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tyres on 05 V8?
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2016 Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 Landmark LE Auto Santorini BlackDiscovery 4

DSL wrote:
Grianaig wrote:
Del are you on commission for all the occasions you have posted these pics? Whistle not that I get tired (not a pun) of seeing them. Thumbs Up

I wish I was. Big Cry Big Cry They are not a "main stream" tyre, numbers wise, here but for my use they are perfect. And if some one chirps in with "my tyre bloke tells me there no longer being made" take that with a very, very large dose of salts. That old chestnut has been thrown in for the last few years and I suspect is a result of the tyre place wanting to sell them something else. Thumbs Up

Laughing yes that old chestnut goes back years.

To be fair though ATR's have in the past occasionally suffered from a short term lack of availability in the UK. It happened to me once, so I just ordered one via the t'internet from the one of the big suppliers who source from the EU. Took 3 days to arrive. Thumbs Up
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I got two of the very last H rated 18s flown in from N Italy to home via Heaffrow for princely sum of £70 each, and I had acquired a totally unused one and had a 4th with 9mm, all ready to go on the car after Lapland Road Trip 17. Just glad I decided to get the last out of the old set or she'd have gone to the knackers yard with virtually new rubber. Whistle That would have very Big Cry Big Cry Big Cry

11 D4 HSE - just Dee, no more Double Disco. Sad

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I have done like 400 miles with the General Grabber AT3s so far and very happy with them
No different to Pirelli Scorpions in terms of noise etc..
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Post #18749552nd Nov 2017 2:03 pm
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