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Jan 08 Parking Brake Failure Saga
18 Time to start driving slowly with 3 brakes.jpg

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Disco3-4 Tyre Pressures.jpg

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Internal 40 litre Water Tank

Working photos of dirty D3, but showing boltdown and some structural aspects of internal 40 litre water tank installed in 5-seat D3. Tank is installed behind 2nd row of seats, under what is normally the 3rd row footrest area.

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Article on D3 Theft
Margaret River Inlet.jpg

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12,000 lb Hydraulic Winch Installation

17 files, last one added on 07 Jul 2012

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Last additions - DingMark's Gallery
Installed winch electrical wires135 viewsWires which only power the solenoid are inside spiral wrap. They are also connected inside the wrap at the high point of the loop. Cable tied into place to prevent vibration rubbing. 07 Jul 2012
View of both hose connections to power steering system138 viewsBoth connections are shown. My friendly Qantas hydraulic hose expert cut off the elbow and modified it so I can re-install it to the PS rack before warranty work (and certainly before the vehicle is lifted off the body!!). 07 Jul 2012
Further detail of attachment of the winch hoses to power steering system130 viewsThis is under the right (looking forward) lower plastic radiator cover. 07 Jul 2012
Detail of hydraulic hoses attached to power steering hoses142 viewsHoses are attached to the upstream side of power steering rack. When winch not running, PS rack sees full pressure (ie, no change from design). Biggest challenge is running stiff hoses so that they align with attach points. I got Qantas employee who repairs hydraulic baggage loaders to braise in fittings (very tight spaces and tough access).07 Jul 2012
Winch as installed167 viewsLicence plate is held on by winch cable and 4 metal pins which fit into modified bumper body. Winch rope is green07 Jul 2012
Installed winch with electrical solenoid connections149 viewsI routed the electrical supply (2 small wires) up the side of the radiator. You can see the unconnected wires inside the red boxes. I ended up connecting them on the radiator diagonal strut with cable ties. They are out of the way for any deep water transits there. 07 Jul 2012
Installed winch with hydraulic hoses165 viewsThe hydraulic hoses are stiff, so I had to run them up the side of the radiator (can just see inside red boxes) to near the top of the radiator, then back down inside the engine compartment, then underneath the engine (behind the radiator) to the D4's power steering rack, where the hoses become metal. This hose routing may not be possible if the fuel-burning heater is in place (we don't have those in Aust and the space allowed room for my hands to bend and run the hoses without kinking). 07 Jul 2012
Installed winch, with bumper partially re-installed194 viewsPutting the D4 back together. Shows the tools and owner lying about.07 Jul 2012