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LR3 Denso Alternator YLE500390 rear view
This picture shows the rear of the YLE500390, the Land Rover part number for a newer design alternator utilizing the Transpo IN6349 regulator with the "hidden" cooling fins. Note the visual difference in the rear view of the next file jpg.

If the alternator is a rebuilt, (service exchange unit), but Land Rover supplied, then the part number is LR008860 or similar. (Note that 0 in LR0 is zero.)

Two Denso part numbers exist for the alternator as well, 4280003690 and 4280003691. The rating of the petrol V8 alternator is nominal 12 VDC and 150 amps. In normal day to day operation, they seem to run about 14VDC - usually between 13.9 and 14.1 volts at the OBD port.

For the petrol V6, the LR service exchange number is LR008862, and the 2.7TDV6 is LR008861.

The bridge rectifier within the alternator is a 12 diode avalanche type, 117mm diameter, as used in Nippondenso 120 to 160 amp alternators with the Hair Pin stator. It is similar to a Transpo INR421 which is rated for 120 to 150 amp alternators. That is probably our primary problem - the rectifier is just too light. Alternate part numbers for the bridge rectifier are Cargo 237607, Mobiltron RM-29 and AS ARC6021.

Re the B+ stud, the INR421 calls it up as an M8 x 1.25 x 30 mm long course threaded stud; some say 34 mm but that may be longer than desirable.
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