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4 pin NAS flat connector from NAS small trailer
The connector with the three exposed pins is the end that would commonly be located at the trailer hitch end, (front), of a small NAS lightweight trailer that has no electric brakes. This plug would connect into the flat 4 pin connector at the rear of the 3.

Note the order of the pin functions and wire colours: White is ground; the next pin is for tail/marker lights using the Brown wire; the Yellow conductor is for the left turn signal, and the far pin uses the Green conductor for the right turn signal.

There is no separate brake light conductor as NAS spec vehicles most often combine the brake and signal light functions to the same bulb filament rather separate filaments in different bulbs. The LR factory harness resolves that design difference.

Fortunately, the Land Rover NAS assembly pin order for the 4 pin flat plug maintains the above described conventions.
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