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Flipping Bangers
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Flipping Bangers

I know its an 'old' programme now but god it was cr@p, made early episodes of Wheeler Dealers look like they were aiming for Concours D'elegance Laughing

I caught up with it as its on Amazon now and I was channel surfing and started to watch it.

The premise doesn't stack up; they've given up "full time jobs" (doing what isn't explained but given one lives in a, literal, country manor house I guess it wasn't flipping burgers at Maccy D's), they have a very decent fully equipped workshop (said to be at mates rates) and they aim to double their investment doing a 'old banger' up and selling it on.

Given said bangers are around the £1k, or less, mark that is no way going to pay two of them a living wage and cover outgoings.....

Even that is ignoring the fact they mostly fail in their aim...

The cars seem to be mostly dogs that are old bangers for a reason. Sure they flipped a few and made maybe £6-700 on them but they were still rough when they'd finished with them. I think many of us have historically commentated that on WD the stripping down and reassembling without taking the opportunity to clean or 'tidy it up a bit' was both unrealistic and frustrating but the FB team take this element to a whole new, lower, level.......... Rolling Eyes

They did a Golf GTi that had rust along bottom of the doors that they ignored but they 'repaired' the mildly stone chipped sliver of metal under the grille (to make it 'present well' Rolling Eyes ) and the 'surface' rust under the wheelarch spats. Same with an MX-5 that was 'pear like' underneath but they patched the sill up, so that's OK then.....

I looked up all the cars they flipped on the programmes I watched so far (about six episodes) and none of them were running a couple of years later with MOT failures and long lists of advisories mostly inbetween......

I'll still watch all the episodes though Laughing
Post #236936422nd May 2024 8:42 am
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It’s nothing to do with them making money from the bangers, that’s just window dressing. Money is made from TV production co. Thumbs Up Whistle
Post #236936722nd May 2024 9:08 am
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