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Steering wheel off centre
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Steering wheel off centre

I have just replaced tie rods and tie rod ends. I screwed the new track rod ends equally on to each side tie rod as they were the same length and threaded equally and retracked the vehicle to 1/16" toe in.
The steering wheel was about 20 degrees clockwise out of straight. Checking the steering wheel it was aligned on the factory marks. I removed the wheel and moved it a few splines to re-centre and everything seemed fine but. The Steering now locked side to side unequally which suggested the wheel was in the correct position all along. Trouble is the only answer would be to move the track rods out one side and in the other. This seems bizarre as surely the swivel point of the track rods should be equal, otherwise the geometry would become unequal on each wheel with suspension movement. I have ended up leaving the wheel straight, the track rods equal on the tie rods and resetting the steering angle sensor so the vehicle sees staright ahead as straight ahead. All running beautifully now.
Hasten to add, tyre wear is perfect across all four wheels. I only replaced everything because of a little wear in one inner rod joint. The maximum lock inequality seems of little importance, while I consider the equal geometry of both wheels at all times to be crucial. Any techs got an answer as to why this may be? and what Land Rover advises. Factory manual does not say anything other than put rod ends to same place as removed before alignment.
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