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Disco abrasivo - Abrasive disc16 viewsDeclino ogni responsabilità per i danni che eventualmente farete direttamente o indirettamente seguendo questi consigli.
Per aprire la chiave ho usato un disco abrasivo da modellismo montato su un minitrapano. Deve giare velocemente.
Decline all responsibility for any damage that may directly or indirectly do by following these tips.
To open the key I used an abrasive disc mounted on a mini-drill. It must turn quickly.
Wating in line42 views
08 End of road with seized wheel.jpg
08 D3 stranded with a seized smoking wheel313 viewsAbout 1 hr after replacing the blown tyre, strange noises emanated from the stability control system and speed dropped off. Then I looked in the rear view mirror, and noted a cloud of dust along with a whiff of black smoke. This led to a very quick stop (no traffic on this route for over a week, so no worries about having to signal exiting the road). Took a look and WOW. The right rear wheel was glowing a dull red colour, and burning rubber smoke was wafting from the red glow over the fuel lines.
Start of Round 2184 viewsLined up with some of the Class B entries
Red and yellow lines on fixed on the camera, blue lines gvif and adjustable74 views
10forcash new D3 going down the production line.305 views
up date 10forcash new D3 going down the production line.345 views
Thread upload101 viewsImage uploaded in thread 102519
The French Line - Simpson Desert77 views
The French Line seems never ending81 views
Do Not Park Trucks On Railway Lines!181 views
1GB 002.JPG
This is a normal H7 HID bulb installed in a BMW headlight to show glare above cut off line95 viewsThis is what the light pattern is that causes glare in most retofit applications including some projector lights. this is in fact a projector headlight on a BMW but the old projectors were only actually half projectors and half reflective bowls. the beam pattern should be clean cut like this ___/
low profile solar panel148 viewsThe low profile solar panel, can be seen here, as the fine white line under the light bar. The way it's laid out, the panel should generate decent power between 10am and 4pm depending on the time of year, from the sides or front, with no shadows. Grape Solar 100W flex panel.
D3 HighLine 6CD_CopyCD Stuck25 views
what a line up62 views
D3 LowLine 1CD/Tuner28 views
2 Maintenance Schedules - Gasoline Engines1 views2 Maintenance Schedules - Gasoline Engines
3 Splines LR.jpg
3 Splines and alignment mark44 views
D3 line up at Peterborough 08164 views
Descending through the tree line52 views
Entertainment System Wiring Diagrams1336 viewsThe 12 page pdf has the wiring diagrams for the low and high line "radio" and various components such as the amplifier, phone modules,NAV display, antennas and satellite radio and TV.
Boot liner2 views
4WD Day 050.jpg
The Powerline Track - Perth214 views
5 Driveline1 views5 Driveline
6 LR Vhcls.JPG
Line up of LR\'s (ignore the Toyota at the end :-()162 views
Ooops, found the mountain bike trail. KW Hydrocut12 viewswe were out one day and suddenly I seemed to recognize the power lines, and the fact that the mountain bike trail runs alongside the lines.

This is obviously a wide section of trail, but it's still the KW Hydrocut mountain bike trail.
6mm Heat Shrink colours 0502.JPG
6mm Heat Shrink colours 273 viewsI decided to colour code the tubing so I used 6mm electrical heat shrink.
As there is no apparent colour coding re the 3, I tried to emulate the P38 coding; #1 LR red, #2 RR blue, #3 LF yellow, and #4 RF green. This was not doable as both left side air springs have green coloured tubing coming off the top of the front and rear air springs. I therefore arbitrarily chose the Left Rear to be red; Left Front green; Right Front yellow; Right Rear blue; and for the air compressor supply line, White coloured heat shrink. Since two new lines tie into each air spring line, I made the line between the air spring and the FASKIT, a single solid colour, and the line from the FASKIT to the valve block, White, plus the related appropriate solid colour.
6mm PA12 tubing with heat shrink applied 0508.JPG
6mm PA12 grade nylon tubing with heat shrink applied 393 viewsShows some of the 6mm air line with heat shrink applied to one end of tubing. Shrink will be applied to the other end once field cut to length. These four tubes, each about 20 ft (6m) long, feed to the rear. Re the front air lines, (not shown), four additional lengths, each about 10 ft (3m) long, are required plus one more 3 metre length for compressor air. The 6mm tubing is a Nylon product specified as PA12. There is also a very similar Transport grade PA11 material, however it seems that PA12 is the more common Transport grade now in use. Also the applicable DIN standard seems to be both DIN 73378 and DIN 74324 for the nylon tubing. The working pressure of the 6mm tubing is about 27 Bar and bursting 82 Bar @ 20C. This is for the 1mm nominal wall thickness material, (4mm ID, 6mm OD).
QAA Line - Simpson Desert77 views
French Line - Simpson Desert near \'Lake\' Thomas113 views
116 viewsThis is the installation guide from the manufacturer
Thread upload35 viewsImage uploaded in thread 169001
Amplifier wiring78 viewsChanges for converting High Line to Premium.

