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Crossing the Arctic Circle. October 201033 viewsHeading North
LR3 Silver 10 spoke grooved wheel Cromodora of Italy 18 inch x 8 ALY72201U85305 viewsThis is Land Rover part number RRC505360MNH or RRC505360XXX, a grooved ten spoke 18" wheel rated at 940 kg and found on circa 2006 RR Sports and some 2007 LR3's. An alternative part number is ALY72201U85.

This is an example of a wheel factory spec on the full frame older RRS that is also factory spec on the 3 or 4 and hence can be moved from the RRS to the 3 or 4. This is rare however. A factory spec wheel for a 3/4 can always go onto an older full frame RRS but not necessarily vice versa.

Just because a wheel is a 5 lug, 120mm bolt circle, +53 mm offset and made by Cromodora does not mean it has the required 940 km load rating. That also has to be confirmed by looking on the backside of one of the spokes for the moulded in load number in kg.
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