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09 Removing disk brake.jpg
09 Starting to remove the seized brake assembly294 viewsBy this time we\'d poured about 8l of water on the dull-red glowing and burning wheel assembly (too close to 140l of 98 octane petrol). Sudden cooling cracked the disk brake which showed mangled park brake parts. How to remove a brake disk without the right star fitting? First remove the caliper then get a sledge hammer?!!
10 note cracked disk brake.jpg
10 Cracked smoking parking brake drum336 viewsNote the crack in the face of the brake. This showed mangled parking brake springs and other bits. Also a bit of melted rubber was drooling out of the crack. Started to remove the brake caliper and enjoying the flies in 45 deg C heat. Ah, the wonderful Aussie climate in January.
13 Thank goodness for a spare hammer.jpg
13 How to care for tools301 viewsWhat happened to the sledge hammer after 2 hours of beating my seized and cracked disk/park brake assembly to bits. Now down to 1 hammer remaining. At least by this time it was getting cooler (down to 40 deg C)
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Crack in Compressor Dryer Cap 3 views
Crack in Compressor Dryer Cap 3 views
Cracked mud flaps278 views
Dried paint.59 views
Stone bullet27 viewsCracked windscreen
LTB00768v2_-_3_0L_TDV6_Valve_Cover_Split_and-or_Cracked24 viewsLTB00768v2_-_3_0L_TDV6_Valve_Cover_Split_and-or_Cracked
cracked EGR62 views
Reifen  1.JPG
Tyre 1 - cracked balancing weight55 views
Reifen 2 bild 2 .JPG
Tyre 2 - cracked weight58 views
Reifen 3 bild 1.JPG
Tyre 3 - not cracked but pretty loose fit51 views
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