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In addition to the recalls listed below, make sure you check the VOSA (UK) or NHTSA (US) for the latest recalls applicable to your Discovery/LR3.


Ride Height Sensor Service Action

Forum Thread Official VIN Range: LA461580 - LA513324 A limited number of vehicles experience corrosion of the ride height sensors due to porosity of the plastic body of the part.

Brake Vacuum Assistance System

Forum Thread Official VIN Range: LA367110 – LA513325 Oil can collect in the brake booster causing a progressive loss of brake assistance, resulting in hard brake pedal and increased stopping distances for the same pedal effort. There have been reported cases of this affecting vehicles outside the above VIN range.

High Pressure Fuel Pump – Front Bearing Failure

Forum Thread Official VIN Range: LA412125 – LA487033 Land Rover has identified a concern with the high pressure fuel pump fitted to a specific number of Discovery 3 vehicles with the EU4 TDV6 engine. The high pressure fuel pump may fail due to poor lubrication of the fuel pump front bearing.

Incorrect Jack Fitted (Coil Suspension)

Forum Thread It is possible that some coil suspension vehicles have the incorrect jack fitted - they should be fitted with bottle rather than scissor jacks. Full list of VIN numbers in the linked thread.

Auto Transmission Park Problem

Forum Thread When the gearlever is moved into the 'park' position, and indicators suggest the car has been secured, the brake may not be applied. VIN range 354299 to 361594 affected.

Second Row Selt Belt Mounting

Forum Thread The mounting for the buckle on the left second row seatbelt might not be strong enough and could fail in an accident. Vehicles 6A355648 to 6A356888 affected.

Fuel leaks (petrol)

VOSA Recall: R/2006/069
5A000360 to 5A342827 (Build dates 02/07/2004 to 30/04/2005)
VOSA Recall R/2006/226
5A342834 to 6A359153 (Build dates 03/05/2005 to 28/09/2005)

Movement of parked vehicle

NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 06V131000
After a period of time it is possible to remove the ignition key without the transmission being in park resulting in unintended movement of parked vehicles.

Non operation of driver's airbag

NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 08V248000
Failure of steering wheel clockspring wiring causing the driver's airbag not to operate.