Thread upload5 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Battery Disconnect side post with + & - caps, top view524 viewsThis disconnect is designed for side post batteries. It can be used on either the + or - terminals. It can also be installed at the "other" end of the battery cable as well. In my install of the Aux battery, I installed this on the negative ground cable where the cable attaches to the body sheet metal. I have never used it but it seemed like a good idea at the time. The main battery hookup is pure stock.

For the hot side of the Aux battery, an Anderson PowerPole was used inline for the cable between the Aux and connecting to the spare bolt hole at the + post of the Main battery cable.
Thread upload7 viewsImage uploaded in thread 126921
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in thread 123869
Breather line with factory cap cut off.1667 viewsIf you expand the jpg by clicking on it, in the bottom right corner if you look closely, one can see the black plastic factory vent tubing with the OEM cap cut off.

Note the tubing is cut at a 45 degree angle facing to the rear. Also shown in the top right is the cut off portion sitting on the coolant water hose and on the top left also sitting on the coolant hose, the new to be installed Gore manufactured replacement breather cap.
Breather Cap part # LR0194501156 viewsThis is the replacement breather cap as manufactured by the Gore Tex people, (Gore), for the engine compartment end of the front differential breather line.

You can with some difficulty, both blow and suck thru the breather filter material. The Gore Tex filter material has what are called hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This means the filter material keeps oil in and water out, while at the same time, allowing air pressure to slowly equalize, (air permeable). Additionally, the transfer of dust, salt, and road debris is inhibited.
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71 viewsMS excel sheet for monthly mileage report will give average fuel consumption.(most cells have formulas to help fill in from previous line)
on first sheet add details you want on monthly sheets. during use the data needed to be added is ending reading on clock, places visited (if you want).
how much fuel when you purchased it also fuel in tank at start and end of month
RHS view369 viewsSHows the Front Runner (SA) slimline windcheetah rack which is immensely strong. Takes my 110kg (oh gawd, I must get back on the diet and exercise regime) tramping over it when loading/unloading gear without a problem. Fittings are simply fixed or removed, and IMO very well designed and made. IPF 800 series driving and spots fitted to the front of the rack. IPF cam/reversing fitted each side and to rear of rack for negotiating rocky wadis at night. The G4 stickers were bought off E-bay as a set.
Load space361 viewsShows the SA Front Runner Wolfpack stacking plastic storage boxes that I keep laod straps etc in and the 2nd is tool kit, spare belts, jerry can funnel and tools, plus airline and tyre inflator/deflaotr for ARB on-board compressor, HD jump leads. ARB Winch pack (Orange)with strops, snatch blocks, shackles, gloves, and 2 ARB recovery dampers. Really great 4x4 1st Aid kit from Outdoors warehouse in SA. LRs own loadspace guard - not the best design if you want to store a long load. Mods to be carried out!
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Cooling system hoses - 4.4L petrol V8892 viewsThese are the cooling system hoses on the 4.4L petrol V8. The little odd shaped bleeder hose, (LR006158), shown in the top right hand corner can give problems. There is a plastic tee with a threaded air bleeder outlet located in the middle of the hose. The plastic tee can or will fail due to I guess heat distress.

A BIC pen can serve as a field fix, however for your parts kit, a nominal 3/8" ID hose size brass hose barb inline connector plus a couple of hose clamps is suggested. Better yet is a threaded hose barb brass coupling or a tee and bleeder valve to allow bleeding of the line. Land Rover now makes the plastic bleeder valve that breaks available as a separate part, # LR027661, where 0 is a zero. As such, one can now purchase that part only for addition to your field fix parts kit.
Copy of Detroit Fluid DOT push in showing ferrule.bmp
Detroit Fluid DOT air line fittings505 viewsThe picture shows the internal ferrule that is characteristic of the DOT / TUV accepted fittings for highway vehicles. Most often these fittings are metal however the Land Rover John Guest 6mm straight connector is all plastic and has the internal ferrule.
CounterAct Power supply mounted under brake lines 534.JPG
CounterAct Power supply mounted under brake lines.168 viewsThis top view shows where I located the power supply. It is attached with 3M sticky to the black plastic surface that is located under the brake lines.

