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Passenger Seat fitted, 8 way movement via power sockets373 views
8 way movement via Driver seat conection to car loom265 views
Power and Heated Seats Electrical Schematic780 viewsThis 6 page pdf shows the wiring for the power adjustment of the front seats and seat heating for all the seats.

Re seat movement or the lack of, not only are there four related fuses, two 30 amp and two 5 amp, (one of each per seat), there are are two separate ground wires, perhaps of more significance than the power, if all movement on either side quits.
Radio Removal from Radio Stack412 viewsThis shows how to remove the radio from the stack. Basically you remove the H surround first and then at least loosen all the Torx 20 screws left and right sides from the top down starting at the narrow unit that the four way flasher/locking buttons are mounted on.

The units kind of interlock, hence some movement of each is required to remove the radio by itself. I find it best to take out the four way flasher/locking buttons assembly first as that allows access to the fibre optic cable connector into the back of the radio head without too much tugging.
Seat Movement TSB204 views
press here220 viewsif there is movement chances are the rubber parts are gone
Seat Movement Fix?232 views
Radio Noise Filter Transmission Electronic Control Unit578 viewsThe jpg shows part number LR020488, a noise suppression capacitor located underneath on a bracket on the right side of the transmission forward of the selector shaft lever. The suppressor is connected to the transmission wiring harness and prevents solenoid operating noise affecting the audio system.

Failure of the capacitor is most often discovered as a result of either black smoke from below and or the blowing of 10 amp fuse F30E located in the engine compartment fuse box. This fuse protects the power circuit to the Transmission Engine Control Unit. When the fuse blows, the engine will still run however you have no gears, hence movement of the 3 is inhibited.

Anything over eight years in service is considered good capacitor life. If the capacitor does fail and fuse 30 blows, a quick fix is just to disconnect the capacitor and replace the fuse.

The capacitor might be missed by the DOT/FCC but the 3 does not seem to mind. With the filter disconnected, solenoid noise might be heard on some radio stations but at least the 3 would be in motion.
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