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Front Differential Description and Operation1238 viewsThe 4 page pdf describes of the operation of the front differential plus displays an exploded view of the front differential.

The fill plug is item 36 and the drain plug, item 8.

It is suggested one first unscrew the fill plug before unscrewing the drain plug - and it might take two different wrench sizes, hence get this detail sorted out before any oil drains out.
Breather line with factory cap cut off.1858 viewsIf you expand the jpg by clicking on it, in the bottom right corner if you look closely, one can see the black plastic factory vent tubing with the OEM cap cut off.

Note the tubing is cut at a 45 degree angle facing to the rear. Also shown in the top right is the cut off portion sitting on the coolant water hose and on the top left also sitting on the coolant hose, the new to be installed Gore manufactured replacement breather cap.
Breather Cap part # LR0194501275 viewsThis is the replacement breather cap as manufactured by the Gore Tex people, (Gore), for the engine compartment end of the front differential breather line.

You can with some difficulty, both blow and suck thru the breather filter material. The Gore Tex filter material has what are called hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This means the filter material keeps oil in and water out, while at the same time, allowing air pressure to slowly equalize, (air permeable). Additionally, the transfer of dust, salt, and road debris is inhibited.
Breather Cap Installed1624 viewsThe black L shaped tube is is the Gore manufactured, (the Gore-Tex people), LR4 Breather Valve installed in an LR3. Naturally the installation looks similar to what one sees on an LR4 or RRS as the Gore breather valve is now OEM for new production.

The part number of this upgraded front differential breather valve is LR019450 and costs about thirty dollars.
New Breather Cap installed.1399 viewsThis shows the new Gore brand angled breather cap installed. The cap points rearward to the firewall. Also shown is the cut off piece.

The new Gore breather cap is what one now sees on the LR4 and RR Sport.
Vertical Breather Hose before cutting off OEM cap.1452 viewsThis shows the plastic vertical breather tubing and OEM cap prior to being cut off. The tubing is located on the driver side at the front near the radiator. One cuts about 3/4" to 1" off from the top. The TSB says 20mm.

I tried blowing thru the cut off piece and was not very successful. The cap seemed plugged. I am beginning to think that there was a very good reason for Land Rovers's Technical Service Bulletin, (TSB).
Land Rover TSB LTB00245 install instructions1570 viewsThis is the Land Rover Technical Service Bulletin showing how to install the new breather cap. The instructions are a bit vague re cutting the existing air vent tubing on a 45 degree angle with the cut facing to the rear.
Breather Hose exploded view.1022 viewsThis pdf shows the exploded view of the breather hose from the front differential to the engine compartment. The breather hose part number is TAP500081 and is identified as 4A058 in the drawing.
Gore Tex data sheet on Breather Cap.661 viewsThis is a Gore data sheet on the air vent material that is within the breather cap. The filter material has both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. That means it keeps water out and the differential oil in.

Also the membrane material is air permeable; that means air pressure is equalized between the interior of the differential and outside air. This is important when the 3 is flying at altitude in the back of a Hercules with the rear door open - that is the rear hatch of the Herc.
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