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[Electrical] Electrical System Failure (Warning Lights & Limp Home)
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Member Since: 16 Jul 2011
Location: Rogiet,South Wales
Posts: 24

United Kingdom 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Zambezi SilverDiscovery 3

I am not sure if any lights came on but a warning flashed up on the display,it was so quick i think it said "system failure ". The thing is i ran out of fuel a few days ago and i was wondering if the fuel filter was clogged due to this?,but the black smoke has been there for quite a while!!(Intercooler pipe or egr valves?)
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Post #83871123rd Sep 2011 10:54 am
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Member Since: 23 Sep 2011
Location: Tuscany
Posts: 10

Italy 2007 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Java BlackDiscovery 3

I have a lot of problem with my LR Disco 3. I have the following lights on: HDC fault, parking brake fault, ABS fault, terrain response fault, and speed indicator off.
I tried to change the battery but no results. Few days ago, I opened the ABS plastic cover, and cleaned the electrical plug with a CRC spray disossidant.
like a magic all the failure ligts become off and all the car sistems work fine.
This until this morning, when all failur lights are on. I repeat the cleaning procedures and everythings ok.
Naturally the land rover dealer tell me that have no idea how to fix the car.
Please help me!!
Post #83876723rd Sep 2011 12:27 pm
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Member Since: 27 Apr 2015
Location: Philadelphia
Posts: 36

United States 

Your problem could be a few different things, brake switch failure (buy one for a 2009 Ford Focus, same exact part at half the cost), or the more likely broken red wire in the loom of ~65+ wires that goes along the starboard side of the vehicle (Driver if RHD, Passenger if LHD). This happens when a splice UNDER the shrinkwrap breaks so all looks well from above until you find the actual wire, remove shrinkwrap, resplice, re-shrinkwrap, clear codes. Water ingress can be a cause too, check for pooling water where that loom is as well.
Post #155338230th Oct 2015 4:28 pm
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Member Since: 21 Sep 2015
Location: Tegryn Pembrokeshire
Posts: 28

Wales 2015 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 SE Tech Auto Firenze RedDiscovery 4

I've recently purchased a 2008 HSE which had recently had the front lower wishbones replaced.

On the 250 mile drive home the car was faultless until I got within 10 miles of home when all of the above warning messages suddenly appeared and the suspension lowered to access height.

I plugged my fault code reader into the ODB port and it listed a whole host of comms errors with various body control units one of the errors was however steering angle sensor out of limts.

I booked the car into my local independent to have the steering geometry set properly as it had not been done after the wishbones were changed and the steering wheel hat been off centre by about 20 degrees.

When I collected the car from the independent the told me that not only had the geometry been miles out but also that the bolts had not been tightened fully and were working themselves loose which could account for the steering sensor being out of range.

When I first encountered the fault I bought a spare brake light switch but the independent have reset the steering angle sensor and so far no further faults have occured.

I will hold onto the new switch in case I get further issues as it appears that any sensor or switch linked to the body control unit can cause these problems if it is sending a signal which is out of normal range.
Post #15542401st Nov 2015 10:07 am
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Member Since: 26 Feb 2019
Location: La Herradura
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Spain 2009 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Bonatti GreyDiscovery 3
Warning Lights - Handbrake, Transmission, Suspension Limphom

I have attached a photo showing the warning lights, it's not my dash, just a pic I found on the net hence I have crossed out the engine management light as that one is not showing on mine.
So two hours into my drive home light one came on first, which I believe is the handbrake warning light but it was in orange. About 30 Seconds later light 2 comes one. The Tringle in the circle. Again, this was orange. This time a message flashed up on the dash. Unfortunately, it was in Spanish, but it said: “Falla de Transmission” Roughly translated Transmission Failure. The gear change then goes from D on the Dashboard to F. About 30 seconds after that, light 3 came on “Picture of a car with an arrow” again in yellow, followed by the warning message “Suspension Baja” Meaning Suspension down. The car then drops down to the bump stops.

Stopping the car and switching off and then back on clears the fault, but a bit later it all comes back again. I find this only happens on Fairley long runs usually over 30 mins at a constant speed, so needless to say the garage can't seem to recreate the fault.

To date, the garage has changed that battery, the electric motor for switching between high and low range, and the steering angle sensor, Oh and while it was in the garage the dash cluster failed so that had to be sent off for repair too.

I’m finding this hard as the garage is over an hour away from me, and the language barrier is not helping.

But I was a mechanics apprentice years ago, so I know my way around a motor.
I did manage to get a print out of the fault codes, this dump came from the ECU before the above sensors were changed.
Post #204522611th Apr 2019 10:32 pm
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