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0000 LR Bluetooth dealer Kit install instructions1330 viewsThis 17 page pdf is mostly a series of pictures showing how to install the original Land Rover dealer installed Bluetooth kit for circa 2005 / 2006 three's. Also included are three wiring diagrams sheets related to the pairing code 0000 Bluetooth install.

This pdf is useful if you are now removing the 0000 kit to install the optical 2121 MOST D4 module, an easier install than the 0000 kit ever was.
749 viewsNew control rod is carbonfibre/fibreglass hollow tube, with a rubber grommet fitted to one end (screwed and epoxy-ed) and steel rod bent into shape at the other (epoxy-ed).
46 viewsD44 front winch bumper. Ali washer bottle. D44 rear h/d bumper. centre diff lock. 235x85x16 pirelli muds. OME +2" springs & shocks. front diff guard. side tree bars. wired for roof CB. Aux fuse block. safari snorkel. extended wading tubes. the list goes on...
find relay 7 in engine compartment fuse / relay box 755 views
Burnt seat pad/ heating element17 viewsYou can see where the rod has broken and breached the heating element
Navigation/Video screen fits perfectly379 views
Rear / Standard Links / Standard Height233 views
Front / Standard Links / Standard Height.347 views
Clearance to top arm - approx 10mm. Standard Links / Standard Height.200 views
Windshield heating / defrosting168 views
A look alike G4 from 2008 119 viewsA look alike G4 from 2008 (for sale in Holland)
A look alike G4 from 2008107 viewsA look alike G4 from 2008 (for sale in Holland)
A look alike G4 from 2008117 viewsA look alike G4 from 2008
A look alike G4 form 2008127 viewsA look alike G4 from 2008 (for sale in Holland)
A look alike G4 from 2008115 viewsA look alike G4 from 2008 (for sale in Holland)
Got Married!227 viewsOccasionally the car does get a clean/polish, this was a special occasion :-)
Bastervoetpad pass 25/12/20152 viewsPart of 8 passes route Northern Eastern Cape near Rhodes/Ugie
255/55/19 goodyear mtr52 views
03 Changing the flat.jpg
03 First bit of tyre/wheel trouble243 viewsIn the outback a tyre suddenly blew. "No worries" we thought, as we had 3 spares (+ two more if we abandoned the trailer), 150l of water, 3 days of food, and an EPIRB if things got really bad. At the time I didn\'t fully appreciate the fact that my index got a blister from the burning heat of one of the wheel nuts. It was 45 deg C at the time, so everything was hot.
03 Changing the flat~0.jpg
03 The first bit of tyre/wheel problem249 viewsSomewhere in the Australian outback on a 45 deg C day in Jan 08, a D3 had a bit of a flat tyre problem. "No worries, mate" st we had 3 spares (plus 2 more if we abandon the trailer), 150l of water, 4 days of food, and an EPIRB if things really go crook. The first clue that this was not a "normal" flat was when I handled a wheel nut and ended up with a blister from a burning hot nut (the ambient wasn\'t THAT hot).
0309cell pics 108.jpg
03/0927 views
04 Unusual Flat Tyre.jpg
04 Damaged Tyre300 viewsYes, there\'s no doubt that this was a flat tyre. The ultra hot wheel nuts, look of the flat (note in a later photo that the back of the tyre appeared okay) and increased fuel consumption should have been a clue, but it was 45 deg C, and we had been doing about 105 km/hr on a dirt road for hours, so we just assumed it was a flat = WRONGO!
Maxxis Bighorn 265/70/17115 views
05 That is indeed a flat tyre.jpg
05 No doubt the tyre is flat273 viewsThis is the view of the flat tyre. Again, didn\'t think it anything more than a "normal" explosive blowout, as the tyre was about 90% worn, we were heavily loaded, it was 45 deg C, and driving 105 km/ho on a rough dirt road in the outback.
19" Black HSE Alloys/Tyres58 views
07 Back of flat tyre is ok.jpg
07 Back side of failed tyre339 viewsThis is the back of the blown tyre. It looks like any other worn tyre which has run a bit while flat. Note that we were running on wider 19" RRS wheels (have 4 19" MTRs + 1 old A/T on the original 5 wheels). Also have a rear-mount spare tyre holder which is really convenient with the wider rim and the fact that the tyre was still hot (it had some melted rubber on the other side!!)
kitchenette it is.897 viewsEjoying Baguette, Saucison sec and of course Fois Gras.
Ensuite or presidential suite ?1193 views
Freelander trying hard.106 viewsStill not stuck but getting there. In the end pulled it out with a Defender. Picture taken at Offroad-Training in Linthe/Germany
Still trying to prove it can hold up101 viewsFreelander not stuck - yet :)Picture taken at Offroad-Training in Linthe/Germany
Same holes as the disco, took a picture from the right side. Picture taken at Offroad-Training in Linthe/Germany111 views
Not stuck - only got out to take a picture :) Picture taken at Offroad-Training in Linthe/Germany140 views
Receiver for toy rack36 viewsSensor bar was made of same heavy tube that the carrier was made from allowing a small 1 1/4" receiver to be placed on it for a multitude of toy racks of my choice. Rack adjust in and out of receiver.
A few mods later26 viewsPro-Speed rock/tree sliders
LED side lights
LED interior lights
10 ICE Loom LR.jpg
10 ICE Loom - Drivers kick ICE Loom / Dash Loom connector86 views
10 Voice Mic 4 LR.jpg
10 Telephone / Voice Mic Plugs70 views
Riding around the local 4X4 speed track817 viewsthe 12 heures de St Pée are held here once a year.
S/steel bullbar53 views
D3 new Wheels 77 views
new Boots 75 views
bit of water69 viewsdidnt think it was so deep. I got my feet a little wet. Car is still running and it also survived this and is still in use now. Bet a Disco 3/4 wouldn't work after this.
Door latch Drvs O/S25 viewsFreelander 2 door latch.
255/60/18 Bridgestone HP sport50 views
Busted tire/tyre401 views
Radio location534 viewsMy remote head UHF CB mounted on the front of the ashtray, ham HF/VHF/UHF remote head radio mounted on a block in the coin tray and my GPS on a turned wooden block in the cup holder. Both radios are under tha driver and passenger seat and the antenna for the GPS is suction mounted inside the windscreen.
13 Thank goodness for a spare hammer.jpg
13 How to care for tools302 viewsWhat happened to the sledge hammer after 2 hours of beating my seized and cracked disk/park brake assembly to bits. Now down to 1 hammer remaining. At least by this time it was getting cooler (down to 40 deg C)
L/R sump guard33 views
Thirteen Up82 views4 MTR\'s and 4 Sport 255/55 19\'s inside, One 18" Type 2 Mark 1 underneath and 4 18" Type 2 Mark 2\'s on the road
Thread upload102 viewsImage uploaded in thread 92365

