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A380 leaving Brisbane182 viewsOn its way to Sydney and to drum up some business for the Airbus people.
A380153 viewsQANTAS staff pose with the very large A380 whilst it was in Brisbane having some promotional logos attached.
AUS11 with the BT at Swansea (Newcastle) Feb 2008246 views
Callistemon viminalis (Bottlebrush)121 viewsPhoto courtesy of Murray Fagg (an expert on Australian plants).
DISCO3 Calendar 2007.xls
DISCO3.CO.UK Calendar 2007138 viewsThis MS Excel workbook can be used to record the details of persons interested in the 2007 calendar.
Discovery 3 Maintenance Check Sheet (All Models ) - km.pdf
D3 Maintenance Schedule - Kilometre version125 views
Driving 101 - a humourous PowerPoint Presentation file140 viewsItalian and humourous. Turn the sound on and have a quiet chuckle at the show. Only let the children watch if they are able to accept animated violence (some life forms were injured or killed in the making of this animation!!).
Front Wheel.jpg
Split 7 Spoke on 2010 Discovery 467 viewsI noted that the tyre image has been flipped but the LR badging on the air intake is right way around. Interesting
Fuel usage.jpg
MS Excel chart of fuel usage in TDV6 first 3 months of ownership194 viewsReason for distortion at beginning is not known - average so far is 11.55l/100k (25.09mpg) for the 6 199k travelled. The fuel usage 'bumps' correspond with the city driving although they did mirror the cost for a while! A copy of the spreadsheet (105kb) that shows MPG and l/100k (but not miles) is available for the asking - just PM me.
28 viewsBonatti Grey
John Deere133 viewsFarm runabout (don't need a Disco all the time).
2007 Dodge Nitro - where did they get that design cue from?247 views
2007 Dodge Nitro239 views
Load Retention System - VUB503130.pdf
File - Load Retention System - VUB503130.pdf239 viewsPDF extracted from Premier Automotive Group (T/AS Land Rover Australia) publication number L3879.
LR3 - AUS11 (600 x 450)a.jpg
Day of delivery - Mon 30 Jan 2006365 views
Australia Compared180 viewsJust so that others get some idea of the magnitude of the Canning Stock Route (see RichardK's gallery). It is 2000 kilometres on unsealed roads. On top of that is the journey on the sealed roads from and to home. Japan is only a couple of thousand kilometres from top to bottom.
Maxtrax151 viewsSand and mud traction aids.
Minilites159 viewsNow if this wheel was available in 17-19" range wouldn't it complement the D3 especially if it had a nice Cooper STT tyre wrapped around it.
Mt Tamborine.jpg
Mt Tamborine - panorama174 viewsPhotos taken on run into northern New South Wales - Hang gliders launch from here. Compiled from 5 images stitched with AutoStitch, a freeware application in development - superb application that requires little input other than reasonably good images.
Mt Tambourine - April 06.jpg
Mt Tamborine - April 06182 viewsStopped opposite where hang gliders launch at Mt Tambourine - see also the panorama taken in opposite direction.
No Standing.jpg
Parking Near Saleyards at Warwick151 viewsPrompted by the photo of generous parking at Walmart (USA), see how we do it in Australia. Trick, your vehicle must be narrower than about 100mm or a 2 dimensional facsimile only.
Spotted in FNQ193 viewsOne of about 10 D3s spotted whilst I was in NQ this last month.

Same basic spec and colour as mine - BUT also from the same dealer in Southport!
Pat_s Alfa 156.jpg
Alfa 156140 viewsOur 'other car' - not to be used on off road situations or 'She, who it is best to obey' gets mad at me. The evidence on the underbelly is a dead giveaway.
Powerchip australia - TDV6 upgrade.pdf
Powerchip Australia - TDV6 Gold Upgrade190 viewsFrom an Aussie company that has advertised in motoring magazines for the last 8-10 years that I can recall. The cost is $AUD1491 (~596GBP). Does anyone know anything about them?

Booklet shows engine chart comparing standard with Powerchip's Gold 'chip'.
Huh?146 viewsPhoto that informs drivers that there are speed limits (50km/h) in built-up areas of Queensland. Sign was about the size of the car and traffic on this road was minimal. Wondered if the powers that be had only one size sign and whether there was a procedure that stated that the sign must be placed so that you couldn't miss seeing it as you entered this part of Queensland.
Sliding Load Floor.pdf
Sliding Floor - Accessory206 views
TDv6 oil dip stick.jpg
TDv6 Oil dip stick267 viewsPhoto shows oil level on rear stick (cleaned front stick). Note that diesel oil when fresh may not be black like the sample shown (car had travelled 5 000km on delivery oil). You can see small indentations in both sticks. This is where I observe the current oil level. Note also the two arrows at either end of the red plastic indicators showing lower and upper limits (I do not know what the red ball is for however - it just may be a guide.)
Terrain Response dials explained.pdf
Terrain Response Dial Explained403 viewsSource - I've forgotten - but still useful as it describes a bit more than the manual.
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