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Pete K

Member Since: 15 Jan 2016
Location: GL
Posts: 3580

England 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Rimini RedDiscovery 3

When they get old the valve seals leak and they loose height overnight or end up flat after days.

If yours is rising slightly the process is starting.

Not necessarily an expensive fix if you have basic tools
Post #187793210th Nov 2017 1:36 pm
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Member Since: 29 Sep 2006
Location: MIDLANDS
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England 2012 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 XS Auto Santorini BlackDiscovery 4

Don't think it's a 'name and shame' as one sellers "VGC" is another buyers "pile of sh Censored te" TBH.

I don't see any reason for not being able to feedback that "I went to see this car and this is what I found and/or my opinion" without being libellous (as Gareth warned).

Think I've seen a few posts where somebody has been to see a D3/4 and it's had a Disco3 sticker on it and they've asked further on here and many times an eBay link has been put up and a dozen of us put our opinions on it based on what we see and know.

Think it just needs the 'heat' taken out the message.

We've all been to see a car, motorbike or whatever and left sorely disappointed after a wasted journey but then I'm sure we've all found a little golden nugget too, I know I have (Vauxhall Corsa bought 'blind' off eBay for £150 that I did a 220 mile round trip to pick up, that passed three MOT's with no advisories and did four newbie drivers as their first wheels without anything other than one tyre and an exhaust back-box required in about three and half years and is still running around in North Wales somewhere...... Thumbs Up )
Post #187793410th Nov 2017 1:37 pm
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Member Since: 26 Jul 2014
Location: East Yorkshire
Posts: 14

England 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Barolo BlackDiscovery 3

Yeah i get what you mean mate, i was rather annoyed when i first wrote this! But yeah i agree with maybe advising others on what i found! I genuinly just wanted to warn others who are thinking of travelling a long way Smile
Post #187825911th Nov 2017 12:44 pm
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Member Since: 29 Sep 2006
Location: MIDLANDS
Posts: 5707

England 2012 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 XS Auto Santorini BlackDiscovery 4

I’m sure people appreciate a tip off Thumbs Up
Post #187827911th Nov 2017 2:03 pm
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Member Since: 31 Jul 2014
Location: Tonbridge
Posts: 520

United Kingdom 2005 Discovery 3 4.4 V8 HSE Auto Bonatti GreyDiscovery 3

A few years back I went to see a V8 D3 that was in a real sorry state, I did a post on here about it's condition, so that others didn't travel huge miles to see it.

As I remember the dealer had somebody flying in from Ireland to see it. Shocked
Post #187834711th Nov 2017 5:27 pm
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Member Since: 03 Oct 2010
Location: yorkshire - London
Posts: 1550

2012 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 XS Auto Fuji WhiteDiscovery 4

The one I bought was a white MY61 XS with black pack, I put a deposit on it on 29th September with the view to picking it up on 12th October when I returned from London, it was agreed that I would pay an extra £400 for all timing belts and pulleys to be changed as it was coming up to 7 years and it would have any work do on it if it failed the MOT.

12th October I collected the vehicle and was given a copy of works carried out,
2 x new front lower arms
Front to back brake pipes cloth sides
Timing belts
Oil & Filter change
Diagnostic check
New Battery
4 wheel alignment
Total £1450

13th October driving up A1M link with daughter Restricted Performance came on power started to decrease, pulled over, long and short breakdown man read faults said dirt on MAF sensor and cleared faults then said it would be fine, Joe Hodgson JAS LR text me as he saw my post on Facebook about breaking down and advised what it could possibly well be after a chat about incidents leading up to breakdown.
14th Oct happened again
16th October took back to garage advised it was probably cracked inlet manifold, no worries will get diagnostic check, the garage that the dealer use agreed and said £1400 to replace one inlet manifold Shocked
25th October still not sorted so spoke to dealers who agreed that JAS LR could do the job and dealer would pay bill
25th Oct taken to JAS who did health check prior to starting work, they found the following