Chinese garbage knock off stolen from ARB / Rigid
16 Everything knocked off wheel.jpg
16 All the remains of a D3\'s parking brake369 viewsAfter 4 hours of hammering, finally removed the disk/park brake drum, and nearly all the parking brake bits fell to the ground. Cut rhe remaining brake cable loose as it was wrapped around the hub and a bit melted. Also having 2 jacks + 2 jack stands will support 4 hrs of hammering on the side of my D3.
18 Time to start driving slowly with 3 brakes.jpg
18 Brake "repairs" finished at sunset293 viewsWe just finished the repair at sunset and were driving slowly with 3 brakes. Oddly the D3 didn\'t behave any differently at 50 km/hr than it did normally. We had 4 instances of hitting the (3) skids for kangaroos before arriving in Wilcannia 3 hrs later. The brake light warning was making very distinctive noises and flashing randomly, though.
D4 HSE Baltic Blue with 255/55/19 General AT Tyres80 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue with 255/55/19 General AT Tyres248 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue with 255/55/19 General AT Tyres247 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue with 255/55/19 General AT Tyres79 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue with 255/55/19 General AT Tyres341 views
1GB 002.JPG
This is a normal H7 HID bulb installed in a BMW headlight to show glare above cut off line96 viewsThis is what the light pattern is that causes glare in most retofit applications including some projector lights. this is in fact a projector headlight on a BMW but the old projectors were only actually half projectors and half reflective bowls. the beam pattern should be clean cut like this ___/
1 General Information, Identification Codes and Jacking and Lifting5 viewsPart 1 of Discovery 3/4 Workshop Manual - General Information, Identification Codes and Jacking and Lifting
New 295/45R20 114V XL Hankook Ventus ST tyres fitted on 20" RRS Supercharged 20" Alloys123 views
20060407 scania_143m.jpg
172 viewsFrom
Base Spec Radio/CD2415 views
N/S Kickpanel wiring harness for AUX input4197 views
2010 Calender Entry350 viewsNeVeTaS & Tony686 - Kings Forest Suffolk
Oil leak on autobox/engine67 views
97 viewsAll 4 switches in place.
Driver's side switches are:
. Parking sensors master switch
. Reverse camera off/on/reverse-tiggered
Passenger side switches are:
. CarPC off/on/ignition-triggered
. 12V Regulator off/on/ignition-triggered
usb/ipod connector 262 views
usb/ipod connector 52 views
most connector with 4 pin plug for usb/ipod module 53 views
2012-05-20 15.12.37.jpg
Sump guard 1/413 views
2012-05-30 17.34.30.jpg
Sump guard 4/416 views
2012-05-30 17.34.37.jpg
Sump guard 3/414 views
2012-05-30 17.35.01.jpg
Sump guard 2/413 views
Custom Shim Assortment604 viewsMfd from
2012-12-20 17.03.22.jpg
BFG MUD Terrain KM2 245/70/1760 views
2012-12-21 11.04.30.jpg
Duratrac 265/70R1757 views
G4 kayak kit --7.5cm / 3 inch 34 views
25 views10 Spoke 18" with 255/60/18 AT2
Bee-sting 1/4 wave VHF antenna24 views
Set tappetini Land Rover per Discovery 3/4.18 viewsSet tappetini Land Rover per Discovery 3/4.
2013-05-10 14.06.37.png
Fuel Consumption 05/1319 views
2013-05-13 18.32.14.jpg
Hidden winch 12000 Disco 4 /2151 views
2013-05-13 20.02.19.jpg
Hidden winch 12000 Disco 4 /3133 views
snapped cv joint n/s/f87 views
h rating tyres 19/20"21 viewsfound it at last. knew I had seen H rated in LR manual for 19/20"
Terratrip 202 V4 possible discrete location118 viewsAttached to ashtray - allowing removal / unplugging when not in use by pulling out the ashtray.
Terratrip is an odometer for use in rallies / raids - very popular with the French when used in conjunction with a roadbook. A mechanical backup in case GPS signal is lost on modern odometers like the Globe 800 I propose to use.
We'll see if there are reflection issues from the screen.
what plant17 viewswant to find out what this plant is and how best to control / remove it from garden
osram fog/drl's72 views
Locking Kit569 viewsready to install
Mfd from
Thread upload173 viewsLR Disco 3 SE Buckingham Blue. along with our Coachman 535/4 caravan.
238 viewsLabtronx Aerial mount
Reverse Camera/ from My 2013/14 close up9 views
Deka 9A49 AGM Intimidator244 viewsThe Deka 9A49 AGM Intimidator makes an excellent primary battery alternative to the factory or Interstate. Made in US of premium quality. This is an excellent match with the Traxide system w/another Deka or Yellow Top optima.

This will behave properly in your D3/4 LR3 with slightly less wear and tear on your alternator.
solar roof install387 viewsMore or less wrapped up my solar installation today. I added a Grape Solar Flex 100W panel, it's adequate to keep the vehicle topped off with the Fridge running, and Ham, but it could lose some ground if transmitting depending on how much, 2 would be awesome. One is enough, but barely. I am quite impressed with the Grape Solar flex panel version 2.0.
low profile solar panel170 viewsThe low profile solar panel, can be seen here, as the fine white line under the light bar. The way it's laid out, the panel should generate decent power between 10am and 4pm depending on the time of year, from the sides or front, with no shadows. Grape Solar 100W flex panel.
Traxide USI-160 Install398 viewsOverview picture of Traxide USI-160 upgrade install. This was an upgrade from the SC80 which performed flawlessly. The USI-160 had two relays and can deliver more amperage. As a result, the wiring was upgraded to 4/0 Welding Cable (warn) and heat shielding was added. The unit performs flawlessly to support 2 HAM Radios, Fridge, etc. Like me
Winch Power upgrade257 viewsUsing 2 warn kits, and removing one of the wires to use on another project. The purpose was to replace the power and ground wire. I used Warn kits, which are 4/0 Welding cable. The original red #4 warped from getting a little too worn. The 2nd
Battery #1 Deka 9A94 AGM Intimidator, Battery #2 Deka 9A47 AGM Intimidator WARN 36080 28" Quick Connect Cable X 2, WARN 26405 Quick Connect Cable 7' X 2, WARN 15901 Black Cable X 1 -- winch control 72" X 1
Rigid SR2 40" combo90 views
discrete winch mount355 viewsThe D44 winch mount on the trails. Like it on Facebook
4.4 L Petrol Engine172 viewsIntake removed on V8 4.4L Petrol Engine to remove hose with T in it.
plse like my facebook page
Snomaster 40L fridge/freezer100 viewsPO
Snomaster 40L fridge/freezer112 viewsPO
Snomaster 40L fridge/freezer146 viewsPO
Snomaster 40L fridge/freezer146 views(c)
Rhino Hitch162 viewsRhino hitch
Rhino Hitch179 viewsRhino Hitch
66L 129 views66L Fridge Freezer running in 90F heat.
Rhino Hitch331 viewsCover fitted over the 75A Anderson plug with Rhino Hitch fitted which is a Class IV hitch.

