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Kenwood Protalk66 views
01 One way to cross the Nullabor Desert (Indian Pacific Train).JPG
01 D3 on Train182 viewsEasiest method of crossing 2300 km of Nullabor Desert - on the Indian Pacific train. D3 with trailer - effectively have 5 spare tyres if it really gets desperate!
01 One way to cross the Nullabor Desert (Indian Pacific Train)~0.JPG
01 Start of Xmas 07 trip across the Australian Nullabor242 viewsThis is the preferred method of travelling 2500km of Nullabor desert when time is short (the Indian Pacific train). Next stop is Adelaide.
04 Unusual Flat Tyre.jpg
04 Damaged Tyre300 viewsYes, there\'s no doubt that this was a flat tyre. The ultra hot wheel nuts, look of the flat (note in a later photo that the back of the tyre appeared okay) and increased fuel consumption should have been a clue, but it was 45 deg C, and we had been doing about 105 km/hr on a dirt road for hours, so we just assumed it was a flat = WRONGO!
05 That is indeed a flat tyre.jpg
05 No doubt the tyre is flat273 viewsThis is the view of the flat tyre. Again, didn\'t think it anything more than a "normal" explosive blowout, as the tyre was about 90% worn, we were heavily loaded, it was 45 deg C, and driving 105 km/ho on a rough dirt road in the outback.
38 km!!!97 views
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Jack Smiths grave, a stockman who died in his swag330 views
Katse dam... 50Km drive to dam wall!130 views
New vs. 15000 Km wear on the front left wheel474 views
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14 Long shadows 3 hrs later.JPG
14 "Are we having fun yet?"347 viewsSWMBO is pondering why attempting to drive 3,900 kms across the outback on dirt roads is more fun than, say, spending New Years in Paris......
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18 Time to start driving slowly with 3 brakes.jpg
18 Brake "repairs" finished at sunset293 viewsWe just finished the repair at sunset and were driving slowly with 3 brakes. Oddly the D3 didn\'t behave any differently at 50 km/hr than it did normally. We had 4 instances of hitting the (3) skids for kangaroos before arriving in Wilcannia 3 hrs later. The brake light warning was making very distinctive noises and flashing randomly, though.
Stretch Lagoon - Canning Stock Route 18 km from Billiluna77 views
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The Stockmans Hall of Fame - Longreach QLD19 views
Thousands od Sea Birds Thousands of Km from Ocean - Innamincka28 views
2012-12-20 17.03.22.jpg
BFG MUD Terrain KM2 245/70/1758 views
R315 views295km of winding roads
2nd Journey -  Fetch kitchen worktop.JPG
291 viewsNeeded 1.8m of worktop but had to buy 3m length. Took B&D workmate with me and cut it down to size in the car park! Notice how the workmate is exactly level with D3 in normal height!
300.000Km72 views
Temporary Tailgate Latch147 viewsTailgate jammed shut in Keep River NP (no access due to cargo barrier) 1000 km trip to Darwin dealer. After 3 days opened up and attached string. 2 weeks in Kakadu and Litchfield then back to Darwin when parts arrived
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Pirelli Scorpion Zero after over 56000 Km128 viewsNotice the flaking.
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Concept trailer305 views
Accident Damage Rear Left.JPG
Rear left101 viewsDamage to car after ~60km/h rear end collision
Accident Damage Rear Right.JPG
Rear right92 viewsDamage to car after ~60km/h rear end collision
Accident Damage Rear.JPG
Rear109 viewsDamage to car after ~60km/h rear end collision
View across the plain107 viewsThis was a shot across the plain taken with my KM Z5 at maximum 12x optical resolution - these vehicles were a long long long way away!
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15 views23867km March/September 2010 - The Nullarbour, Pilbra, Kimberley, Gregory NP, The Centre
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Bad Rock.jpg
Bad Rock61 viewsbenign looking rock that punctured the sidewall of my new General Grabber AT2 (500km done on tyre)
BFGoodrich MT KM2 tread pattern.jpg
Tread pattern of BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 in LT245/70R17119 views
Black Deposits on Brake Light Switch Plunger2499 viewsThis jpg I got off another forum and is typical of what one will see when one opens up the removed brake light switch. The black powder is residue from arcing of one of the pair of contacts within.

Hopefully the newer switches with the FOMOCO logo moulded into the plastic are improved from the Land Rover logo marked early units, however I doubt it.

The Ford part number is SW-6572 and/or 7E5Z-13480-A as used on the 2006 to 2009 Ford Fusion's and Mercury Milan's; the Land Rover part number is XKB500110. Cost of switch could be about twenty five dollars. A previous LR part number for the switch was XKB500030, so hopefully the newer LR part number, XKB500110, reflects some improvement in reliability.

