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Radio location524 viewsMy remote head UHF CB mounted on the front of the ashtray, ham HF/VHF/UHF remote head radio mounted on a block in the coin tray and my GPS on a turned wooden block in the cup holder. Both radios are under tha driver and passenger seat and the antenna for the GPS is suction mounted inside the windscreen.
Antenna Mount450 viewsBracket mounted using existing holes behind the grill. The design of this bracket is listed elsewhere.
UHF CB370 viewsGME TX3400 UHF CB remote head mounted on the front of the ashtray.
A piece of wood was turned to fit the cup holder to mount the GPS
UHF CB427 viewsThe remote head of the GME TX3400 was mounted on the front of the ashtray after unclipping the ashtray facia. The head is very light, double sided tape was used plus 1 screw to hold it.
Ham Radio448 viewsThe remote head of the Icom IC706 mounted on a block of wood shaped to fit the coin holder. This is an HF, VHF and UHV transceiver.
Ham Radio442 viewsThe remote head of an Icom IC706 was mounted on a piece of wood shaped to fit into the coin holder. This is quite a tight fit and does not shake loose. The radio is mounted under the driver seat.
Antenna Mount438 viewsA light dual band VHF/UHF antenna mounted on an 3mm x 25 alloy bracket
Antenna Bracket381 viewsThis was bent from a piece of 3mm x 25mm alloy flat bar. I used automotive grade double sided tape and two screws to fasten it. I have a dual band VHF/UHF antenna on this bracket
Antenna mount449 viewsBrackets fastened behind the grill using existing holes
Headlight Protector378 views
Headlight Protector Top Fixing376 views
Headlight Protector333 views
Getting Warmer520 viewsHeading North out of the cold! Mrs anthill and Oliver
Toy Disco479 views270 tonne payload Haulpack dwarves the Disco. Newman Western Australia
Mud Flap 1.JPG
Aussie Spec Rear Mudflap364 views
Mud Flap 2.JPG
Aussie Spec Rear Mudflap313 views
Picture 003.jpg
Wild Flowers340 viewsWreath Flowers
Picture 016.jpg
Caravan connection412 views
Picture 049.jpg
Mount Nameless - Tom Price357 viewsHighest 4WD access in Western Australia
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