When the system is operating properly, the red LED pulses about twice per second.
Some users claim they can hear a very slight hum or whine coming from the unit. My unit seems silent.
D3 at  wormhill 178shrunk.jpg
line up59 views
D3 Battery a.jpg
2nd battery in engine bay. Look under the rigid brake lines to see the solenoid431 views
D3 Weekend 094.JPG
Mrs JMC poses with the D3 line-up234 views
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D4 in China.jpg
25 viewsThe iconic finish line - driving through Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, at the end of a dramatic 8,000-mile of the Land Rover Journey of Discovery.Courtesy of Interactive Land Rover MENA's FB page
arm rest fit205 viewsthis is gary from trim-line... a job he knows to well as he is in landrover dealers most weeks..
TRIMLINE SYSTEMS what can i say.... 116 viewsThank you Gary from trimline
Defender31 viewsTrailAir reverse image with distance and hitch guidelines.
Defender 25 viewsReverse using TrailAir camera guideline
Derbyshire Bridge Line Up167 viewsTime for a brew at the end of an excellent day
415-03 Audio System - Low and High Line Radios613 viewsThis 8 page pdf shows both the low and high line radios and their various components.
419-08 Low and High line radio systems components and operation552 viewsThis 15 page pdf displays the radio components including pinouts for both the low and high line head units and the two Harman Kardon amplifiers including the Logic 7 amp. The steering wheel controls for both the radio and phone system are also outlined along with mention of the Sirius satellite radio feature.
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New Speaker Cables.95 viewsThis is the door connector, Main loom to Right, Door side to the left. to the top of the connectors you can see green and Green white wires which are the speaker ones. The door wiring is premium and has two pairs, the main loom was a 1 pair high line, so i am adding the pair you see (one already pinned up) to upgrade the loom to premium.
BUCYRUS114 viewsActually been in one of these monsters at Allerton ByWater open cast before it shut
Stefan Frankowiak and Darren Axe and Martin Roberts
Draper air jack254 viewsDraper air jack, stock no. 61432, part no. AJ3 at
The line up407 views
Tim, DSL & Zaphod at Lochearnhead144 viewsOn the old railway line
DSC01055 (Large).JPG
The start line311 views
Line Up at Bala401 views
Line Up at the dam461 views
84 viewsLHS rear wheel well, with inner guard off. The rear AC lines (assuming you have an HSE) don\'t run in same way as the RHS, so on all cars, you can fold the red line inboard, with the bend roughly at the blue line, so that the very rare contact with larger tyres is eliminated.
Pauline in G4177 views
line up the hill181 views
checking out the back fence line track195 views
Waiting in line58 views
Over The Top load liner174 views
Over The Top load liner175 views
Over The Top Load Space Liner189 views
boot 21st June 2011187 viewsHand made boot liner, works a treat!!
10 inch very narrow sub Phase linear you see it458 views
First Discovey 3 off the line (US Spec LR3)408 views
First Discovey 3 off the line (US Spec LR3)371 views
First Discovey 3 off the line (US Spec LR3)435 views
First Discovey 3 off the line (US Spec LR3)608 views
Thread upload5 viewsImage uploaded in thread 137807
Mundaring powerlines 248 views
mundaring powerlines 146 views
failed climb.wmv
The smell of Adreneline307 views
View from the Fairmile Carpark of 9 members cars190 viewsRange Rover Au Poivre had turned up by now - VA was having seat as well as steak sauce problems! I think we had 2 more turn up after this photo was taken
Line Up48 views
FASKIT on end view 0486.JPG
FASKIT on end view 632 viewsEnd and rear view of the FASKIT. Yellow lines are as shipped for hooking to the air supply; one line to valve/filler and other is to gauge. I will modify the arrangement to delete one of the yellow lines such that gauge line plugs into where the second yellow line is right now,(will be only one yellow tube), and then the air source line will plug into the port controlled by the valve, (hidden in this view but visible in other view). When white valve is in the ON position, gauge will read air source pressure, and be available to supply air to any of the selected four air springs. When valve is closed, the gauge will show individual air pressure in each of the air springs when a jumper is run between the gauge Schrader valve and the appropriate air spring Schrader valve.
Hi Line antenna locations27 views
various 4x4\'s on fraser island183 views
French Line - D3 Instruments.jpg
French Line - On the road. Minus 6 earlier268 views
Fuel lines.pdf
Fuel lines post MY 07196 views
fuel tank and fuel lines.pdf