It is possible that the new switches are better as I installed a replacement 72,000 km, (45,000 miles) later, at 195,000 km (121,000 miles). When I took the removed switch apart to inspect, it was clean inside. There was no black dust - the switch looked like new, hence they must be improved now.
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Cape York 201135 views12969km May/August 2011 - Cairns, Cape York, Longreach, Birdsville
LRs stick together128 viewsA date plantation alongside a wadi in the Western Hajar mountains of Oman. My mate\'s Disco 2 in company. Cracking drive on this day some 100km off-raod through wadis and mountain graded roads. Sheer, unadulterated pleasure.
Copy of sneeuw.jpg
the road between home and work290 viewsthe day before returning from work, I got stuck here in the middle of the snow storm. The plow didn\'t pass yet and wind was blowing snow everywere. Since then I always carry during winter a survival pack consisting of warm coat,cap, warm, high boots and gloves.
It is no fun recovering a car stuck in the snow and sliding down from the road when moving in nothing more than a business outfit (no gloves, city shoes, no coat) with a snowy wind blowing 100km/h..... .
D3 Maroc 062007.jpg
432 viewsMore photos coming soon. 7000 km with NO problem. Only took a 6th spare wheel, a tool box, air compressor, window shades. What a great Disco !
PS: note that my disco has manualy inflatable air sping in addition of the standar terrain response.
Maintenance Check Sheet Rest of World 3.0 TDV6 Models to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR43 viewsMaintenance Check Sheet Rest of World 3.0 TDV6 Models to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR4
Maintenance Check Sheet All Models UK & EU to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR42 viewsMaintenance Check Sheet All Models UK & EU to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR4
Disco3 and camper setup ready to go157 viewsFirst family road trip - total 3500km
Adelaide, Mildura, Swan Hill, Echuca, Wodonga, Beachworth,
Bright, Falls Creek, Mansfield, Mt. Buller, Craigs Hut, Halls Gap & the Grampians.
Disco3-09_12-29-2009_4466 FPa.jpg
CALENDAR 2011389 viewsIn December 2009 we toured Botswana – first tour with the Disco, I had a yellow Defender previously. I rented a trailer, and the wheel bearing seized 1300km into the trip. This photo was taken while we waited for my friend to bring us a “fixed” hub. The elephant crossed the road less than 300 meters from us. Photo was taken 90Km from Nata
Discovery 3 Maintenance Check Sheet (All Models ) - km.pdf
D3 Maintenance Schedule - Kilometre version125 views
Discovery 3 Maintenance Check Sheet (All Models ) - km.pdf
Disco3 Maintenance Checklist26 views
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Draper air jack254 viewsDraper air jack, stock no. 61432, part no. AJ3 at
Max Speed 195KM/H371 views
ARB CKMTA Twin Compressor177 viewsTwin Compressor with Manifold and Airtank. Tight fit but it fits. Also the ECU Chip is at the back and below up against the battery case.

