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A ditch...317 viewsAnd an enthusiast driver...
The Thing !288 viewsGuess where it was build ? Let me just tell you that it does not rain so often then than here...
Heavy vehicle and soft ground...317 views... Results were predictable. We got it out with the help of another Nyala.
On patrol276 viewsPrecarious perch for my Geko 201...
Deep mud 2324 viewsThe ground was quite muddy as all the water from uphill was going through there ont its way to the lake... So, "Of course, it was a good place to reverse !" ;-)
Stuck in mud...293 viewsHeavy mud and Russian APC (BTR 80 for discerning connoisseurs...)
Help needed...347 viewsThe BTR is a good tractor... 8 wheels seems to help...
Potholes...313 views... And enthusiastic divers makes for a lot of "vibrations" which explains why I need a strong GPS holder...
A nice piece of kit...341 viewsOne piece of kit I bought for myself. A backpack big enough for one of those 17" MacBook Pro from Apple which does also possess some solar panels to recharge the batteries in my Treo, my BT GPS or iPod. Convenient for when I am NOT in the car... Here the background is an armored Toyota... No Landies around ! :-(
Yes, this was a road...295 viewsGoing uphill...
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