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D5 or RRS2
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Member Since: 29 May 2007
Location: Dundee, Scotland
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Scotland 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Cairns BlueDiscovery 3

If it were my money, I'd be going for the RRS Thumbs Up
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My D3 Build Thread 
Post #185060324th Aug 2017 9:02 am
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Member Since: 07 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom 

Russell wrote:

Handling, the D5 is no slouch around the corners and handles far far better than even the latest D4's, having driven a RRS and a D5 both very recently I would say that there is not a lot in the handling and in fact having had a little bit of a spar with a RRS recently he could not get away from me and in fact around the bends got in my way, that may well b down to the driver

Was it the RRS or the RRS Dynamic? The Dynamic has a different chassis set up. Lots of the "poverty" spec versions around (lack of low range, none of the clever fast road gizmos etc.). The Dynamic is a different beast when pushed on. Also, the early RRS2 didn't have the 306bhp 3.0 so he might not have had much more grunt that you either if it was an early version.

Interestingly, the new 3.0 supercharged petrol, although called HSE Dynamic doesn't get the fast road toys that the bigger diesels and 5.0 petrol models do. LR do some funny things with their specifications.
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Post #185087624th Aug 2017 10:07 pm
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Member Since: 27 Aug 2017
Location: Staffordshire
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United Kingdom 2015 Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 HSE Auto Santorini BlackDiscovery 4

Definitely the D5 for me Bow down
Post #185170327th Aug 2017 4:51 pm
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Member Since: 19 Sep 2010
Location: Dutch Highlands [Veluwe]
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Netherlands 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Vienna GreenDiscovery 3

I have decided on my strategy. I will first sell the FL2, as it would have been in the barn for six months over winter, as soon as my D3 is back from Portugal. Smile No use keeping the FL2, although I think its a nice 'baby-LR'. Then end of november, I will put my D3 up for sale. Idea I informed some friendly dealers its available for sale then. When some richt kids want to go alpine skiing and 'dad' isn't too keen on lending his own RR, it might sell at a good price even. Then I'm left with the MiTo, untill the first quarter of 2018. Then both 'friendly dealers' will deliver many new cars which generate 'trade-in'. I am eager for a RRSDV8 , new far out of my league [ taxed easily € 200.000,- here..]. If this doesn't happen, I'll order a D5 and hope to take delivery before april so it can take me to Portugal.... Behold; if the D3 isn't sold, I will take her again for a tour. She's faultless and only my snobbery pushes me to a newer car... It feels like betrayal Embarassed She's always been good to us.. Big Cry
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Post #185198128th Aug 2017 4:40 pm
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Red Merle

Member Since: 30 Aug 2014
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United Kingdom 

Even after only having driven 900 miles in the FFRR, I can tell that the SDV8 is an absolute peach! Good luck in finding what you’re looking for Thumbs Up
 4/10/18: After 44 Days in the workshop she’s finally back and I couldn’t be happier to hand that D5 loaner back!
Love the car, but faith in LR Assist and LR’s technical back up has taken a BIG knock Sad 
Post #18661738th Oct 2017 4:33 pm
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