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Scan Gauge II mounted small.jpg
ScanGauge II on steering column of LR3736 viewsMAP is Manifold Absolute Pressure, what I call Vacuum.
The volts is I think the battery charging voltage as it moves around from about 12.4 when shut down to 13.5 when the batteries seems charged; 14.9 is about as high as I have seen it display.

You also have RPM, speed in MPH or KPH, coolant temperature and a bunch of other readings including sort of instantaneous fuel in a variety of units.

Also under some conditions, the ScanGauge will reset the MIL light as well. The background colour of the display can be changed to many different colours. I have it set to match the LR green.

ScanGauge II Manual 307 viewsThese are the setup instructions etc for the ScanGauge II version 5.1 There are newer versions that can be downloaded from the website as the software is subject to update; also the ScanGauge unit you purchase can later be sent in for updates as you might wish.
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