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LR3 Boot lighting looking to rear hatch closed 0468.JPG
Boot lighting, looking to rear - hatch closed 503 viewsView shows the lights mounted in the rear on an early spring day.

In operation, the lights are tilted so that they shine downwards. The lights are mounted high enough up that one cannot see the LEDs from the front thru the rear view mirror; also the LEDs are so directional, that no light is thrown on the side glass.

Each assembly contains 15 LEDs, however the reflector is such that the LEDs appear to double.
LR3 Boot lighting panel on floor finish side up 0463.JPG
Boot lighting panel, finish side up 289 viewsThe above jpg shows the two 15 LED light assemblies as well as the SPST rocker switch mounted beside the W5W Land Rover supplied light.

The reality is that with the recent development of LED lighting that can replace a W5W T10 bulb, one can almost achieve the same results just by installing a LED bulb within the factory light.
LR3 Boot lighting panel on floor wiring side up 0461.JPG
Boot lighting panel, wiring side up 262 viewsThis shows the back side of the plastic cover panel on which the two LED lights are mounted.

Also of note is the SPST rocker switch to switch the new lights off independent of the the Land Rover W5W light.

The new light pair will only power up if the Land Rover light is powered and hence dims and automatically goes off along with the Land Rover light.

The Black wire is ground, the Purple wire is +12VDC.

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