fuel tank and fuel lines36 views
Fuel tanks & Lines.pdf
Fuel_tank_and_Lines.pdf33 views
Thread upload28 viewsImage uploaded in thread 117618
Thread upload24 viewsImage uploaded in thread 117618
Newspaper Headlines14 views
Oil specifications for land Rover models188 views
Thread upload12 viewsImage uploaded in thread 65718
Discovery 3 boot liner from views
Rear heater line relocation183 views
high line stereo.png
High-line stereo42 views
LR4 2012MY High line Premium audio49 views
Usefull pic for many threads posted on here. Please feel free to use! 73 views
Check the Snow Line ...170 views
Check the Snow Line ...173 views - L359-Telephone Kit Hi-Line .pdf
FL2 MOST Bluetooth Instalation Instructions86 views
Base model IHU and High line IAM module connections74 views
Main Liner with Rear Plus5 views
Butyl Pond Liner - Boot Floor Protection206 views
End of the line at Ras Al Khaimar59 viewsI am led to believe that this example was left overnight on the beach broken down - by morning the natives had stripped every last piece of usefull equipment out of it, engine and all and dragged it across the creek back to their village
AutoEnginuity ProLine VCI7 views
Inline power meter10 views
Grrrr, Air Line Hoses13 views
12volt 250amp power outlet, PCL airline outlet390 views
Rest stop after our first hill descent - line of cars stretched way back up the hill that disappears up to right of photo.197 views
Last D3 through the deep crossing224 viewsThe water was stirred up by this time (didn't start off too clean due to heavy rains in the previous week) water was between 500 and 600mm deep depending on where the driver crossed. Away from the tree was slightly deeper but most drivers chose that line to be well clear of the tree.
3M "Thingies" x 2184 viewsI\'ve since stuck two together in-line but the method behind the madness is the same. The blinds now don\'t randomly BANG open.
Snow, London, unfortunately for them they couldn't make the small slippery incline, fortunately for me I was in a D3....298 views
LQ04 - Andy in tree-lined corridor150 views
Waiting in line200 viewsI can\'t wait for my turn...
Angus coastline22 viewsTrying out Disco for the first time offroad
The Line Up42 views
New line in Carbon Fibre Grill16 views
New line in Carbon Fibre Grill18 views
New line in Carbon Fibre Grill17 views
Cabled winch control connector108 viewsAdditional angle bracket made for connector in aluminium attached to red grill. Additional in-line connector between this and the solenoids to allow rad grill to be removed when required.
104 viewsexisting grille cut out along rib/line
IMG_1795 (Small).JPG
Line up28 views
D3 Rear Tailgate switch headliner connector6 viewsThe black connector in the headliner of a D3, showing the brown wire being pushed back and not making contact, and stopping the rear button from working
line up50 views
CALENDAR 2008 ENTRY - Sunset over the Alps750 viewsCALENDAR 2008 ENTRY
Drove to the top of my local mountain so "the airliner" could pose for a couple of pics with the sunset drenched Swiss Alps in the background, 80km to the south.
Two nice cars at the parking line 04/2005453 views
2007 Dodge Nitro - where did they get that design cue from?247 views
2007 Dodge Nitro239 views
JCan 03.jpg
Base mounted on Expo Rack lined with non slip mat 69 views
Kielder 02.05.09 048.jpg
Disco Line Up60 views
Kielder 02.05.09 074.jpg
Discovery Line up Kielder60 views
Kielder 02.05.09 075.jpg
Line up Kielder60 views
L2B 071.jpg
Freelander 2 on the start line293 views
Thread upload10 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
LEDs on daylight.jpg
Lights on dark.jpg
Lights on daylight.jpg
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in thread 183644
liner 1.JPG
liner 2.JPG
Thread upload8 viewsImage uploaded in thread 132482
DSL Packet Loss11 views
lin up23 views
Low line stereo.png
Low-line stereo46 views
Clay incline84 views
LR3 19 mm wire loom in space in front of rad 0492.JPG
19mm wiring loom in trough behind bumper and in front of rad605 viewsThe 19mm wiring loom is large enough that a maximum of six 6mm air lines can be fished thru as required. The loom runs from the FASKIT panel located in the engine compartment behind the left front headlight, down and across in front of the rad and then down to the front axle valve block located behind and below the right fog light.
LR3 2m 010.jpg
386 viewsCompleted Install of Control Panel. Wiring goes up into headliner, over curtain airbag on left hand side, and down the B pillar.
LR3 Battery Charger Grill View 0481.JPG
Battery Maintainer pigtail sticking out of Grill608 viewsThis is all you see when everything is put back together - just the pigtail and Weather Pack blanking plug. Most often, I have it all tucked back behind the grill.