I changed the hose quick release to a standard Air Hose Fitting eg like a workshop would use. My other truck has those also.
Bush camp 70km South of Alice Springs112 views
at253 views AT2 : 20 000 kms
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EGR Stub Pipes13 viewsThis what they looked like after 15K Km
Glad I fitted the Blanking kit
mozzo cuscinetto anteriore dx33 viewsmozzo cuscinetto anteriore destro LR Discovery 3 181.000 Km
huge everage km/l77 views
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Graveside Gorge, Kakadu National Park - track in.jpg
D3 in Kakadu National Park, on the track into Graveside Gorge51 viewsKakadu National Park is in a World Heritage area, with the entrance about 3 hours out of Darwin. It took another hour to get to the un-marked track into Graveside Gorge, which then took three hours to travel the 41km in. Not a tough track, but a series of big wash-outs with very deep and soft sand in the creek beds made driving fun. The most amazing thing, was that we had the whole place to ourselves. No marked tracks, so bushwalking involved blazing a trail using GPS and topo maps to find the way.
Houndkirk Moor188 views
Miles and Km readout in same display!!180 views
litres/100km and Miles readout 166 views
1003.5 km on ONE tankfull, 11L left according to onboard computer122 viewsmore than 1000 km (103.5) done on one tankfull, 11L left according to onboard computer
8.0L/100, 1003.5 km on ONE tankfull...125 views
km miles 112 views
km miles 211 views
km miles 311 views
km miles 410 views
279,6 km/h front tyre blown at mugello straight!!!192 views
Worn Wrangler151 viewsOn trip to QLD both rear tyres went from slightly worn on inside edges to worn to carcass in just over 1000km. Wheel alignment(thanks to very helpful LR dealer in Maroochydore) and 4 new Continental tyres as no replacement wranglers in Aus.
Glen Nevis240 viewsOn our tour of the Highlands and the Isle of Skye we ended up on a road that didn't seem to be on the map. It took us right up through Glen Nevis and then just carried on and on to the Falls of Steil (apologies if spelt incorrectly). The falls were amazing and were only about 1KM walk from where we ended up parking the Disco.
8km south of Osland, Norway August 2009225 viewsCalendar 2010
8km south of Osland, Norway August 2009221 viewsCalendar 2010
8km South of Osland, Norway August 2009219 viewsCalendar 2010
8km south of Osland, Norway August 2009226 viewsCalendar 2010
manicotto intercooler lievemente delaminato a 81.000 Km29 viewsmanicotto intercooler sostituito a 81.000 Km D3
manicotto intercooler lievemente delaminato a 81.000 Km40 views
8km south of Osland, Norway August 2009227 viewsCalendar 2010
New Exide AGM battery - Varta silver/calcium battery was replaced under warranty at 79680km.24 views
IMG_2957 [1024x768].JPG
Magnetic protection 283 viewsPannello 20x20 in plastoferrite flessibile, spessoere 2 mm.
Test di resistenza del magnetismo in funzione della velocità, in un punto dove la lamiera assume una forma libera.
100 e passa km/ OK!
IMG_2958 [1024x768].JPG
Magnetic protection80 viewsPannello 20x20 in plastoferrite flessibile, spessoere 2 mm.
Test di resistenza del magnetismo in funzione della velocità, in un punto dove la lamiera assume una forma libera.
100 e passa km/ OK!
Sunset on the Alps135 viewsOn top of my local mountain with the Swiss Alps bathed in a setting sun 80km to the south.
CALENDAR 2008 ENTRY - Sunset over the Alps760 viewsCALENDAR 2008 ENTRY
Drove to the top of my local mountain so "the airliner" could pose for a couple of pics with the sunset drenched Swiss Alps in the background, 80km to the south.
IMG_6459 (Medium).JPG
Inflating the boat at Foz176 viewsBruce had 2 Gemini inflatables on top of the Defender, with 2 engines in the rear compartment. Inflating the boats took about 30 minutes. The plan was to cross the Cunene and greet the miners on the Namibian side, which is where the Outside Edge expedition had left off a couple of weeks prior - they couldn\'t cross the Cunene in Land Rovers, so they had to go around - a detour of some 2000km
undervody with old intercooler hose9 views6 years and 92,000 kms later, my intercooler hose was about to be replaced
incredible65 viewsonly 8,7 lt/100km
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disco 4 2018 wheels1 viewswheels
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L319_Discovery_4_MY2010-2011EU_Maintenance_Check_Sheet_-_all_Models_-_km25 views L319_Discovery_4_MY2010-2011EU_Maintenance_Check_Sheet_-_all_Models_-_km
harmonic weights 142 views
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LR3 Wahiba.jpg
Brits and their tea!106 viewsWhenever there's a problem to solve - put the kettle on. After running out of fuel, 18km from the nearest balcktop and fuel station, 3 of the team's cars waited for the return of the other two with fuel. What does one do at times like these? Have a nice tidy up inside, dust off the sand and put the kettle on for a cuppa tea.
Milestone - 200k km17 viewsMight be 200 000 km but its only 58 000 on the new engine...
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MORTHORPE - Crossing the King Edward River.jpg
D3 in the Kimberley - on the track to the Mitchell Falls, crossing the King Edward River48 viewsSix weeks after the tharck has been opened the water levels in the King Edward River have greatly reduced. This is the start of the 80km track up onto the Mitchell Plateau.
Mud210505 005.jpg
Lara brand new. 2 days old with 200km on the clock.116 views
Mud210505 023.jpg
Lara with 208km on the clock114 views
My Isuzu DMAX with Truckman Max Canopy21 viewsFinally got all the bits I paid for from the dealer - a Truckman Max Canopy and a spare wheel - unbelievably the default option on these is a can of foam and a compressor - thick end of £290 to get a full sized spare and the hoist to sling it underneath (much the same as a Disco, which means equally as stealable, might need to acquire a 17" spare protector of Uncle Ray)
On top of the world.jpg
Day trip into the Wsetern Hajar mountains and wadis in Oman142 viewsSeries of pics taken en route - 80km all told and from sea level to 2300 metres above sea level.
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Over the hill to Balad Seet.JPG
Over the hill to Balad Seet164 viewsAfter some 50km along dry river beds (wadis) and a climb of some 1500 metres in 3km you descend a gravel road into this charming mountain village.
Pine Road - Road closed sign101 viewsForestry track/road (11 km north of Iluka turnoff along Pacific Highway) but blocked about 3 km along. Took Thompsons Road to rejoin highway but had to negotiate a swampy area with fallen trees across track. Road impassible without chainsaw so found a private road and headed towards Glencoe Road using a Telstra track.
Kmh to Mph change67 views
94 viewsLukmanierpass / Passo del Lucomagno - only about 10 metres of wind-blown snow on road
Sunset in Tunisian Desert57 views
Port Warrender, Kimberley Coast.jpg
D3 in the Kimberley - at Port Warrender44 viewsAfter taking 90 minutes to travel the last 6 km, we arrived at Port Warrender, part of the pristine wilderness known as the Kimberley Coast. The only people down here are mad scientists looking for spiders and rocks - and mad keen 4WD\'ers.
Pustynia Błędowska.txt
Change extension to kmz150 views
Radio Noise Suppression Capacitor NNW502820579 viewsThis is the radio noise suppression capacitor, part number LR020488 (previous NNW502820), that is mounted underneath and near the transmission. It is powered by fuse 10 amp F30E in the engine compartment. If F30E blows, (the fuse that also powers the transmission ECU), the problem is probably caused by the failed capacitor, not the ECU. A quick fix is just to disconnect the capacitor and replace the fuse as nothing bad seems to immediately result.

