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Recovery Services
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Trailered Movements

Member Since: 16 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom 2011 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 Commercial Auto Sumatra BlackDiscovery 4

I have our cars covered via the insurance policy (LV), which includes European and home cover, and it's only around the £70 mark.

Very bad experience of the AA relay service many moons ago, so would't have it even if it were for free.

Their reasoning for the time it took to recover and the damage to front spoiler was that it was a relay service and therefore it was relayed by several vehicles before it was delivered to my home.

Shap to Chingford, 4 days! At the time (1985), low slung cars were a rarity compared to today.

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Post #232390423rd Jan 2023 6:06 pm
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Member Since: 11 Apr 2019
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Ukraine 2010 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 HSE Auto Buckingham BlueDiscovery 4

I used to use my Tesco club card vouchers to get 'free' RAC cover. Having needed to use their services several times over the past 5 years I feel even that was too much to spend.

They were very slow getting someone out to you. Communication was very bad. Recovery took an age to arrive and they were unable to keep me updated as to when the next relay truck would arrive.

I joined GEM a year ago, but have not needed their services yet so cannot comment on how good they are.

Post #232396424th Jan 2023 10:13 am
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Member Since: 06 Feb 2019
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United Kingdom 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Bonatti GreyDiscovery 3

Looking at my NatWest account, I can get the full Home Start AA cover included within our platinum bank account - £20 per month. That also includes annual worldwide travel insurance for the family and a host of other benefits - cinema discounts, taste card etc.

That's not bad value really, considering what's included.
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Post #232403924th Jan 2023 7:25 pm
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United Kingdom 2008 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Zermatt SilverDiscovery 3

Well well well, the AA surpassed my experiences with the RAC.
One of my young ones broke down a few miles from home at 9.00PM.
Called the AA and get the usual drivel about being busy blah blah blah.

To try and cut the story short, after 1 contractor coming and deciding he couldn't get it going and couldn't recover as it was rwd, then a AA recovery coming and deciding that he couldn't recover it because he wasn't allowed to carry skates (none of them knew how to release park brake in an emergency), eventually a third contractor recovery arrived 11.50 hours after initial call.

By the way, AA were informed of parking brake issue beforehand.

Vehicle moved to a location outside a relatives house and the AA promised onward recovery to a dealer for manufacturers warranty cover.

Called AA at 09.30 on Monday morning to arrange recovery and AA were aware of onward recovery. Promised a recovery vehicle from a contractor for 12.15.
Finally recovery arrived at 6.30PM - dealers now closed so vehicle recovered to depot and promised to be dropped at dealers in the morning.

The vehicle should have been delivered to dealers but eventually dropped off at 4.14 pm at dealers when he couldn't do anything that day.

Very long story short, i spoke to complaints at AA and logged a official complaint and i was so frustrated that i threatened to turn up at Basingstoke and demand a meeting with the CEO or Head of Operations as i believed an email or twitter was not going to get any action.

After this, i was called variously by different people and was offered a sum as compensation which i declined.
More phone calls came and eventually a higher offer was accepted, and this was conveyed via email.
The sum is well into 3 figures but i'd rather keep this detail to myself for the time being.
Post #232608510th Feb 2023 3:23 am
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V8 Noise

Member Since: 11 Aug 2022
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United Kingdom 

Another shout for Brittania. I got RAC as part of my Barclays Bank account. They stopped it (now restarted) so I looked around and settled on Brittania personal cover for me and SWMBO for £147.
Post #232609610th Feb 2023 9:42 am
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al cope

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Been with green flag for a good number of years now, and have used them about 5 times over that period, 3 times when towing the caravan, and they have been very good every time. Last time there was a delay in getting us recovered as they had to find a driver with the right license to be able to tow our ‘van, but otherwise been good.

Think I paid just over a 100 quid for my car, the caravan and my daughters car.

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Post #232609810th Feb 2023 9:57 am
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