In winter, there may be a second cord hanging out as well - the 120 VAC power cord for the engine block heater, a tea kettle like element inserted in the engine block. NAS petrol V8's do not have the Fuel Burning Heater, (FBH), installed, but instead in cold area markets have the block heater element assembly available as a dealer installed option. There is an argument to say that the heating element is factory installed in all cold climate V8 gasoline engines, however the appropriate power cord is not. If true, this means that all one needs to purchase is the area specific power cord and plugging in / attachment to the engine block located block heater.

As such, you will often see a conventional 120VAC three prong power plug hanging loose out of the grill of most vehicles here in the wintertime. In summer, most drivers tuck the plug back behind the grill as it is no beauty mark.
LR3 Compressor Electrical Plugs 0590.JPG
Compressor Electrical Plugs 1286 viewsThis shows the two electrical connectors; the two pronger is the power to the compressor, and the multi-pin connector carries control signals. Also the temporary red plug is where the 6 mm tubing from the centre valve block connects. This line carries both the compressor and exhaust air to and from the springs.
LR3 Compressor Exhaust and Inlet 0586.JPG
Compressor Exhaust and Inlet 1404 viewsThe two temporary black plugs cover off the 8mm and 10mm push fit lines to the air inlet and exhaust lines. Also visible is the worn threaded stud that I think was the initial failure mode.

LR3 FASKIT panel mounted valves in off position 0477.JPG
View of mounted panel from front left side671 viewsNote that all valve handles are shown in the OFF position, (the trouble position). In this case, the air that is in the air springs, (if any), is trapped in there - that is the valve blocks cannot vent whatever air is already in the air springs as the air lines between the springs and respective valve blocks are closed off by the FASKIT valves. In operation, there may be only trouble with one air spring, (perhaps a wheel height sensor), and as such, only one valve would need to be closed. If there was complete air compressor failure, then all valves would be closed and then as required, each spring could be manually filled from an outside clean dry oil free air source.
LR3 FASKIT panel viewed from front 0471.JPG
View from front left side looking towards rear aux battery compartment under cover 510 viewsAs there is no Fuel Burning Heater in the NAS V8 petrol vehicles, there is space available to install the FASKIT panel here. The piping is such that each air spring can be isolated from the air system and then filled one at a time manually via the Schrader valve. There are five Schrader valves and five shutoff valves. The fifth valve nearest the gauge controls air from the compressor, and can provide fill up air via a jumper fill line assuming the compressor is still operational.
LR3 Front LH engine bay empty space 52.JPG
Empty space in NAS LR3 for location of FASKIT panel485 viewsThe empty space is available as the North America Spec gasoline engine LR3's do not have the Fuel Burning Heater installed. The air lines from the four air springs and the air tank will appear to rise up from under the headlight assembly. The lines to the front block valve assembly located behind the front right fog light will sort of run within the bumper across the front of the radiator down into behind the righthand fog light. The rear lines somewhat follow the path of the existing air feed line from the front valve assembly to compressor. Rather than be located between the left front fender liner and left metal wing however, the four lines will feed thru the empty wing space inside and above the wheel well arch and exit down by the left front mud flap. From there, the lines run along the left frame member above the air tank and then parallel the frame over top the compressor to the top of the rear left air spring where the rear air block valve assembly is located.
LR3 Liftgate release mod wire exiting carpet 0609.JPG
Flexible wire rope fishing leader 0.032" diameter exiting carpet 1573 viewsThis is all you see of the completed mod.

The short little angled "line" about an inch long that looks like a piece of debris and is located a few inches "above" the support cable is actually the wire rope release cable exiting from under the carpeted lift gate cover.

I drilled a very small hole in the carpet and pushed the 0.032" diameter release wire thru and then slipped the loose end under the black plastic.

To release with the lift gate etc closed, from the inside, just pull the loose end free from under the black plastic and gently pull wire about 5mm, (1/4"), and the upper door catch should release. You will have to manually push the upper door out wards to actually effect opening, but you will already be inside the rear cargo area so that part is easy to do.

The assumption is that the lower door latch still works electrically and hence, the lower lift gate half will open as normal by pressing the usual button on the top left of the lower door half.
LR3 NAS 7 Pin Round Socket plus 4 Pin Flat, Vehicle End.jpg
NAS 7 Blade Round plus NAS 4 Pin Flat Vehicle end Socket446 viewsThis shows the function of each blade when looking into the connector at the vehicle end for the 7 pin NAS plug. The layout is the pin order for most new North American pickup trucks and the LR3/4.

The colour and gauge of the wires feeding into the back of the plug varies even within manufacturer model lines.

Also detailed is the flat 4 pin layout common on smaller trailers not having electric brakes. This includes most U-Haul rental trailers.
LR3 Production Line 1.JPG
LR3 Production Line 171 views
LR3 Production Line 2.JPG
LR3 Production Line 261 views
LR3 Production Line 3.JPG
LR3 Production Line 358 views
LR3 Production Line 4.JPG
LR3 Production Line 458 views
LR3 Production Line 5.JPG
LR3 Production Line 358 views
LR3 Production Line 6.JPG
LR3 Production Line 657 views
LR3 tech-wheel terms.gif
Wheel cut thru definitions and specs776 viewsNote the location of REAR SPACING and also OFFSET; probably two of the most important dimensions and not always understood as related to wheel size and relationship to the brake components.

