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Air Compressor mounting bracket new862 viewsFound this jpg on a forum - thought it was good and is what one breaks when one jacks on the plastic air compressor cover.
LR3 Compressor Air Drier 0594.JPG
Compressor Air Drier 1940 viewsA view of the air drier - the black round thing to the right of the actual compressor cylinder head.

The general feeling is that the air dryer is responsible for most of the compressor problems now and that replacement of either the assembly or just the beads inside will probably revive one's compressor. In reality, the beads may have for the most part broken down and turned to dust plugging the internal filters. Hence replacement of the complete dryer unit has some merit.

The part number for the dryer assemble complete with the desiccant is VUB504700.
LR3 Compressor Con Rod Broken 0583.JPG
Compressor Con Rod Broken 1666 viewsThe model number of this compressor is RQG500060; the model number of my replacement compressor was LR015303, the unit that was apparently being installed on the D4 vehicles as of Spring 2010. As of Fall 2011, the new replacement part number is LR023964, the same as in the 4's.

Note the number hand written on the black plate. All the compressors seem to have some number hand written on them - hand built I presume, and every unit perhaps evolving a bit differently as LR struggles to build a compressor that will last. I guess Hitachi, (the manufacturer), should be given credit for that.
LR3 Compressor Con Rod Stud worn 0584.JPG
Compressor Con Rod Stud 1275 viewsVisible in the expanded view of this picture is the worn rounded threaded screw that tied the con rod bearing to the electric motor eccentric. I think the stud unscrewed itself and pulled out; then the piston jammed and the con rod broke.
LR3 Compressor Electrical Plugs 0590.JPG
Compressor Electrical Plugs 1321 viewsThis shows the two electrical connectors; the two pronger is the power to the compressor, and the multi-pin connector carries control signals. Also the temporary red plug is where the 6 mm tubing from the centre valve block connects. This line carries both the compressor and exhaust air to and from the springs.
LR3 Compressor Exhaust and Inlet 0586.JPG
Compressor Exhaust and Inlet 1440 viewsThe two temporary black plugs cover off the 8mm and 10mm push fit lines to the air inlet and exhaust lines. Also visible is the worn threaded stud that I think was the initial failure mode.

Replacement Bracket, LR part # RQU500064 for Air Compressor965 viewsThis is a jpg of an aluminum replacement air compressor bracket, Land Rover part number RQU500064. The three rubber noise isolators are to be removed from the old bracket and inserted in the new bracket.
Technical Service Bulletin SB034 SB036 Vehicle Enhancement Program[1].pdf
Technical Service Bulletin SB034 SB036 Vehicle Enhancement Program2252 viewsOn page 6 and following are the Land Rover service bulletin instructions as to how to install delivery valve and exhaust valve repair kit JPO500010; also a list of previous compressor model numbers as related to the 3. The new delivery valve is easy to install, the exhaust, not so easy. Note that this in not the more recent TSB that reduced the operating pressure of the compressor via a software fix and also recommended replacement of the air compressor 70 amp relay. See the F35 album near the bottom for the relay material.
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