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Calender Entry 2011670 viewsEynsford Ford, Kent.
Calender 2011487 viewsDiscovery 3 in the snow near Lands End.
Snowfall436 viewsCalendar entry
23.5.10 083shrunk.jpg
252 viewsCALENDAR 2011 full size available if required
Hunting269 viewsCALENDAR 2011 ENTRY
This is in Puerto Rico. Easy local trail. Point of view of an iguana :-)
fun in the mud299 viewsCALENDAR ENTRY 2011
This is in Puerto Rico. The area is called \'cielito\' (little sky).
CALENDAR 2011 - TFC in Tunisia298 views
264 viewsCALENDAR 2011 ENTRY
This is in Puerto Rico. LR3 parked in the shade while we hang-out at a secluded beach that can only be accessed in 4x4.
Calendar 2011 entry - MrH in Basic Coil Sprung D3 on 2010 Pot Noodle Challenge Rock Crawl Section461 views
Bathgate Tyro_02~1.jpg
The new with the old671 viewsCALENDAR 2011

The new with the old: a Discovery 4 and a Series 1 during the Scottish Land Rover Owners Club (SLROC) Tyro event at Ballencrieff Farm, Bathgate, Saturday, 5th of December 2009.
Butterbridge Green Road Run 2010_19.jpg
CALENDAR 2011412 viewsD4 and an ex-military Lightweight
Snow reflections318 viewsA quick stop to reflect about the snow in January 2010.
crib goch, snowdonia~0.jpg
Crib Goch, Snowdonia289 views
D3 @ Glencoe 1.JPG
CALENDAR 2011295 viewsD3 Glencoe Scotland, April 2010
D3 at  wormhill 178shrunk~0.jpg
266 viewsCALENDAR 2011 full size available if required
D3 at  wormhill 200shrunk~0.jpg
309 viewsCALENDAR 2011 full size available if required
D3 at Kielder Summit.jpg
Calendar 2011282 viewsKielder Forest in the snow
d3 loch morlich~0.jpg
Loch Morlich Cairngorm419 viewscalendar 2011
dartmoor, devon~0.JPG
Dartmoor Snow288 views
Disco3-09_12-29-2009_4466 FPa.jpg
CALENDAR 2011383 viewsIn December 2009 we toured Botswana – first tour with the Disco, I had a yellow Defender previously. I rented a trailer, and the wheel bearing seized 1300km into the trip. This photo was taken while we waited for my friend to bring us a “fixed” hub. The elephant crossed the road less than 300 meters from us. Photo was taken 90Km from Nata
DSC00673 (640x428)~0.jpg
Calendar 2011 Flinty99\'s Northumberland Winter Wonderland by GSLRO512 views
DSC00844 (640x428)~0.jpg
Calendar 2011287 viewsAbove Reeth in the North Yorkshire Moors
DSC00845 (428x640)~0.jpg
Calendar 2011248 viewsGreenlaning in the North Yorkshire Moors
DSC00859 (640x428)~0.jpg
Calendar 2011286 viewsChris d3, Greenlaning in the North Yorkshire Moors
CALENDAR ENTRY - Christmas Eve at Calke Abbey480 viewsSlightly photoshopped to remove the colour in the background. Have the original if you prefer!
Fresh air on the half pipe at Drumclog311 viewsFresh air on the half pipe at Drumclog
DSCF1661 (816 x 612).jpg
Bourne Woods 19-12-09483 viewsThe entry track to Bourne Woods just after heavy snowfall. Taking my 7 month old Lab puppy for her first walk in the snow!
calendrier493 viewssunset in the French Alps
calendrier 448 viewssunset in the French Alps
CALENDAR 2011339 views
CALENDAR 2011483 viewsJF Lux at Camp4Fun, near the Nurburgring, Germany

JF Lux permission required to reveal VRN
DSC_0576 bis~0.JPG
DSC_0728 (Large).jpg
CALENDAR 2011287 viewsLand Rover evolution...
CALENDAR 2011590 viewsJF Lux at Saverne, France
CALENDAR 2011498 viewsDSL (front) and MrH (following), Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011489 viewsMrH, Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011494 viewsRescue01, Tunisia, 2009 (Rescue01 consent needed before VRN to be unhidden)
CALENDAR 2011470 viewsTFC towing MrH, Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011491 viewsMrH, Tunisia, 2009
DSC_3015_SM(Taken by NJF).jpg
Calendar 2011 - Photo taken by NJF October 2009 in Tunisia524 viewsNJF's photo
CALENDAR 2011523 viewsTFC, Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011471 viewsTFC, Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011482 viewsTunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011530 viewsNJF, Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011509 viewsTFC (lead), Rescue01, NJF, Glynne, DSL, Tunisia, 2009
CALENDAR 2011509 viewsFrom lead: TFC, Rescue01, NJF, GLYNNE, DSL, Tunisia, 2009
Dunkeld 1~0.jpg
Fun day at Dunkeld LRE594 views
EOS 5D Mark II_IMG_03_02_2010_2319_2010-02-03.JPG
Calender Entry 2011345 viewsMy D3 and Aurora Borealis in February 2010
France - Bonette.jpg
CALENDAR 2011273 views
France - Risoul~0.jpg
CALENDAR 2011239 views
France - Tunnel du Parpaillon 1~0.jpg
CALENDAR 2011273 views
France - Tunnel du Parpaillon 2~0.jpg
CALENDAR 2011244 views
France - Tunnel du Parpaillon 3.jpg
CALENDAR 2011264 views
greece 12-2009.jpg
H4H Rally 075.JPG
Calendar 2011217 viewsNormandy - lest we forget.
H4H Rally 184.JPG
Calendar 2011199 viewsH4H Rally Berchestgaden
Hawnby, North Yorkshire (2112 x 1584).jpg
Calendar 2011417 views
259 viewsThis pic has been taken in Italy,it was almost dark,but the sun was still illuminating the bottom of this high altitude clouds called cirrus