For the 3, Rear Spacing is approximately 6.5 inches or 165 mm for a nominal 8" rim. Offset is 53P or 53mm Positive, which means the distance from the machined hub flat mounting surface to the rim's true centreline is 53 mm in the outboard direction. (The rim illustrated has a negative offset.)

As Positive offset increases, this means the wheel wraps around the disc brake mechanism more deeply, and hence the more the wheel would cover the brake parts. This is why most 18" wheels will not fit with the larger Brembo "supercharged engine" brake calipers.
Pitch circle diameter is 120mm; Pattern is 5 lug, and the tyre load rating is 112 with a recommended tyre speed rating of H or higher along with the XL load rating. For the 3, the stock tyre diameter is about 30 inches. The 255/60/18 or 255/55/19 OEM tyre outside diameter is 30.04 inches; Wheel lug torque is from 130 to 150 Nm or 96 to 110 lbf-ft and the lug nut hex socket size is 22mm.

Max Load High Speed Driving Tyre pressures are Front, 33 psig, (230 Kpa) and Rear, 42 psig, (290 Kpa).

The OEM rims are rated at 940 kgs, the highest that LR makes, hence while rims from other Land Rover products may physically fit, the odds are they are under rated in a weight sense.
LR3 Underhood Fuse and Relay Box relay ID 117334879.gif
Underhood Fuse and Relay Box drawing 2562 viewsShows the various fuse and relay locations. Fuse 3E, (5 amp), and Fuse 26E, (20 amp), as well as upgraded 70 amp Relay 7, part number YWB500220, locations are displayed. Relay 7 sends battery power to the compressor from the 60 amp fusible link called up as 10E. Fuse 26E is what provides full time always on battery power to the air suspension ECU and hence powers the auto level wakeup when the vehicle is shut down and say parked for the night. Removing F26E is the primary method to disable the air suspension system; Removing F35P is more if you want to experiment with it from inside.

I found it useful when I had a suspension problem, (actually a wheel alignment problem picked up by the steering wheel angle sensor), that only showed itself on the highway but allowed for no trouble light driving in the city. This was because in the city, the steering wheel was always in motion and rarely was the vehicle driven in a near straight line for very much distance.
LR3 wire loom at left headlight rising from below 0501.JPG
19 mm wire, (tubing), loom rising from below at left headlight514 viewsFrom the FASKIT panel, five air lines fit in the 3/4" (19mm) wiring loom and feed to the front air valve block located behind and under the right front fog light.
LR3 wire loom exiting right fog light 0495.JPG
Wiring, (tubing), loom exiting temporarily from the front right fog light.457 viewsThe front axle air valve block is located just behind and below the fog light. Access to the valve block is by removing the right front fender liner, (or the bumper). The FASKIT lines are attached to the left and right front air spring lines at this location; also compressor air is taken from this location as well. Cutting the lines at as few different locations makes it easier to find leaks at a later date. As above, five 6mm air lines run from the FASKIT panel to the front axle air valve assembly and run within the loom. Two pair of the lines are for control of the air springs, and the fifth line taps the air supply at the valve block assembly off the compressor. This will be the air source line rather than tapping in directly to the high pressure air tank.
LR3 Air Conditioning High Line electrical wiring diagrams1003 viewsThis 7 page pdf shows the wiring for the Heater/AC both front and rear.
Thread upload11 viewsImage uploaded in thread 123540
Excel file for Rotors and Brake Pads part numbers for 4.4L V8 petrol LR3654 viewsComparing the cost of the various brands of brake parts is time consuming. Once you have your parts costs, this little spreadsheet will make collating the info easier.

I did not make any provision for labour costs, but the file can be downloaded and then modified. You can change Dollars to Euros or Pounds or whatever and insert lines for labour costs as desired.

Do not pay too much attention to the $ numbers as they are a mix of US and CDN, and from differing time frames, (prior to Spring 2011) . Also the brake part numbers are for my 2005 North America spec LR3 with the petrol 4.4L V8; diesel powered and supercharged 3's may have different part numbers
Thread upload9 viewsImage uploaded in thread 149931
LTB00102 - Technical Bulletin - Driveline Clonk Noise after Throttle Release Reapply - Repair Procedure79 views
LTB00345 - Technical Bulletin - Headliner Delaminating Around Roof Opening Aperture66 views
Lug Nut part number RRD500290 outline sketch459 viewsThis single sheet pdf provides dimensions of the LR part number RRD500290 lug nut on vehicles from MY 2005 to 2008, (up to VIN 8A450459). From VIN 8A450460, the part number is RRD500590.

Visually, there is no apparent difference between the two part numbers. The dimensions appear identical as well. The shape, size, and profile of the Stainless Steel "hat" appears identical.

