid this under the bolt and re-tightened. This sorted the Earth.

6) Power - Ok so locate the power: - Do read the second post on the first page. The wire IS in the small bundle, lowest on the left that appears in the panel. there is only about 8 cables in this bundle, if you are colourblind (like me) get someone to check for the green with a brown stripe - as there is a green with red next to it!

The power module for the Auto-Vox is short and has a capacitor inline therefore routing this down from the top of the window is impossible. So I cheekily scotch-locked a secondary power cable and ran this up the side of the boot trim, to the top and...

Well all i can say is Censored alot while I tried to get this cable through the rubber grommet in the roof to join it to the top of the boot. My tip is, pull the grommet off at both ends and then use a long cable tie to get the new cable through. connect the power and you are done. I usually avoid body grommets as they tend to be a pig to get back, but this went back really well. maybe im just old and better weathered for it Laughing

This part probably took the longest.

7) Done - thats it, put the trim back, power the screen module in the front and select reverse. All in it took a couple of hours. Took me ages to figure out brown from red Laughing, but now at least when my dodgy sensor kicks the parking offline i can see what im about to hit.

I'll post some pics tomorrow for those interested.
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