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Lug Nut part number RRD500290 outline sketch
This single sheet pdf provides dimensions of the LR part number RRD500290 lug nut on vehicles from MY 2005 to 2008, (up to VIN 8A450459). From VIN 8A450460, the part number is RRD500590.

Visually, there is no apparent difference between the two part numbers. The dimensions appear identical as well. The shape, size, and profile of the Stainless Steel "hat" appears identical.

There are I presume differences in metallurgy to reduce corrosion and swelling of the hat or perhaps better sealing between the inside surface of the hat and the steel of the lug nut body. The reality is the differences are not immediately obvious however.

A 22 mm six point half inch or larger socket drive fits over the lug nuts. I use a nominal 36" long breaker bar with the 22mm socket - any shorter bar, best you be in shape. Depending upon your source, for both alloy and steel wheels, the lug nut torque value appears to be 103 lbf ft, (140 Nm); others suggest first tighten to 96 and then finish at 110 lbf ft, (130 and 150 Nm).

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