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Brass Reducer Adapter M20 x 1.5 male x 1/4" female NPT148 viewsThe brass reducer pictured is an alternative adapter that will also work to go from the metric tank bung thread to the 1/4" NPT.
Reservoir Air In fitting installed 625.JPG
Reservoir Air In fitting installed 1477 viewsSchrader valve installed. Shop air can now be introduced into the tank to facilitate the raising of the 3 when there has just been a failure of the onboard air compressor rather than the electronics or valve block wiring etc.

Air could also be sourced from this point, however the purpose of the modification is air in, not air out as the air pressure normally runs above 200 psig, too high to be safe for routine use unless a pressure reducing regulator is added per the Mitchell Bros kit.
Reservoir Air In fittings exploded view 616.JPG
Reservoir Air In fittings exploded view 1707 viewsThis shows the fittings required for the mod. The reducer adaptor requires a 27mm socket and is M20 x 1.5 male thread x 1/4" NPT female. The 1/4" male NPT Schrader valve has the standard valve core removed and an AN/MIL spec aircraft oleo strut valve installed instead.

A standard automobile valve is rated at 200 psig, (14 bar); the air tank runs closer to 244 psig, (16.8 bar), with the relief valve set to open between 334 psig, (23 bar) and 370 psig (25.5 bar). The aircraft valve is rated at 2,000 psig, (138 bar).
Reservoir Bung 27mm socket 619.JPG
Reservoir Bung 24mm socket 1014 viewsThis is the view of the air tank at the end nearest the front left wheel. This is what you see before you do the mod. The other view is after the mod.

On pre 2008 models, there is this 24mm socket hex head bung, M20 x 1.5 thread, that can be unscrewed and the Schrader valve assembly installed instead. On newer 3's the bung hole was deleted from the front end of the air tank; hence the mod as described, is then not possible.
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