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Suspension fault C1A20-64 - how to fix
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Member Since: 21 Oct 2016
Location: kent
Posts: 2932

United Kingdom 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 Base 7 Seat Auto Java BlackDiscovery 3

cavadasmig wrote:
Can any one give an idea


is this any good , the cap has two outlets
 MY 2005 -D3- TDV6-Java black -Auto
**** D3 - Sticker ****
T- Max Split charge system
Egrs blanked
Dash Clock
3x indicator flash
Belts and upgraded oil pump cover

Retrofitted -Cruise control -Front electric seats- D4 steering wheel stalks 
Post #185595310th Sep 2017 12:15 pm
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Member Since: 20 Nov 2016
Location: Stourbridge
Posts: 250

United Kingdom 2011 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 HSE Auto Stornoway GreyDiscovery 4

I bought one off ebay and fitted it this weekend, touch wood no suspension errors since Smile
Post #186168025th Sep 2017 7:27 pm
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Member Since: 16 Apr 2013
Location: London
Posts: 85

United Kingdom 2005 Discovery 3 4.4 V8 HSE Auto Zambezi SilverDiscovery 3

I had the orange warning appear last weekend literally 100 yards before entering a multi storey car park, which is the only time I ever change the suspension height Confused

I've got no code reader so took a gamble on it being the compressor, removed it (top bolt a pain when the captive chassis nut is rusted up..) and found the larger pipes to be caked up inside the brass sleeve and the push fit receptacle corroded inside. Cleaned pipe end and epoxied a new push-fit fitting onto the pump body, hoping for an easy fix. Put it back, still no good. Then checked the fuse- blown. Hmm, definitely sounded like pump faulty so ordered one from Advanced Factors as a kit with new nuts, bolts etc. Once that arrived I swapped out old pump and fuse and relay. Still got orange warning, immediately upon starting car. Hmm. Pump runs ok when relay linked out. So ecu not demanding air?

Thought perhaps the fault needed clearing, so popped round to local Indy who very kindly plugged in diag... pump motor temp was apparently 200degC! He suspected faulty temp sensor in new pump. Was disinclined to believe him, but he said he'd experienced new pumps being faulty several times in the past.

Weird. Went back, tried plugging old pump back in. No orange warning on starting. Indy was right!

Called AF, they said quickest fix was to buy another pump and return faulty one afterwards (needed car urgently for 600 mile trip next day.) To AF's credit, it was then 4.30pm and they got the new one on a courier for pre-10.30 next day delivery. This morning I removed the pump, and just as I dropped it out the DPD man arrived, the new one was in 20 mins later (getting good at this, even the top bolt!) Jumped in, no orange light, drove 300 miles no probs.

Moral of the story.. when replacing the pump, connect it up and check it works before spending time and skinned knuckles bolting it up tight!

PS. I tore the original pump apart to find the con rod bearings in pieces and the con rod itself sheared. So the new pump was definitely required!
Post #187074721st Oct 2017 2:14 am
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Hot Tub

Member Since: 15 Aug 2017
Location: Milton Keynes
Posts: 419

England 2009 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Zermatt SilverDiscovery 3

Try original_landair guy on eBay £28 look the same item but a little bit cheaper Very Happy
Post #187075521st Oct 2017 6:29 am
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Member Since: 24 Sep 2015
Location: Murska Sobota
Posts: 12

Slovenia 2008 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Alaska WhiteDiscovery 3

where can i buy such beautiful shiny screws? I have a broken off one Sad
Post #191473815th Feb 2018 7:15 am
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Member Since: 16 Feb 2017
Location: Kelso
Posts: 33

Scotland 2007 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Bonatti GreyDiscovery 3

Spent weeks going through various different options on Suspension faults, replaced height sensors, battery etc as was lit up like a Xmas tree.
Found an issue with a wheel speed sensor at the front right which i repaired but the suspension still came up with the fault after a few minutes of running.
Put my machine back on again yesterday and a new fault code came up, C1A20, so looked on this thread, followed the instructions given and my end cap is cracked as well, new one ordered off Ebay for £17.49, hopefully have it tomorrow and maybe at last the suspension will work.
Got to say that this was a fantastic write up by Gruodiz, made it all very simple to diagnose in under 10 minutes.
Thumbs Up
Post #192934823rd Mar 2018 11:57 am
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