There are I presume differences in metallurgy to reduce corrosion and swelling of the hat or perhaps better sealing between the inside surface of the hat and the steel of the lug nut body. The reality is the differences are not immediately obvious however.

A 22 mm six point half inch or larger socket drive fits over the lug nuts. I use a nominal 36" long breaker bar with the 22mm socket - any shorter bar, best you be in shape. Depending upon your source, for both alloy and steel wheels, the lug nut torque value appears to be 103 lbf ft, (140 Nm); others suggest first tighten to 96 and then finish at 110 lbf ft, (130 and 150 Nm).

new vacuum line.jpg
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
New Discovery 4 SDV6 at dealership awaiting collection77 views
wheelarchliner256 views
wheelarchliner157 views
Trip to Tassie478 viewsWaiting in line to board the Spirit of Tasmania at Darling Harbour, Sydney.
Unknown Make195 viewsSnapped as it was leaving a small shopping centre but particularly interesting swage lines over the wheels which are featuring the typical Japanese feature of ultra low profile tyres. Ugly as a hatfull treatment of the front end though.
Traxide SC80-LR mounted541 viewsIn this position it fits properly without stress or stretching the plastic. A single small bolt holds it securely in place, and not toughing or rubbing on wires or suspension air lines.
Traxide SC80-LR mounted447 viewsA close up showing the angle, mounting bolt. Only a single top bolt can be used, there are metal lines behind the lower bolt hole.
Broom's Head95 viewsBroom's Head is a delightful surf and still water area south of Yamba on the noth coast of New South wales.

In this photo looking south a pod of dolphins were playing in the first line of breakers.
Vista struttura ospitante e colline182 views
Starting Line214 views
Previous Motor85 views07 Audi TT 200BHP S-Line
Killington, VT35 viewsParked on upper driveway, the driveway was covered with 6 inches of snow and the incline was at least 30 degrees and the LR3 made it up with no problems.
Picture 038.jpg
What a line up!681 views
Picture 063.jpg
216 viewsThe inner workings of the floor console. You can see the inline fuse holder on the left, which then connects to the chill box connector.
PNC 2010 Group.JPG
Final Lineup65 views
QAA Line - Real Big Red - D3.jpg
On top of Big Red - the real crossing289 views
QAA Line - View West.jpg
The French Line looking west204 views
Voltage Display Page Radio Head Unit 118 14.2555 viewsThis shows the voltage/temperature/timer display page within the 6CD-465 radio head. There is a second file within this album, a doc file, that outlines the procedure to access the diagnostics.

The 14.1 volts number was the approximate vehicle system voltage with the engine running; the 118 number infers 11.8 volts which is the low power infotainment system shutdown cutoff voltage. The factory default setting is 135 or about 13.5 volts. By holding the keypad 1 button down, the 3 digit volts numbers will decrease 001 at a time until the keypad 1 button is released. Decreasing the number from 135 to some lower number should increase the time the system will remain on with the engine off.

The TEMP numbers refer to Fuel Burning Heater, (FBH), temperature values. 85 is apparently a high limit and 46 was the number when the jpg was taken. This number varies and given that there is no diesel fueled FBH in our NAS petrol engine vehicles, what the value refers to is unclear. The TIMER numbers also relate to the diesel fuel burning engine heater and perhaps make more sense being 00.
Radio Head 6CD-465 Display diagnostics and low power procedure402 viewsThe one page doc outlines the procedure to access the diagnostics for the 6CD-465 entertainment system in most of our LR3's.
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Stuff110 views
D3 line up at the Red Lion in High Lane153 viewsAndrewS\'s Merceds Sprinter Van (fastest vehicle on the road) spoils the line-up in the car park
Removing interior Colour Line from R56 JCW.pdf
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Hi Line stereo on its way out...22 views
Hi Line stereo with plugs still in place13 views
Rear of Hi Line stereo with plugs removed15 views
20 pin socket on rear of Hi Line stereo14 views
12 pin Aux socket on rear of Hi Line Stereo11 views
Hi Line stereo plugs with radio removed. Aux plug on the left14 views
Plugs removed from Hi Line Stereo 'as they hang out' of the dash13 views
Plugs from rear of Hi Line stereo 'as they hang out' of the dash15 views
At the beach462 viewsInstalled the rails to bring home the Christmas tree. Installed them myself & quite proud of that fact since I\'m not the mechanically inclined type hehe.
Group 2 - Lead by me!203 viewsHaving finally got free of the Roych we stopped for a photo opportunity - like you do!
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NAS 7 pin + NAS 4 pin Flat Trailer Socket255 viewsThis is the vehicle end of the NAS trailer harness that is located behind the removable plate centered within the rear bumper by the towing loop. Re the four pin flat connector, from the bottom, the exposed bare lower pin is the ground, usually the White wire on a NAS trailer. The next pin up is normally a Brown wire on a trailer and is for the Tail Lights. The third pin, normally a Yellow wire, is the left signal light; the top pin, normally a Green coloured wire, is the right signal light.
Re the round connector, from the notch in the plastic surround, clockwise, the first blade is ignition controlled +12VDC battery power, (only alive when engine running), and on the Land Rover factory harness is an Orange wire; on a NAS trailer, usually Red but perhaps a Black wire.
Next blade clockwise at 3:00 o'clock above, is the Right Turn signal light, a Green wire on the LR harness, and also on a NAS trailer.
At 5:00 o'clock, the next blade is for the Electric Brakes and is Blue on both the LR harness and on a NAS trailer.
The Ground wire is next, White on both the LR harness and on a trailer.
At 9:00 o'clock above, is the Left Turn signal, Yellow on both the LR harness and on a trailer.
The last blade to the left of the line up notch is the Tail Light circuit. On the LR harness, the wire colour is Brown with two White stripes and on a NAS trailer, Brown.
The centre pin is for the Reverse Back Up lights and is Black on the LR harness and often Purple on NAS trailer wiring but can be Black also.