Fits the Disco 3, Disco 4 and Range Rover Sport
Rhino Hitch246 views
Rhino Hitch341 viewsMore info from
Snomaster 40L fridge/freezer171 views(c)
Victory Cup Polo Match97 viewsVictory Cup Bi Plane Polo Match2 viewsLand Rover event at Victory Cup Polo match 10/17/15.

VIP Section by Texas Rovers and Land Rover Austin and
Victory Cup Bi Plane Polo Match77 viewsLand Rover event at Victory Cup Polo match 10/17/15.

VIP Section by Texas Rovers and Land Rover Austin and
Transfer box drain/fill21 views
Rear Diff drain/fill22 views
new battery, exide EA1000 / 100Ah/900A7 viewsImage uploaded in thread 177818
20Yokos front-1.JPG
20\'s with 265/50 Yokohams475 views
On Stormers with 265/50x20 111W Yokohama Advan ST\'s542 views
F/N/S383 views
R/O/S318 views
256-50 clearance.JPG
265/50x20 clerance pic355 views
D3 LowLine 1CD/Tuner29 views
Land Rover Stop Tail Light dual filament bulb nominal 12 volt 21 / 5 watt filaments1299 viewsThis is the Land Rover part number 264590 dual filament bulb, (P21/5), that inserts into the upper two tail lamp receptacles. In the upper one, both filaments function, in the lower one, only the 5 watt tail light filament functions.

I regard it as not a good practice to routinely switch bulbs when the tail light filament, (5 watt), burns out on the lower bulb. The broken filament can jiggle over onto the brake light filament, (21 watt), and short the circuit to ground or something else not predicable.

There are also arguments to say that quality control is better on the Land Rover marketed bulbs than say far east sourced bulbs. Filament construction, and hence resistance can vary and mislead the current sensing circuits monitoring the signal light systems. Also when the bulbs are properly installed, all filaments should be standing vertically and not at any slope.

These are the sort of obscure circumstances that can lead to false trouble messages on the display, dropping to the stops, and subsequent concerns - all over a tail/signal light bulb.

For example, the filament life of both the tail light and the brake light filaments in the P21/5 bulb is significantly less than the USA common 1157 dual filament bulb, (1000/250 vs 5000/1200 hours); brightness in the P21/5 is a bit more, (3cp/35cp vs 3cp/32cp where cp is candle power), but current consumption is oddly less, (0.44a/1.86a vs 0.59a/2.10a where a is amps). It is the quest for efficiency vs maintenance trade off.
265-50 front.JPG
265/50x20 fronts426 views
265-50 rear.JPG
265/50x20 rear489 views
Ruote LR023736 con Continental 265/50R2021 views
Ruote LR023736 con Continental 265/50R2028 views
My new slider/steps267 views
My new slider/steps - sideview offside260 views
My new slider/steps - nearside141 views
27th feb 2012 005.JPG
compound polish 27/02/2013139 views
29130514RC13 viewsOutlander PHEV 10/13 Fitting instructions
Electric wiring kit for towbars / 13-pin / 12 Volt / ISO 11446
3 GPS 2 LR.jpg
3 GPS/Telephone Pre drilled Holes60 views
bottle with H/L washer pump and leveling sensor to the right - the space on the far right is for the w/screen pump83 views
3mrockguard 6.jpg
Mud/rock scrapes.177 viewsWhat happens when you lean the car on a mud wall.
3 Point Hitch on Series 90130 viewsUsually one sees the Series units with just a conventional field plow hooked to a drawbar hitch, tractor style. This jpg however is the full meal deal - a 3 point hitch, probably off a Fordson tractor, in the long tradition of Ford/Land Rover cooperation.
4 pin flat trailer connector with wire colours.jpg
4 pin NAS flat connector from NAS small trailer347 viewsThe connector with the three exposed pins is the end that would commonly be located at the trailer hitch end, (front), of a small NAS lightweight trailer that has no electric brakes. This plug would connect into the flat 4 pin connector at the rear of the 3.

Note the order of the pin functions and wire colours: White is ground; the next pin is for tail/marker lights using the Brown wire; the Yellow conductor is for the left turn signal, and the far pin uses the Green conductor for the right turn signal.

There is no separate brake light conductor as NAS spec vehicles most often combine the brake and signal light functions to the same bulb filament rather separate filaments in different bulbs. The LR factory harness resolves that design difference.

Fortunately, the Land Rover NAS assembly pin order for the 4 pin flat plug maintains the above described conventions.
Air Distribution and Filtering Systems1690 viewsThis is 3 page pdf with coloured drawings of the air distribution ducting for the front air system.

Also included is a sketch of the pollen filter location within the front heater ducting. Note that two types of filters are available: a) the cheaper dust/pollen filter and b), the activated carbon filter that removes smells from the air. Installing the more expensive activated carbon filter means you never smell a cattle truck or chicken farm again. It really works.
143 viewsAlmond/Arabica trim
121 viewsAlmond/Arabica trim
4x4 Reliability Comparison - 201121 viewsTaken from Warranty direct survey / reliability index.
5 ICE Loom LR.jpg
5 ICE Loom - Location of pre fitted Voice / Speed pulse connector67 views
501-12-cool-box install instructions / german language62 viewsCool Box Discovery 4 installation instructions - german version
D4/LR4 501-12-floor console upper panel install instructions / german language62 viewsD4/LR4 501-12-floor console upper panel install instructions / german language
6 ICE Loom LR.jpg
6 ICE Loom - Voice / Telephone & speed pule connector65 views
rrs n/s6 views
7 Voice Mic 1 LR.jpg
7 Voice / Telephone Mic Cable - pre fitted in roof69 views
Rubbing Strips
8 Voice Mic 2 LR.jpg
8 Where Voice / Telephone Mic goes64 views
Shift Lock Solenoid Problems14 viewsHow to repair and/or get home when the solenoid fails
A partially ground bolt.JPG
A-bar versions.jpg
A-Bar Varients218 viewsWinch Version on Left / Non-Winch Version on Right
Antenna Mount443 viewsA light dual band VHF/UHF antenna mounted on an 3mm x 25 alloy bracket
Antenna Bracket386 viewsThis was bent from a piece of 3mm x 25mm alloy flat bar. I used automotive grade double sided tape and two screws to fasten it. I have a dual band VHF/UHF antenna on this bracket
A:C Compressor.pdf
A/C Compressor22 views
ABS/ECT & Adaptice Cruise Menu in the Faultmate FCR87 views
Accident Damage Rear Left.JPG
Rear left101 viewsDamage to car after ~60km/h rear end collision
Accident Damage Rear Right.JPG
Rear right92 viewsDamage to car after ~60km/h rear end collision
Accident Damage Rear.JPG
Rear109 viewsDamage to car after ~60km/h rear end collision
fiat service / mot7 views
Aerial Fin Image_20061020 (2).pdf
Land Rover Aerial Fin images for both Glass and Metal Roof Disco3 / LR3735 viewsAs well as the two different fins, this pdf also shows the plastic blanking plate for glass roof vehicles where no fin is installed.