a perfect atmosphere

Piadina is the man!
The new from the old277 viewsDiegus by Panoramix - april 2010 Tuscany - Italy
CALENDAR 2011 - D4 form D3347 viewsDiegus by panoramix mirror - april 24 Tuscany - Italy
Calendar Entry 2011449 viewsMrH going through Wheelwash at Whitecliff Quarry March 2010
256 viewsCALENDAR 2011
Puerto Rico
247 viewsCALENDAR 2011 ENTRY
This is in Puerto Rico.
Feel free to modify the photo for the calendar....
Twins264 viewsCALENDAR 2011
After comming down a nasty rock trail, we found the place we were looking for... This is in Puerto Rico. My LR3 was 3 weeks old! (got permission form the other owner to publish foto), feel free to edit foto.
LRE Eastnor G4 D3564 viewsCALENDAR ENTRY

Photo taken during the LRW Show at Eastnor Castle, 6th June 2009.

The LR Experience G4 D3 was moving in to position to help out a stricken RR Sport that had gone off track and ended with its\' nose in the trees. A very impressive front (another LRE D3) and rear winching method to extract the RR Sport sideways followed.
"Waterover"as described by 5 year old daughter265 viewsSmall run through Burn at Drumclog
512 viewsCalendar 2011
IMG_3972 800x_1~0.jpg
CALENDAR 2011437 viewsButtermere
IMG_3985 800x_1~0.jpg
CALENDAR 2011450 viewsOn tour in the Lake District
Salinas233 viewsCALENDAR ENTRY
This is in Puerto Rico, USA.
A rocky trail to a camping area on top of a mountain. 4x4\'s only.
A Day In The Dunes272 viewsCALENDAR 2011
Lancelin, Western Australia
8th Sept 2009
Italy - Assieta Ridge Road 1.jpg
CALENDAR 2011211 views
Italy - Assieta Ridge Road 2.jpg
CALENDAR 2011211 views
Italy - Colle della Bicocca.jpg
CALENDAR 2011229 views
Italy - Colle delle Finestre.jpg
CALENDAR 2011233 views
Italy - Colle di Tenda - Fort Central.jpg
CALENDAR 2011225 views
Italy - Ligurian Border Ridge Road.jpg
CALENDAR 2011240 views
Italy - Maira Valley.jpg
CALENDAR 2011229 views
Italy - Monte Jafferau.jpg
CALENDAR 2011231 views
Italy - Piemont.jpg
CALENDAR 2011223 views
Italy - Stura Valley.jpg
CALENDAR 2011242 views
Italy - Varaita Maira Ridge Road.jpg
CALENDAR 2011224 views
LR MEETING 27-29-2009 019.JPG
Morocco 2010 1192a.jpg
CALENDAR 2011 Entry267 viewsLooking through the doors of the Nomad Palace to the Erg Chebbi dunes beyond, Merzouga, Southern Morocco, August 2010
Morocco 2010 777a.jpg
CALENDAR 2011 Entry282 viewsLeaving the Atlantic coast camp, north of Tan Tan, Southern Morocco, August 2010
Morocco 2010 915a.jpg
Calender 2011 Entry251 viewsNegotiating a dry river canyon, Southern Morocco, August 2011
CALENDAR 2011267 viewsTaken at the end of an extremely hot day in Morocco. Slimer, and Gareths vehicles. We stopped at an Auberge on the way to Zagora. The sky was an angry shade of yellow, and minutes later a spectacular storm raged. The owner of the auberge said it was the first rain in 3 months.
Disco3 in Killary Harbour, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland.478 viewsCALENDAR 2011 A quick pit stop to admire the sights and snap a few pics.
CALENDAR 2011-North Carolina Mountains350 viewsSunset at the top of Little Pine Mountain, North Carolina, New Year\'s Day.
rame head, SE cornwall~0.jpg
Rame Head Sunset, SE Cornwall216 views
Calendar 2011245 viewsDisco 3 event at Bala - Nov 2009
Calendar 2011242 viewsKielder Forest on the Recce before the Disco 3 event
Calendar 2011234 viewsKielder Forest on the Recce before the Disco 3 event
Calendar 2011238 viewsKielder Forest on the Recce before the Disco 3 event
Salisbury Plain October 2009 B.jpg
Calendar Entry 2011 - Salisbury Plain October 2009497 viewsCALENDAR ENTRY
An epic journey across Salisbury Plain, in the very pleasant company of a handful of other forum members, some of whom removed their side steps before the event and some who removed them during...
Disco 1 & 3 Pendle Hill291 views
Snilesworth In North York Moors.jpg
2011 Calendar entry: Snilesworth in North York Moors641 views
Calendar 2011 - Creeping Out Of The Wet234 views
Tong Feb 2010.jpg
Calender Entry Tong 2010 D3355 viewsMy Disco3 on a BRILLIANT if a little scary day at Tong.
Trossachs, Scotland Sept 10.JPG
Trossachs, Scotland Sept 10~0.JPG
Calendar 2011 - The Trossachs, Scotland Sept 10296 views
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