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Nanocom Evolution Group Buy
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Member Since: 20 May 2016
Location: Hertfordshire
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United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Zermatt SilverDiscovery 3
Nanocom Evolution Group Buy


Hi all,

I’m thinking about running a Group Buy on the Nanocom unit from Blackbox Solutions (a forum sponsor). This post is really a ‘run it up the flagpole’ type affair to start with, mainly to gauge interest levels and to determine if it will be viable (worth it). Discounts are available on kits, accessory items, additional cables and licences (but does not include remap for Discovery 3 TDV6)

I’ll focus on the Disco 3 below, but the deal includes all units; Defender TD5, Puma, Discovery II (TD5, Motronic VCool, P38 (GEMS, EDC, Motronic) and CAN BUS Freelander, Disco 3 and 4, RR Sport 05 - 09, RR Sport 10 - 13 and RR L322 10 - 13.

I’m sure I don’t need to go over the benefits of this unit, but some main points are highlighted below (clicking the hyperlinks will take you to current documentation with full explanation). For a full breakdown of what it can (or can’t) do, have a look at their website or feel free to ask here and i’ll try and answer (if I can’t, i’ll happily contact BBS and ask on your behalf).

Discovery 3
- VCI 4 CAN BUS lead (for connection between the Nanocom Evolution unit and the vehicle's OBD socket),

- USB update lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution to a PC for updating license codes or installing new Firmware)

- Unlock code pack for the Discovery 3 Systems

Discovery 3 CAN BUS vehicle coverage and functions - Unlike traditional multi-model vehicle diagnostic equipment, for CAN-BUS vehicles, the Nanocom has NO vehicle model or ECU menus to select from, instead, under the CAN-BUS VEHICLE option, the Nanocom initiates a “VIN detection” function, which tells the unit exactly which vehicle is currently connected.
After the VIN detection process, there is a list of diagnostic and service functions.

ECU Programming - This diagnostic function provides the capability to flash any files that have been downloaded from the Genesis website into its corresponding vehicle system ECU.
This could be either a set of files to flash an ECU or a standard/modified CCF file, as the Genesis website provides both capabilities via its Flash File database and CCF Editor function.

1 - 4 kits = no discount
5 - 9 kits = 5% discount
10 - 14 kits = 10% discount
15 - 19 kits = 15% discount
20+ kits = 20% discount

Further savings can be made by paying in their base currency (which is the Euro) and by using an app/bank which gives true interbank exchange rates and no currency conversions fees. I’ll go into this further if the post looks positive. Don't forget, as a forum sponsor, a 10% discount is already there for the taking. This means we'll need to get interest in up to 15 kits. With this in mind, the same Group Buy is also running on the forum. If you are a member of both and are interested, please only sign up on one of the threads.

- Interest gauged (sign up) until June 30th 2016
- If successful, i’ll contact BBS with details (I will need what you want to buy, your full name and email address via PM)
- I give you a special discount code and you purchase through their website (no money comes my way, you pay them direct)
- They post out by DHL and usually arrives within a couple of days. I’ll double check, but this isn’t UK only. They will post to Europe and Worldwide

As always, there are other alternatives on the market which may, or may not be better. You can do your own research on this - but the nanocom does seem to be overwhelming accepted as the best of breed unit in the Defender community. More than happy for thoughtful, helpful and constructive posts, queries and suggestions. We are all grown up, so no blatant anti-BBS diatribe please.

I do not work for these guys, just very happy with their product and use it on my TD5 (and soon my discovery 3). I get nothing out of this other than the same discount as offered. I do the leg-work, you get the discount. I’m genuinely just nice like that Smile

The one caveat is the offer will only be open to members of the forum with a joining date prior to this post (to stop people signing up just for the discount).

If i've missed anything or you have any questions, please leave a message here or PM me.


 Discovery 3 HSE
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Post #166966919th Jun 2016 9:23 am
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Member Since: 31 Aug 2017
Location: League City Texas
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United States 2005 LR3 4.4 V8 SE Auto Java BlackLR3
NANOCOM Discount

Hello Ben,

I just joined this forum, and was looking for a good diagnostic tool, as I am brand new to the Land Rover world. I am really looking at the NANOCOM system, and found that there may be a discount that is applicable? What would I need to do to qualify? Thank you for the help, and I look forward to becoming more involved with everyone on this forum.


Post #185296731st Aug 2017 9:42 pm
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Member Since: 17 Mar 2014
Location: Bracknell
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United Kingdom 2008 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Cairns BlueDiscovery 3

Don't forget that UK buyers buying though a UK VAT registered Company can avoid VAT on the purchase due to VAT self accounting rules, BBS will not charge VAT if they have a valid UK VAT number.

This is alll perfectly legal'ish.

You are supposed to declare the purchase and pay the VAT in UK but this rarely happens.
Post #185298131st Aug 2017 10:21 pm
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This thread was last June 2016.

cumminspro 2015 if you are still looking why not check out the iiDTool group buy on the other thread or alternatively just give BBS a call to see if they can do anything for you Thumbs Up
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Post #185298731st Aug 2017 10:49 pm
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