The glass roof fin is secured by two security screws from the top into a plastic frangible glue on gasket. The hope is that when struck, the fin will shear off and not crack the glass roof. Re the metal roof design, the fin is secured from underneath via two nuts.

The pdf also shows the various electrical bits related to the antennas. In the UK, the fin would house not only a cell phone antenna but the TV and satellite radio antenna electronics as well; in the States, the Sirius sat radio antenna and a G type cell phone antenna if the phone kit was installed would reside within the fin. The SAT NAV GPS antenna is located within the High Mount Brake Light plastic mounted to the upper rear hatch.
Aerial Fin Image_20061020 (2)~0.pdf
Fin cell phone aerial drawing177 viewsThe factory aerial for the factory NAV / GPS on my 2005 HSE is within the high mounted stop light lens at the top of the upper hatch door. I do not have the factory installed phone kit, and as such, do not have the fin installed; instead there is just a plastic blanking insert to fill the cell phone aerial wiring hole in the metal portion of the roof; hence this requirement for an "external" cell antenna. For those that do have the fin on their glass roof, the fin is screwed on to a glued on plastic gasket, (sort of), and not bolted thru as per the metal roof 3's.
Lunchtime Lane195 viewsNot 200 yards from Manchester Airport can be found a little 1/2 mile lane - did it for the first time today - a few minutes fun in a dreary day
FOR SALE - ONE OFF Land Rover Disco 3 36 viewsOne of a kind Landrover Discovery TDV6 HSE LUX Model 5 door automatic 4x4 diesel evo blue. Upgrades: sidesteps, roof rails, privacy glass, front and rear heated seats/elec seats, landrover tv and headphones, 7 seater black leather, piano black dash/steering wheel, built in fridge, 6 disc changer, sat nav and bluetooth, harman kardon premium entertainment pack, by-xenon adaptive headlights , cruise control and front and rear park distance control, panoramic electric glass roof, 22inch alloy wheels, body kit
Alternator female plug looking down into top289 viewsThis shows the plug connected to the alternator wiring harness looking down into the top of the plug.

The cavity marked 1 is the AS or BATT SENSE and the wire colour most likely has Brown/Green on it.
The cavity marked 2 is the RC or ALT CON and the wire colour most likely has Red/White on it.
The cavity marked 3 is the L1 or ALT MON and the wire colour likely has Green/White on it.

I say "most likely" as the wire colours are not always the same on all vehicles.
Also the terminal 1 conductor destination is more likely C0570-175 rather than per the jpg.

The #3 pin is located closest to the big B+ terminal.
Archos and Snow 011.jpg
The cam with microphone/control buttons178 views
Pirelli ATR44 viewsPirelli ATR's and MT/R used in Rugby World Cup
15 views23867km March/September 2010 - The Nullarbour, Pilbra, Kimberley, Gregory NP, The Centre
Aux Battery vent 8.jpg
BCI Group 40R Deka 640RMF battery showing vent hose run forward to windshield washer reservoir area 1335 viewsRecessed post "Euro profile" battery to "match" OEM and stock Land Rover bracket; note that the Traxide SC80-LR module is mounted at an angle to allow for the main cable to sit under the cover so cover still closes.
The battery is a nominal 7", (180mm), high, but sits on a 1" battery spacer set under to raise the bottom front end of the battery such that the approx 11", (290 mm), length of the BCI 40R battery rises above the angled plastic nibs at the forward end bottom of the case front; hence sufficient space, (1/4", 5mm) remains at the brake reservoir end.

Also the 40R battery does not have hold down "flanges" on each end; on the sides yes, but not the ends so no additional length is required.

When I had to replace the 40R, this time I installed the shorter, (9.625"), taller, (7.5") Interstate BCI 47 / DIN H5 battery which eliminated the spacer on the bottom and better fit the stock LR tie down bolt lengths. Deka also has a BCI 47 / DIN H5 that would work fine as well.
141 viewsAux Cover R/Hand
B10 2012 Model with Rotties.jpg
TransK9/B10 in Discovery 437 views
K9/B10 Dog Crate110 views
TransK9/B10 in Discovery 431 views
TransK9/B10 in Toyota LC24 views
TransK9/B12 in Discovery 4 32 views
TransK9/B24 in Discovery 4 with storage43 views
TransK9/B24 in Discovery 4 with 6th seat in use35 views
10 viewsTransK9/B24 with Lola the Dalmation!
16 viewsTransK9/B24 with fully grown Boxer
13 viewsTransK9/B24 with Boxer
B8 in Disco 4 - email copy.JPG
TransK9/B8 in Discovery 494 viewsTransK9/B8 in Discovery 4
TransK9/B8 in Discovery 4 with storage47 views
113 viewsRunning a 72L fridge on 100W solar with some driving. Conditions, overcast with some occasional sun. Overnight on Battery power.
LTZ20 viewsCooper Zeon LTZ 255/55/19
BFGoodrich MT KM2 tread pattern.jpg
Tread pattern of BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 in LT245/70R17119 views
255/75 R17 BFG MT 97 viewsAccess height with shortened rods & spacers
Bling Bling.jpg
Chrome1416 viewsCerberus 20" Chrome rims with Pirelli Scorpio Zero Asymetrico 295/40/20
BMW X5 17" Wheel 77 viewsBMW X5 17" V-Spoke wheel with BFG MT 255/75 R17
Forest of Dean Wild Boar at Blakeney Straits / Wenchford Picnic Site66 views
This definitely needs investigating.....170 viewsI had already picked this BOAT out on the O/S map but now I\'ve seen it in the flesh, it needs to be investigated
OLD VERSION - Bodsy's Brake Bible v 1.610431 viewsUSE Version 1.6a
Clarified EPB shoe instructions & corrected references to other sections. Added paypal donations information (requested by users of the guide.) Internationalised wheel location references by removing UK based reference to OS/NS, replaced with physical Front Left or Front Right descriptions.
Bodykit front / Evoque 20" Wheels78 views
o/s/f14 views
o/s15 views
n/s/f14 views
Black Deposits to interior of Brake Light Switch2627 viewsThere are two contacts, one on each side of the vertical plunger under the copper metal. The set of normally open contacts on the left side that carries the power for the brake light filaments, (15 amp fuse F15P), is apparently not heavy enough as the contacts deteriorate and generate the black residue.

The set of normally closed contacts on the other side appear to be sized OK. There is not as much current, (5 amp fuse F66P), flowing thru the contacts to the ABS module, however the contacts are likely adversely affected by the black residue produced by the other deteriorating set of contacts.