Note that when the socket assembly is installed on the 3, the notch in the plastic surround is on the left - that is rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise to the picture above. In other words, When installed on the 3, the 4 pin flat connector lays horizontal and is located below the round socket.
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Now we are getting to it...406 views... the threaded (or DREADED) actuator - externally splined internally threaded element (centre of pic) rotated by gearbox (on left of pic) to pull cable end (externally threaded, on the right)
Tailgate Camera located above license plate.398 viewsThis aftermarket camera is mounted on my 2005 LR3 in almost the same location as the factory cameras. The factory units are mounted somewhat more forward closer to the metal of the tail gate and I could have done the same as well.

Note that the camera above is aimed a bit towards the centreline of the vehicle per the factory install.
SatNav Black Line.jpg
Black Line151 viewsAnyone know what the black line is?
x710 viewstight shut lines
shut up12 viewspoor shut lines
29 viewsWear to air line
Simpson 2007 rover3.2~0.JPG
Simpson July 2007122 viewsFrench Line
Snowy Line-up (Custom).JPG
Calendar Entry277 views
Group 5 and others at Stonehenge138 views
Thank God They Lined Up.jpg
Thank god they lign up142 viewsCut holes are in the right place!
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TunisiaOct10 (8).JPG
The vehicle line-up outside the Hotel in Matmata106 views
Voss 203 fittings install.pdf
Voss B203 Fitting Install754 viewsNote on the first page, the reference to DIN 73378 and D74324 and also PA11 and PA12 material when referencing suitable spec nylon (polyamide) air line for motor vehicles. I think some of the 6mm fittings used on the 3 for the valve blocks are the System 203 type and called up as Land Rover part number RQC 000030. The Voss part number is I believe 5 2 03 11 01 00.
Voss System 203 Connector cut thru vertical.doc
Voss System 203 Connector cut thru, (similar to in valve block).511 viewsThis is a cut thru of a Voss System 203 connector. The top third of it is similar to the connector that holds the three 6mm plastic tubing lines into each of the front and rear valve blocks.

I say top third, as per the other pictures, the 3 has a Voss assembly that threads into the plastic of the valve block, whereas in the cut thru above, the Voss brass assembly is threading into the brass body of a metric threaded adapter for threading into a standard type metric threaded hole. Note also the two one way sloping ridges of the cutting ring, and the two interal O ring seals that mate with the plastic tubing. There is additionally the small squashed O ring to provide a seal related to the external thread of the Voss cutting ring assembly; (similar to the larger O ring for the brass body external thread).
WAA Line - Salt Lake - D3.jpg
On a small salt lake on the WAA Line365 views
WC image0055.jpg
The team photo101 viewsTaken at the finish point - just 60 km from the nearest blacktop road! A Challenge indeed, especially as at this point fuel in 3 cars was close to the red line with 20 litres of reserve between all 5 cars!
Clean line up at start135 views
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RS II Sliders125 viewsRover Specialties sliders installed (Off Roving)
type RS II slim line
RS II slim line sliders116 viewsRover Specialties sliders installed RS II slim line (Off Roving)
Hidden Winch Install10 viewsA front shot of my Front Runner Hidden Winch install with a Superwinch Talon 12.5 winch, D44 Hawse Fairlead, Factor 55 Flatlink Shackle, and Amsteel Blue synthetic line.
LR3 Front Shot7 viewsShot of my 2006 LR3 HSE with 18" wheels, General Grabber AT2 tires, hidden winch install, and Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack.
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