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Switch is blue colour thing thru the rectangular opening.
The blue coloured plastic bit thru the rectangular opening is the brake light switch. The fist time, I found it easier remove the switch by dropping the horizontal plastic panel, (two screws), and then slipping my hand in and rotating the switch clockwise 1/4 turn. The second time, I was able to remove the switch thru the rectangular opening and did not need to remove the horizontal lower panel. Obviously, I had to remove the sloping knee pad panel, (note sort of hinged at the bottom so pull back from the top.)

Regardless, do not touch the brake pedal - just let it sit where it wants to. One has to first remove the angled knee pad panel that sits under the steering wheel. It can be pulled from the top corner at the door side. Pulling releases a pair of those U shaped metal clips that LR loves so dearly. You have to pull quite hard. The bottom is held by a couple of plastic fingers in a couple of slots so you pull at the top till the two clips release and then rotate the panel and pull upwards a bit.

To remove the switch, you rotate it clockwise and pull outwards. Rotating the switch clockwise automatically retracts the plunger back into the switch body away from the brake pedal arm.

Similarly when you install the new switch, the required 1/4 turn anti clockwise rotation action releases the plunger so it lays up against the brake pedal arm and at the same time, secures the switch in place.

To remove the electrical wires, the switch will drop below the horizontal pad and hang from the wires so unclipping the electrical connector plug is fairly easy to do.
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