One presumes/hopes that the newer replacement switch now has contacts heavy enough to carry the brake light power. It would be ideal if the ABS set of contacts were sealed from the brake light contacts to prevent contamination of the normally closed set of contacts.
Brake Switch Visible thru Opening4602 viewsThe blue and white bit is the switch; the sort of gold appearing box,(it is really black), you will not see in your 3 as it is a Smooth Talker brand amplifier for my Blackberry phone antenna. This install is detailed in the SmoothTalker phone antenna section of my gallery.

One way to remove and install the switch is to lower the "horizontal" panel above the brake pedal as shown where the flashlight head is located. To actually remove the switch, you slide your hand thru the gap and rotate the switch clockwise 1/4 turn while watching thru the rectangular opening. Installation of the new switch is the reverse of above - 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

Before you remove the switch, note its orientation - horizontal with electrical wires to the left. That is the way it should look after replacement as well.

The second time I replaced the switch, I did it all thru the rectangular opening and did not remove the horizontal panel - that is experience helping out.

The knee kick you have to remove regardless. It is sort of hinged at the bottom so you just pull at the top and sort of rotate the knee panel and then pull upwards for two plastic "fingers" to clear the slots they reside in.
Smooth Talker Amplifier Box mounted below near steering column.169 viewsThe gold look box due to the lighting, (actually black), is the antenna amplifier located near the steering column. It can be put anyway but this seemed an OK location as I ran the antenna connector cable rearward from here to the back corner of the 3 and then up to the underside of the roof glass at the rear. The blue/white thing is the brake light switch that often must be replaced. See the Brake Light Switch file within this Gallery regarding the switch replacement.
Black Deposits on Brake Light Switch Plunger2572 viewsThis jpg I got off another forum and is typical of what one will see when one opens up the removed brake light switch. The black powder is residue from arcing of one of the pair of contacts within.

Hopefully the newer switches with the FOMOCO logo moulded into the plastic are improved from the Land Rover logo marked early units, however I doubt it.

The Ford part number is SW-6572 and/or 7E5Z-13480-A as used on the 2006 to 2009 Ford Fusion's and Mercury Milan's; the Land Rover part number is XKB500110. Cost of switch could be about twenty five dollars. A previous LR part number for the switch was XKB500030, so hopefully the newer LR part number, XKB500110, reflects some improvement in reliability.

It is possible that the new switches are better as I installed a replacement 72,000 km, (45,000 miles) later, at 195,000 km (121,000 miles). When I took the removed switch apart to inspect, it was clean inside. There was no black dust - the switch looked like new, hence they must be improved now.
Vertical Breather Hose before cutting off OEM cap.1566 viewsThis shows the plastic vertical breather tubing and OEM cap prior to being cut off. The tubing is located on the driver side at the front near the radiator. One cuts about 3/4" to 1" off from the top. The TSB says 20mm.

I tried blowing thru the cut off piece and was not very successful. The cap seemed plugged. I am beginning to think that there was a very good reason for Land Rovers's Technical Service Bulletin, (TSB).
T-Max Adventurer 160lt/min Compressor too big for spare battery slot70 views
Camera Control Module D451 viewsHarness connection detail, camera module, located beneath L/H passenger side front seat UK D4 spec 2012.
Can Bus10 views0s - Start of trace
5s - unlock 1
10s - ignition on (In-I-II)
30s - ignition off (II-I-Out)

Non accurate timings - +/- ~2s.
Cape York 201135 views12969km May/August 2011 - Cairns, Cape York, Longreach, Birdsville
Capodanno Assisi 31-12-2008 128 - 01 gen 2009 - 128 [1280x768].JPG
La Rocca di Assisi - Italy85 viewsLa Rocca di Assisi - Italy
Central Door Locking Operation Description1337 viewsThis 17 page pdf explains how the door locks are supposed to operate. Note that on page 9/17, the explanation of the operation of the hood ajar switch is wrong. It operates similar to the door and tailgate ajar switches; that is when a "door" is closed, the switch is closed to maintain a ground back to the CJB. Opening the hood, door, or tailgate removes the ground breaking the circuit and hence allows for an alarm condition.
RHS view371 viewsSHows the Front Runner (SA) slimline windcheetah rack which is immensely strong. Takes my 110kg (oh gawd, I must get back on the diet and exercise regime) tramping over it when loading/unloading gear without a problem. Fittings are simply fixed or removed, and IMO very well designed and made. IPF 800 series driving and spots fitted to the front of the rack. IPF cam/reversing fitted each side and to rear of rack for negotiating rocky wadis at night. The G4 stickers were bought off E-bay as a set.
Rear end294 viewsLocally made wheel covers. LH is zipped from bottom to top to fit over registration plate with zip fasteners top and bottom. Rear IPF Reversing /camp lights on rack linked to reverse light circuit.
Load space365 viewsShows the SA Front Runner Wolfpack stacking plastic storage boxes that I keep laod straps etc in and the 2nd is tool kit, spare belts, jerry can funnel and tools, plus airline and tyre inflator/deflaotr for ARB on-board compressor, HD jump leads. ARB Winch pack (Orange)with strops, snatch blocks, shackles, gloves, and 2 ARB recovery dampers. Really great 4x4 1st Aid kit from Outdoors warehouse in SA. LRs own loadspace guard - not the best design if you want to store a long load. Mods to be carried out!
Long Ranger auxilairy fuel tank pump switch and tank gauge307 viewsFitted to the right of the air vent thumbwheel, the neat combination switch and gauge take sup no room at all. Switch locks on or off, but no pump running warning lamp! Contents of the tank are indicated by 5 LEDS, 4 green and 1 red for full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and empty. Pump transfer rate of just 2 litres p/min is disappointing. I transfer on the move when main tank is at 1/4.
LR towing electrics pack 12N/12S312 viewsThe LR trailer electrics fitted before the Kaymar bumper and spare wheel carriers required no modifications are perfectly accessible. Good strong recovery point between the sockets too. The swing awau wheel carrier securing latches can be seen quite clearly here. Long Ranger tank (painted black) nestles where orignal spare was fitted.
2009 MY?237 viewsThe wheelarches, door sills, and door mirror bodies have all been sprayed to match the body colour. Same as 2009 MY? I think this looks really good, and is so much easier to keep clean than the textured plastic that suffered badly out here from dust/dirt ingraining and UV discolouration.
Kumho KL71 265/70/17 + Kaymar bar204 views
Clip out.png
Remove Clip915 viewsRemoving the air box/EGR butterfly housing securing clip
Clockspring Connector.JPG
Clock Spring / Rotary Coupler Connector from horn controls206 views
Halogen/HID comparison78 views
Cooling system hoses - 4.4L petrol V81025 viewsThese are the cooling system hoses on the 4.4L petrol V8. The little odd shaped bleeder hose, (LR006158), shown in the top right hand corner can give problems. There is a plastic tee with a threaded air bleeder outlet located in the middle of the hose. The plastic tee can or will fail due to I guess heat distress.