The above radio noise capacitor is not to be confused with LR004160, the ignition noise capacitor which is located under the black plastic engine cover on the right hand side above the air intake towards the rear of the engine.

The ignition capacitor is held on with a single 8mm bolt and a three wire electrical connector. Replacing the ignition capacitor as a routine maintenance prevention action at 100,000 miles, 160,000 km), has merit. It is a do it yourself kind of thing and easier to get at than the radio capacitor underneath.
Huh?146 viewsPhoto that informs drivers that there are speed limits (50km/h) in built-up areas of Queensland. Sign was about the size of the car and traffic on this road was minimal. Wondered if the powers that be had only one size sign and whether there was a procedure that stated that the sign must be placed so that you couldn't miss seeing it as you entered this part of Queensland.
Red Centre 025_resize.jpg
Gunbarrel Highway - Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)226 viewsAfter 300 kms of mud, the olgas appear
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LR3 Silver 10 spoke grooved wheel Cromodora of Italy 18 inch x 8 ALY72201U85337 viewsThis is Land Rover part number RRC505360MNH or RRC505360XXX, a grooved ten spoke 18" wheel rated at 940 kg and found on circa 2006 RR Sports and some 2007 LR3's. An alternative part number is ALY72201U85.

This is an example of a wheel factory spec on the full frame older RRS that is also factory spec on the 3 or 4 and hence can be moved from the RRS to the 3 or 4. This is rare however. A factory spec wheel for a 3/4 can always go onto an older full frame RRS but not necessarily vice versa.

Just because a wheel is a 5 lug, 120mm bolt circle, +53 mm offset and made by Cromodora does not mean it has the required 940 km load rating. That also has to be confirmed by looking on the backside of one of the spokes for the moulded in load number in kg.
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New KM2 Tyres12 views
New KM2 Tyres14 views
New KM2 Tyres14 views
New KM2 Tyres14 views
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TDv6 oil dip stick.jpg
TDv6 Oil dip stick266 viewsPhoto shows oil level on rear stick (cleaned front stick). Note that diesel oil when fresh may not be black like the sample shown (car had travelled 5 000km on delivery oil). You can see small indentations in both sticks. This is where I observe the current oil level. Note also the two arrows at either end of the red plastic indicators showing lower and upper limits (I do not know what the red ball is for however - it just may be a guide.)
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AT2 - 6000 kms321 viewsIncluding over 3000 kms off sealed roads
Thread upload2 viewsImage uploaded in thread 185378
20 disco wheels0 viewswheels
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 179701
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WC image0022.jpg
DiscoDancers Desert crossing84 viewsThe team consisted of two LR3 V8s, a Disco II V8, and two Nissan Patrol Safaris. 168 km of dune crossings over 2 days with a camp overnight mid-way. Awesome!
WC image0055.jpg
The team photo103 viewsTaken at the finish point - just 60 km from the nearest blacktop road! A Challenge indeed, especially as at this point fuel in 3 cars was close to the red line with 20 litres of reserve between all 5 cars!
ZF LifeguardFluid6 transmission oil.1253 viewsThis is an interesting pdf in that under the ZF 6HP26 six speed section, it provides the various automobile manufacturer part numbers for their version of the appropriate tranny oil, all of which seems to be the LifeguardFluid6 oil, ZF part number S671 090 255. Note the fine print and do not confuse it with the LifeguardFluid6 Plus oil for vehicles with the Torsen AWD setup such as the Audi Quattro, VW 4Motion vehicles and I think the BMW FF Range Rovers of an earlier time.

Also of interest at the bottom of the pdf is the recommendation for replacing the transmission oil "between 80,000 km and 120,000 km or 8 years, depending on the load." I also do not see any reference to "sealed for life" but almost as optimistic, "maintenance free" but with the proviso "intended for normal operating conditions". This would most typically be the Sandringham Castle Grounds in the UK rather than Cape York, QLD.
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