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Hard Reset
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Australia 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 S Auto Chawton WhiteDiscovery 3
Hard Reset

I have copied/edited the following from various posts:

Before unplugging any connectors or for Hard Reset

If you're going to unplug any vehicle connectors, make sure you disconnect the battery first, otherwise the vehicle will register loads of 'faults'

The procedure is:-

Remove the key, close all doors, including the tailgate - although you'll need the bonnet (hood) open - don't lock the vehicle though.

Wait a minimum of 2 minutes, then check through the window that the park brake warning light, NAV screen & clock display are all off.

Remove the -ve terminal first, making sure that it can't spring back to the battery, then remove the +ve terminal.

Also for hard reset: short the Positive & Negative CABLES only together. (If they wont reach each other grab a screw driver & place across the ends of the cables...REMEMBER not to short the BATTERY TERMINALS). Leave shorted cables together for a minimum of a minute to discharge capacitors etc.

do whatever you need / want to do / or wait 5 -10 minutes for Hard Reset

Replace the +ve terminal, ensuring it is properly seated and cannot be moved once re-torqued

Refit the -ve terminal, ensuring as far as possible that it makes good contact first time, you may get a small 'arc' as the terminal contacts the battery, nothing to worry about, it's just the vehicle 'waking up'. if it's a good flash and the insulation turns to liquid plastic..... use a tool - not your hands - and remove the -ve terminal as fast as you can, for something is badly wrong.

My Disco is fitted with dual batteries (with Rotronics isolator etc..).

Does the above apply only to the main (engine battery) or should it be carried out on both at same time?
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Post #27123712th Mar 2008 4:02 am
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Australia 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 S Auto Chawton WhiteDiscovery 3

It would depend on how your second battery
is wired. My second battery is only connected to the main battery
when the key is turned on.
Post #27124412th Mar 2008 6:58 am
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