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Aerial Fin Image_20061020 (2)~0.pdf
Fin cell phone aerial drawing171 viewsThe factory aerial for the factory NAV / GPS on my 2005 HSE is within the high mounted stop light lens at the top of the upper hatch door. I do not have the factory installed phone kit, and as such, do not have the fin installed; instead there is just a plastic blanking insert to fill the cell phone aerial wiring hole in the metal portion of the roof; hence this requirement for an "external" cell antenna. For those that do have the fin on their glass roof, the fin is screwed on to a glued on plastic gasket, (sort of), and not bolted thru as per the metal roof 3's.
Smooth Talker Amplifier Box mounted below near steering column.162 viewsThe gold look box due to the lighting, (actually black), is the antenna amplifier located near the steering column. It can be put anyway but this seemed an OK location as I ran the antenna connector cable rearward from here to the back corner of the 3 and then up to the underside of the roof glass at the rear. The blue/white thing is the brake light switch that often must be replaced. See the Brake Light Switch file within this Gallery regarding the switch replacement.
Littelfuse Add A Circuit MINI and ATO style FHM02FHA02.pdf
Littelfuse Add-A-Circuit MINI and ATO style data sheet137 viewsPDF from Littelfuse showing both the MINI and ATO style of fuse holders. The 3 uses the MINI size of fuse. The MINI Add-A-Circuit can be inserted in place of one of the existing fuse panel MINI fuses. The removed fuse is then inserted into the lower slot of the Add-A-Circuit and a second fuse in the second slot to protect the device that you are adding. The Add-A-Circuit is designed for a max of 10 amps on the second load, and I guess maybe the original circuit as well.
LR3 BlackBerry 9630 LR screen 396.jpg
BlackBerry Tour 9630 mounted on air vent249 viewsThe antenna amplifier is mounted lower near the steering column. The amplifier box is painted black but looks sort of gold coloured due to the lighting in the other jpg showing the amp located under/near the steering column.
LR3 SmoothTalker mount 389.jpg
Blackberry Tour mounted on air vent showing default analogue clock 189 viewsA characteristic of the Blackberry is that when charging, the display can default to an analogue clock. Hence when the unit sits in the holder, the phone is being charged and the analogue clock displays. When the phone rings, the clock disappears and the call id displays.
Smooth Talker Patch SEMP1 series antennas.doc
Patch Antenna mounted to underside of glass roof at rear.177 views
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