1. Only main timing belt changed HPFP belt and pulleys still original
2. One Brake pipe kinked and leaking other one just leaking
3. One of the two new lower arms that were replaced ( bought from Euro Car Parts traced part number) has loads of play in ball joint.
4. Boost pipe broken when they changed belt
5. Inlet elbow not fitted correctly and O ring missing with clip broken
6. Power steering fluid leak
7. Coolant over filled
8. Engine oil leak

All photographed and sent to dealers but they not interested already spent too much money on it was the response, short discussion with sales manager who blatantly said JAS LR was trying to scam by saying work needed doing that didn’t , did try to reason with them and mentioned about the photographs but sales manager dismissed them saying he did not know what he was looking at and after speaking to his mechanic who stated that the brakes were not leaking he had just not wiped the excess fluid off when he changed them Confused

Visited dealer 31st October sales manager said he not giving me money back until his mechanic has inspected work JAS LR carried out replacing inlet manifold even though day before he was happy to give me my money back just had to pop in.

Spoke to dealer principal Friday 3rd November who said he would sort it one way or another,
6th November he said he will give me my money back in two days due to it going to cost too much to put right and they have already spent a lot of money on it.
8th November phoned to check on money situation, surprisingly dealer principle on a training day so not contactable, spoke to accounts department who said “we don’t know anything about it and to give them five minutes to check, right we have found the authorisation to pay you back we just need your bank details”, Evil or Very Mad “what it’s not already on it’s way?”, “no it’s still here to do as a routine payment and not a priority”, was their response so gave them bank details again ( both as paid deposit and balance out of separate accounts), “all done refunded back onto your debit cards” said accountant, asked how long before hits my account, I was asking for bacs payment and they assured me this was one, was told minimum 3-4 days but in reality could take up to 10 days.

Little upset you could say, so made a few calls and internet search got in touch with one of the director/owners at a different branch, spoke to him, he unaware of situation and was very disappointed to hear what happened, had to send him photographs and all emails, he read through everything and said he was sorry but he had to side with his dealer principle and offer money back as they had already invested too much in it, but it was not the end of the situation as far as he was concerned. He did not say what he was going to do( not much going by the rest of his team).

I currently as I write this have the £500 deposit back in one of my accounts, the balance of £16890 is still up there with the gods floating around somewhere.

I have not had a vehicle since 29th October, the dealer gave me a courtesy car while it was in their garage but I had to return it when I moved the D4 to JAS LR where I was given one of their vehicles but only until the job was completed, I also did not have enough money To buy another D4.

The vehicle was only collected Friday 10th November from JAS LR where it was sat for 13 days leaking brake fluid, the guy turned up with a Mitsubishi Shogun and trailer to collect it as it was on the invoice dangerous to drive brakes leaking.

I would advise anyone looking at a white D4 XS FN61 YXK 100k Miles do not buy it, unless you want to spend a couple of thousand sorting it out, the dealer will list it as D4 XS 1 years MOT, new lower arms, recent service, new battery, timing belt done, new inlet manifold, recent 4 wheel alignment, new brake pipes AA checked which if you are in the market for one sounds ideal due to lots of money spent on serviceable parts and preventative maintenance has already been done, but in reality it’s not the case. I would feel sorry for anyone that buys it thinking that all the belts have been changed and one of the other belts snaps taking the engine with it.

Anyway I will upload photos later but the dealer is VW Hayselden in Doncaster
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Post #187848312th Nov 2017 5:48 am
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The Dundonian

Member Since: 21 Dec 2015
Location: A9
Posts: 2623

Scotland 2012 Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 HSE Auto Barolo BlackDiscovery 4

A horror story. I can't understand it when the garage says they have invested too much in it to put it right. That's an admission they don't intend to put known faults right before selling it on or they intend to bung it in an auction as sold as seen. Either way someone gets a lemon, albeit the second choice absolves them of responsibility.
Post #187848412th Nov 2017 6:57 am
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Member Since: 22 Dec 2009
Location: Maidstone
Posts: 4965

United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 Metropolis LE Auto Bonatti GreyDiscovery 3

Where I bought my D3 from the salesman cheerfully told me any problem motors they have go straight back to auction, latest one was r/r v8 with knacked turbos!

Sold as seen does not get them out of anything, unless it is trade to trade.
 No Illeism here.  
Post #187848612th Nov 2017 8:00 am
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