A BIC pen can serve as a field fix, however for your parts kit, a nominal 3/8" ID hose size brass hose barb inline connector plus a couple of hose clamps is suggested. Better yet is a threaded hose barb brass coupling or a tee and bleeder valve to allow bleeding of the line. Land Rover now makes the plastic bleeder valve that breaks available as a separate part, # LR027661, where 0 is a zero. As such, one can now purchase that part only for addition to your field fix parts kit.
Copy of Detroit Fluid DOT push in showing ferrule.bmp
Detroit Fluid DOT air line fittings641 viewsThe picture shows the internal ferrule that is characteristic of the DOT / TUV accepted fittings for highway vehicles. Most often these fittings are metal however the Land Rover John Guest 6mm straight connector is all plastic and has the internal ferrule.
Copy of DSCN3486.JPG
new 20s with 295/45/20 Nexen157 views
Copy of sneeuw.jpg
the road between home and work290 viewsthe day before returning from work, I got stuck here in the middle of the snow storm. The plow didn\'t pass yet and wind was blowing snow everywere. Since then I always carry during winter a survival pack consisting of warm coat,cap, warm, high boots and gloves.
It is no fun recovering a car stuck in the snow and sliding down from the road when moving in nothing more than a business outfit (no gloves, city shoes, no coat) with a snowy wind blowing 100km/h..... .
Cooper STT 245/70R17105 views
Cover Off.png
Engine Cover Removed870 viewsView of the engine before blanking off the EGRs. The inset sort of shows one of the EGR valve/pipe flange securing bolts. The EGR valves are not easy to get at!
d3 gallery pics 002.JPG
d/4 front grille conversion/ foglamps and chrome bezzells(courtesy of nismo)322 views
D3 MY08 Nov07 build_spare wheel well_2.JPG
86 viewsCloseup of the cylinder/reservoir on front LHS of spare wheel well.
66 viewsHidden winch solution for D3 and D4.
Supplier: Taubenreuther in Germany.
Stick an LRX/F2 front end on a D3 and this is what you get...178 views
20\'s - 2nd time around - 295/45 Grabbers this time617 views
27 viewsShort clip of turbo actuator rod moving after key turned to position2/3
D/3/4 wheel stud aligner9 viewsPDF drawing of dimensions to manufacture your own.
Alternatively, I can do it for you.

( One for Defender coming shortly)
Suggestions welcome.
D4 Bluetooth AH42 10F845 AA module connected to 12VDC and MOST1014 viewsThis jpg shows the MOST bus connected to the AH42 10F845 AA module used in the D4 as well as +12VDC power from F58P connected. The power is split with a Y harness as the IHU (radio) for some reason required +12VDC power to the C2115-10 "mute" pin to keep the radio/CD audio from muting all the time.

With power on the pin, the radio audio does mute as it should when the cell phone rings and the hands free connects. The brown conductor feeds to C2115-10 and the blue to the module.

The module tucks up and hides behind the grey plastic section covering the forward portion of the passenger side tranny hump for left hand drive vehicles; for RHD, it would be located on the left side.

The pairing code is 2121 with this setup and not 1234 or 0000.
Disco3 17" alloys and Cooper S/T in LT245/70R17 on D431 views
Maintenance Check Sheet Arduous 3.0 TDV6 Models to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR42 viewsMaintenance Check Sheet Arduous 3.0 TDV6 Models to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR4
Maintenance Check Sheet Rest of World 3.0 TDV6 Models to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR43 viewsMaintenance Check Sheet Rest of World 3.0 TDV6 Models to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR4
Maintenance Check Sheet All Models UK & EU to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR42 viewsMaintenance Check Sheet All Models UK & EU to 11MY Discovery 4 / LR4
+12V supply118 views+12V taken from the regulator used to power the start/stop battery from MY14 onwards
Danish Orchards dual jam coffee holders small.jpg
375 ml jam container360 viewsThese are the 375ml Danish Orchard brand jam containers. They fit fairly tightly into the original old style, (2005/6) Land Rover 3 factory cup holders. The extra height provided by the containers can be an advantage. I have a similar assortment of containers in some of the door panel located wine bottle holders to better hold containers of lesser valued products.
My Defender21 viewsDefender TD5 looking to keep it long term with a chassis replacement this year.but the quality / ride contrast between it and our Disco 3 is very apparent.
38 viewsGoing nowhere fast, Daviot to Wartle road, Aberdeenshire 23/1/13
D4 / RRS Launch - Picture Nick Dimbleby123 views
D4 / RRS Launch - Picture Nick Dimbleby101 views
Deka BCI 40R EN T6 aux battery 0379.pdf
Deka Battery Dimension Data573 viewsThe battery size that I installed for my auxiliary was a BCI 40R battery as it was for me the easiest to fit and was also a cranking battery. The case profile was such that no tie down fins were located on either bottom end, (sides yes), and length wise, it was only about 11" (290 mm) long. As such, I did not have to grind the nibs at the front bottom of the plastic surround.

I did however raise the bottom of the battery above the angled nibs as I set the battery on a 1" (25mm) high plastic spacer. The total height, (battery plus spacer), was about 8" (200mm) so the battery top still fit under the Land Rover factory cover.

For the Aux battery, when I replaced the 40R, I installed an Interstate BCI 47 which is similar in size to a DIN H5. I was therefore able to eliminate the vertical spacer as the Group 47/H5 is the same height as the DIN H7/H8 stock LR spec starting battery. As such, the standard battery tie down bolts can be used without modification. The Group 47 battery is 9 11/16" long x 6 7/8" wide x 7 1/2" (190mm) high.
Cooling System - Description and Operation 4.0L and 4.4L petrol engines 5 pages756 viewsThis is a 5 page pdf that provides some insight into how the coolant flows thru all the hoses. Of interest is the paragraph,(page 3/5), that attempts to explain how and why the thermostat is designed to open at different engine operating temperatures - in brief, the reason for the spaghetti tangle of small hoses on the top of the engine.

