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LR3 Ford 4.O V6 petrol who owns one?
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Member Since: 19 Nov 2011
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United States 2005 Discovery 3 4.4 V8 SE Auto Bonatti GreyDiscovery 3
LR3 Ford 4.O V6 petrol who owns one?

This would be mainly for USA owners since I don't think these were ever built for Europe.
Wondering how the engine is holding up and what repairs has the engine needed?
How reliable has the engine been?
How much power does the engine has going up steep hills (do you need to turn off the AC when going up hill if loaded with stuff or passengers)?
Are you using premium or regular fuel?
 LR3 2005 V8 SE Bonatti Grey "The Rhino"
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Post #154512815th Oct 2015 3:27 pm
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I do not have one but they were sold in Australia so I can only relay what I have heard.

The engine is fine and has proven very reliable but a bit thirsty. Has more than adequate power and gets along fine. Not sure of fuel grade.

They do not hold their value so well as most vehicles sold here are diesel but as the petrol V8s are more powerful, are very reliable, have the same or better fuel consumption and are a similar price on the second hand market, if a buyer is after a petrol vehicle the V8s are more sought after so driving the V6s desirability down further.

So the 4.0 V6s are OK just not popular and overshadowed by the V8s.


Post #154546716th Oct 2015 1:07 am
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Member Since: 12 Jul 2010
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South Africa 2011 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 SE Auto Fuji WhiteDiscovery 4

what Garry said.

They were also sold in ZA, but general feedback is that they are so thirsty compared to the V8 that you might as well go V8.

They are mechanically quite simple and pretty bulletproof, we run 95 and 93 octane here
Post #154548116th Oct 2015 5:46 am
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United Kingdom 2013 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 HSE Auto Baltic BlueDiscovery 4

An utterly pointless engine from a technical standpoint that was overshadowed by the other 2 engines; it does not suit the heavy D3 at all due to the poor torque delivery.

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Post #154550916th Oct 2015 7:45 am
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United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 4.0 V6 Petrol SE Auto Java BlackDiscovery 3

Mine has done approx. 40-50 Kmiles so far, having bought one new. Held up really well, no problem yet.

Now despite the common consensus that V8 is vastly superior to V6, I am satisfied with V6. Lack of power has never been an issue; it always gave me power when I needed it; I have regularly drove my D3 up mountains to 2km high without needing to consciously economise on power (turning off aircon etc). But fuel usage has gone up considerably under these circumstances such that I regularly carried 40litres of extra fuel.

At the time of purchase (2006/7), I chose V6 over V8 on the basis of dependability owing to a comparatively simpler mechanical set up. Dependability was my paramount concern as it had to cope with, amongst other things, volcanic ashes. Speed and acceleration on the other hand, were a peripheral concern as the law only permitted driving up to about 100km/h. V8 had better specs but at that time it was relatively new, and having heard of maintenance issues on V8 I preferred to keep things simple and go for V6 (it was already too complex with TR and other such electronic gizmos). As for the resale value, I have not considered selling it to anyone so...

I mostly stuck to using premium hi-octane petrol, although it can take normal petrol. I was not banking on the performance edge that a premium fuel might have as much as the additional protective ingredients that such fuels supposedly contained (or less impurities that a cheaper fuel may contain).
Post #158412829th Dec 2015 1:54 am
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Member Since: 01 Jun 2014
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Australia 2007 Discovery 3 4.0 V6 Petrol SE Auto Java BlackDiscovery 3

Gday Daveo mate. Happy new year from down under Australia.

Ive owned my 2008 4.0 v6 petrol for 2 and a half years now, I purchased it with 200,000 kilometers on the clock, unseen with a unknown major engine problem (not running) for about half market value. Being a mechanical engineer and an opportunist I assumed there would be nothing I couldn't get my head around and fix myself.
Let's just say, after receiving it on the back of a truck from the other side of Australia, I endured the next 3 months getting THOROUGHLY equainted and at times even intimate with my new Land Rover.

Rectification of my mechanical engine problem was an incredible learning experience and quite a challenge which I really enjoyed. The short story is that the previous owner (a caravan mechanic) performed his own servicing and as a result of using wrong weight oil, wore the tollerences on the rocker bushings which would have made it tick excessively. . . from there he tried to tear it down and attempt to replace some rockers. After living it all back together he hadn't realized he'd dropped a bolt down an induction port and also snapped a timing chain by possibly turning the engine by hand in non direction of rotation. He kept his efforts a secret so working all this out for myself was quite amusing.

There's not a lot I don't know about the 4.0 v6 now. So here's some food for thought when considering a petrol v6 Lr3.

The engine is made by Ford its a S.O.H.C Cologne 4.0 V6 made in Cologne Germany, nicknamed long motor or long block . This exact engine is used in the post 2005 Ford explorers, the 2005,2010 Ford mustang along with a couple others Ranger etc. And don't let anyone else tell you different. When it comes to Land Rover there's a shroud of secrecy when it comes to dealerships and there mechanical servicing. This info makes it handy for sourcing parts especially in the states.

Mine has a 70 ltr fuel tank and I run it on 98 octane. I have a heavy foot around town so my average is normally around 450 to 500 kilometers to a tank, however a more fuel conscious and patient individual would should get 550 easy. Highway use - the best I've done is 665 kilometers from a tank. Stacked up beside other petrol v6 SUV's I believe thats fairly reasonable. The jeeps and Toyota FJ cruisers use way more.

There's no shortage of power in the slightest, even loaded to the eyeballs. I do a lot of beach fishing in mine and it pulls its 3 tonne ass through the deepest dry sand beyond the high tide mark with ease. Hill climbs are a piece of cake, just select low range - rock crawl - command shift and up she'll go. . . up bloody anything actually WITH the aircon on full blast

People say its a mismatched engine for this vehicle, but I don't agree. Now compared to the 2.7 turbo diesel maybe it seems wrong ? The diesel is a beautifully power matched vehicle, they too have there problems with turbos and timing chains etc. The turbo diesel engine can not actually be removed from the car the body of the car has to be lifted off to access it. . .

Some of The petrol v6's can start to suffer from timing chain chatter at about 100,000 kilometers, the new updated kits are fairly cheap, the forward chain is simple however the the rear chain requires the engine to be hoisted out for access. Don't let that scare you off because its pretty rare.

Apart from that they are a strong and very reliable engine. Mine is going on 250,000 ks and still going strong.They are easy to work on, and parts are readily available and quite cheap. plenty of power to do all your off-road adventures and also a great highway car for long trips.

I hope this answers some of your questions, but if you have any further questions or advice regarding the Lr3 just let me know id be happy to help.

Safe travels . Joel

Post #15859852nd Jan 2016 7:36 am
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Canada 2006 LR3 4.0 V6 Petrol SE Auto Buckingham BlueLR3

I have a 2006 with the petrol V6. I've owned it for just under 1 year. I haven't had any problems with the engine. Last owner had the crank shaft sensor replaced (after it failed), just before I purchased it. I did replace the spark plugs and wires.

No complaints about power, but I do live in a fairly flat place. I've tracked every fill up using fuelly, after 6500 miles I've averaged 12.7 mpg (US gallons) with mostly city driving. See here

I've only towed my boat (19.5' sea ray bowrider) short distances with it, not a problem.

I've run premium in it since I got it just because that was what was spec'd.
 2006 SE 4.0 V6 with rear locker  
Post #15886937th Jan 2016 4:48 am
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