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Won’t crank
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Won’t crank

Hello. I have just rebuilt the engine in a 2010 Disco 4 with the 306DT engine after a con rod bearing failure. My son bought the car with the engine fault so we never heard it run before strip down.We took the body off to get the engine out and put it back on this week and connected everything up. When I press the starter button to turn on the ignition all The dash lights up correctly but when I press the brake pedal and push the start button again all the dash turns off and the starter motor does not engage. We primed the fuel system by feeding the electric pump in the fuel tank 12volts before we dropped the body on and cranked the engine with a direct feed to the starter to ensure we had oil pressure so it is not an issue with the engine itself. I am thinking bad earth connection? Any ideas please? Thanks.
Post #236991129th May 2024 5:24 am
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No expert on any of this, but could it be the brake pedal switch? Sounds like it is earthing out when you press the brake?
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Post #236991329th May 2024 6:10 am
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Might be worth checking you've reconnected/refitted the earth strap between the engine and chassis.

There have been plenty of cases of D4s not cranking when the strap has broken.

A quick and easy test is to put a jump lead between the engine and the battery -ve terminal.
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Post #236992729th May 2024 10:39 am
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