There is also reference to an engine oil cooler that I gather cools something I think related to a supercharger, if fitted.
415-02 Antenna systems for AM/FM, Satellite, GPS and TV systems472 viewsThis is a 5 page pdf related to the antenna systems for the AM/FM radio, Satellite radio, the GPS/NAV and the optional TV.
Essential info for visiting Maroc and/or France111 views
Different Llams knob c/w large washer88 views
D3 reqar diff lock168 viewsView from right rear tyre well, left rear tire/rim visible on other side. Actuator motor visible
Disco 3 015.jpg
220 viewsTyre cleanrances with Bridgestone 265/65/70 -17 AT
Good Year MTR 255/55/19 ARB bar warn winch142 views
Good Year MTR 255/55/19 ARB bar warn winch124 views
Snow134 viewsSnowy day in March in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains
Perth to Shark Bay spearing trip. 9 viewsDisco 3 Tdv6 auto. Air suspension. Arb bullbar. BFG All Terrain KO 265/65r18. 6m Seafarer Honda 150hp
Discovery 4 HSE, 3/4 View54 views
Rear 3/4 shot134 views
Other Rear 3/4 view143 views
LR with A/C AOG 26 views
Snow165 viewsSnowy day in March in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains
Don_t forget the plastic clip.JPG
Don't forget the plastic clip63 views
Actuator box underside 62 viewsUsed a clove hitch with plastic zip tie with 1/8" Kevlar rope
Draper air jack254 viewsDraper air jack, stock no. 61432, part no. AJ3 at
Old and New Red for D3 - Decisions/decisions401 views
Max Speed 195KM/H371 views
Charging voltage with a/c on124 views
My new wheels and 275/55 tires204 views
275/55 R19 pirelli tires172 views
disco commercials accross a ploughed field99 viewsstandard continental 235/70/17 and didnt get stuck
Lead Car Entering the Finish114 views7 May 2007 - My D3 on duty as lead car in shinfield 10K road race. what a nightmare driving at low speed in the rain. Clock was mounted on standard crossbars. connection to additional batteries in boot cable thru side window. There is a small offroad section (actually an un-made road) Oaklands Road, Shinfield, Reading (suggest anyone test driving in the Reading area take this road)
DSC00467 (428x640)~0.jpg
Greenlaning in North Yorkshire / Co Durham278 views
DSC00468 (640x428)~0.jpg
Greenlaning in North Yorkshire / Co Durham292 views
DSC00479 (640x428)~0.jpg
Greenlaning in North Yorkshire / Co Durham316 viewsMy fav pic, you never know until you try!
Big Kev, and IanR/Anne coming down Dampier Mountain FT76 views
LR Day Lazio 23/05/201047 views
DSC01645 (Medium).JPG
Detail of 20A ac charger/adaptor & breakers for 2 x 105AH batteries, lights, pump etc213 views
Cooper Zeon tyres14 viewsCooper Zeon ATZ 255/55/19 for the trip
Headlight adjuster O/S78 views
Headlight adjuster N/S76 views
Laning in Cornwall 10/09/09133 views
Lanining in Cornwall 10/09/09208 views
Lanining in Cornwall 10/09/09231 views
Laning in Cornwall 10/09/09144 views
Laning in Cornwall 10/09/09146 views
Laning in Corwall 10/09/09223 views
Bulkhead grommet O/S167 views
206 viewsD3/RRS/Freelander 2 colour wall
Winter and summer tyres435 views 255/60 R18 Nokia SUV4 with spikes
and the standard Continentals of Disco 3
Zermatt / Ebony Discovery 4 HSE533 views
Zermatt / Ebony Discovery 4 HSE491 views
Zermatt / Ebony Discovery 4 HSE485 views
63 viewsPART NUMBER PNH/500024 D05WA >CR<

intercooler hose split48 viewsPART NUMBER PNH/500024 D05WA >CR<

Split Intercooler Hose44 viewsPART NUMBER PNH/500024 D05WA >CR<

37 viewsPART NUMBER PNH/500024 D05WA >CR<

46 viewsPART NUMBER PNH/500024 D05WA >CR<

V2: Cooper ATR LT265/70/17, simple homemade mudflaps236 views
Straight shank / reduced shank18 views
Oman/UAE Border136 views
An alternative approach129 viewsDue to low temperature, and the size/mobility of my hands I decided that the easiest way to open the tail gate was to destroy the old Bowden cable and then pull centre core to release the tailgate - it worked, and doing this earlier would have saved a few cuts and grazes.
My new (to me) D3117 viewsBought on 08/05/13
237 viewsLining up the D3 for our first run. Mud/ruts, DSC off, HDC off, Jimi Hendrix on the stereo ... yup, ready to go!
202 viewsGQ Nissan ute got to 3/4 the way through pit 2
Dog/cargo guard5 views
steering wheel c/w horn buttons. No airbag or cruise/audio controls19 views
Fuel filter drain valve/water sensor33 views
Fuel filter drain valve/water sensor30 views
Boughrood 7/4/7315 viewsHow many wheels has Chris got on the ground?
255/60/18 AT2407 views
Photo showing inside sock.162 viewsThere is a double layer inside. Just like a conventional tent, the waterproof layer, then a flysheet. Both can be zipped/unzipped when vehicle is not in place.
Winter 2010/1116 views
Carpet/mat screw fittings ( enough for two carpets/mats 038 views
LR detachable towbar c/w two keys35 views
244 viewskent 10.30 27/12/2005
Cooper Discoverer STT tyre on 17" rim297 viewsNew Cooper Discoverer STT 246/70 R17 tyres. 80% off road, 20% on road.
Cooper Discoverer STT tyre on 17" rim282 viewsCooper Discoverer STT 246/70 R17
New Mini 2 on a road test 26/7/06136 viewsNew Mini 2 on a road test with very little disguise.
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section116 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section129 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section125 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Claudia frightened of the hills164 views..her friend wasn't
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Dropping into the stream151 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Driving in the stream136 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Driving in the stream156 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section152 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section145 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section147 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Princess Anne\'s house154 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - our group179 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06205 views
29 viewsSpare wheel never fitted with unused 255/60 x 18 112v
26 viewsSpare wheel never fitted with unused 255/60 x 18 112v
28 viewsUnused 255/60 x 18 112v Goodyear M+S wranglers
Playing in the "Yarwell Rain"1077 viewsCALENDAR 2008 ENTRY - Taken at the Training/Playday at Yarwell in November 2006. Picture taken by D3Matt, D3 driven by DiscoStu
Roof Bars closer80 viewsRoof bars for sale, showing small cut/nick
Warn number plate screws/fittings201 viewsPart no. of Warn fitting used to attached number plate to Warn winch carrier.
Warn Winch gromet/retainer for Warn Winch screws196 viewsPart no. for warn winch grommet/washer for warn number plate holder
Warn Winch grommet/retainer for number plate holder239 viewsPart no. for Warn grommets for numbe rplate holder.
Téléthon 2011/126 views
Téléthon 2011/232 views
Instructions / parts etc (Un-opened)57 views
Video inputs / outputs71 views
raised suspension setting - 275/65-18 Mickey Thompson ATZ260 views
Mickey Thompson ATZ 275/65-18\'s - at raised suspension height567 views
raised suspension setting - 275/65-18 Mickey Thompson ATZ532 views
Mickey Thompson ATZ 275/65-18\'s - at raised suspension height526 views
DSC_0119 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009528 viewsCrossing a river in Iceland June 2008 - some of the rivers have deep sticky black basalt sand on their edges and some times needs a running approach! Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
DSC_0130 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009517 viewsHigh in the Iceland Interior June 2008 - F88 to Askjar Volcanoe - The mountain is called the "Queen of the Mountains - Herðubreið" Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
DSC_0139 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009571 viewsHigh in the Iceland Interior June 2008 - Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
DSC_0202 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009532 viewsHigh on the Iceland Interior - On the Road to Askja - G4 D3 Discovery V8 HSE - Team vehicle from 2006 G4 Stage 3/4 Bolivia -
DSC_0241 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009513 viewsCrossing a river in Iceland June 2008 - some of the rivers have deep sticky black basalt sand on their edges and some times needs a running approach! Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
DSC_0263 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009530 viewsRoad F88 to Askja - Iceland Interior June 2008 - Car is a G4 challenge event car from 2006 - Stage 3/4 Bolivia - Team Germany / Spain
DSC_0270 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009511 viewsCrossing a river in Iceland June 2008 - some of the rivers have deep sticky black basalt sand on their edges and some times needs a running approach! Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
DSC_0739 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry 2009529 viewsCrossing a river in Iceland June 2008 - some of the rivers have deep sticky black basalt sand on their edges and some times needs a running approach! Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
DSC_0836 (Medium).JPG
calendar entry469 viewsHigh in the Iceland Interior June 2008 - View towards the Vatnajökull Glacier range - Car is G4 Challenge Event Car from 2006 - Team Germany / Spain - Stage 3/4 Bolivia
Cardboard to protect the a/c condenser25 viewsEssential while extracting/repositioning rad and intercooler
240V / 12V Power Board and Battery Charger82 views
Minuma Range F/T49 views
Minuma Range F/T46 views
Dampier Mountain F/T47 views
DVD Retrofit Guide.pdf
DVD / RSE Retrofit Guide137 views
roof mounted DVD/TV414 views
dvd/tv351 views
dvd/tv366 views
dvd/tv368 views
Dynamic Steel 17x7 wheels.JPG
Dynamic 17" steel wheel for V6/TDV6 Disco3s78 views17"x7"; offset +30mm; weight 15.3kg.
EGR valve bolts.png
EGR Valve/Pipe Flange856 viewsThe bolts in the inset are the ones to be removed. Note the rag stuffed down beside the EGR to prevent dropped bolts or gaskets disappearing for ever. Don\'t forget to take the rag out if you don\'t want your D3 to go up in flames next time you use it!
FASKIT on end view 0486.JPG
FASKIT on end view 772 viewsEnd and rear view of the FASKIT. Yellow lines are as shipped for hooking to the air supply; one line to valve/filler and other is to gauge. I will modify the arrangement to delete one of the yellow lines such that gauge line plugs into where the second yellow line is right now,(will be only one yellow tube), and then the air source line will plug into the port controlled by the valve, (hidden in this view but visible in other view). When white valve is in the ON position, gauge will read air source pressure, and be available to supply air to any of the selected four air springs. When valve is closed, the gauge will show individual air pressure in each of the air springs when a jumper is run between the gauge Schrader valve and the appropriate air spring Schrader valve.
My favourite 4wd , spent thousands of hours farming with this. Sold it in immaculate condition.127 viewsVery well engineered Tractor. 16 Fwd grs,4 speed P/Shift weighed 1800 lb alone (if I remember correctly), 4 equall sized clutch packs, alternates 2 lay shafts with clutch packs, dry sump. no master clutch or TQ/C,Cat 3306DTA. 1 of 12 in Australia.
just starting to fill7 viewsafter 1 day draining / cleaning
nearly full5 viewsafter 1 days draining / cleaning / filling
pump just started5 viewsafter 1.5 days draining / cleaning / filling, pump just turned on
febmarch 2011 039.JPG
6" kogan gps/media/bluetooth system114 views
fed 004.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Arco di Trevi47 views
fed 006.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Disco impantanato47 views
fed 007.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Duri e puri45 views
fed 016.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Io alla guida49 views
fed 017.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Pausa di riflessione55 views
fed 021.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Io e mia sorella74 views
fed 022.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Una strada nel bosco72 views
fed 028.jpg
LR Day Lazio 23/05/2010 - Fine67 views
82 viewsVista 3/4
Some mud in the tyre treads at last!272 viewsThe D3 behaved herself beautifully on this little lane/track near me
DVD / RSE Fitted101 views
Fluid, Filter/Pan Combo removal and install5565 viewsThese are the LR instructions re removal and install of the plastic pan/filter combo for the ZF 6HP26X transmission on the 4.4L petrol V8 LR3.

The instructions tend to ignore the reason you have to lift the right hand side of the engine about 40 mm. This is because of a frame cross member that interferes with dropping down of the plastic pan. The real problem is a vertical "oil filter spout" that rises out of the filter/pan combo up into the transmission. The spout is the suction pipe for filtered transmission oil back up into the tranny.

On the metal pan versions, the filter is separate from the pan, hence the filter remains with the tranny when the metal pan is dropped. The filter is then removed or installed independent of the metal pan, hence with the metal pan, there is no need to lift the engine.

If one is removing the plastic pan so as to install the metal pan, then some do not lift the engine but just drop the plastic pan enough to gain access to saw off the vertical plastic spout - it is a one time procedure.

Be aware however that the metal pan uses a flat gasket and the plastic pan uses a O ring like perimeter gasket that sits in a half round groove in the tranny casing. Also the metal pan uses 21 shorter torx M6x22.5 metric cap screws for the perimeter bolts. The plastic pan uses longer M6x28.5 torx metric cap screws.
FM_AM_TCM location.JPG
FM/AM/TCM Location50 viewsThis is the location and connections for the FM/AM and TCM
Exploded Parts view calling up 6R60/80 and 6HP26/28 variations2850 viewsThis single page jpg exploded parts view indicates some commonality between the Ford and ZF versions of the early and later six speed units. Technically this sheet is for the RWD units as there are variations between plain RWD units, 4WD, and AWD. The transmission in the LR3 is called by ZF to be a 6HP26X and by LR in some publications, the 6HP26
huge everage km/l77 views
Damaged doorpost left-front/ left-rear20 views
Front coupler pad to right front under air filter housing 513.jpg
Front coupler pad to right front under air filter housing 145 viewsCoupler Pad is attached to the flat metal surface just behind the rectangular drain off of the air filter housing. The last 3 inches (75mm) of the 1/4" (5mm) black flex wiring loom was then threaded over the last bit of wiring. One of the other jpg's is less washed out and shows the coupler pad a bit better.
Front Coupler pad to right front under air filter housing 531.JPG
Front Coupler pad to right front under air filter housing 144 viewsThe brighter white "square" behind the black air cleaner drain is the Coupler Pad location I chose for the right front corner. The 1/4", (5mm), black wiring loom carries a single blue colour conductor between the power supply and pad.
A second coupler pad, (white conductor), is located near the left rear tail light. The mounting location is accessible from the rear compartment access "door" where the trailer hitch wiring attaches to the factory loom.
My TD5 with 19" RRS in Zambezi with Dastek/ITG/Allisport 197BHP281 views
Front_access_mode719 views275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer STT mud tires - front in access mode
Front_clearance_offroad_mode751 views275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer STT mud tires - minimum clearance between front wheel and crappy plastic wheel arch. Although it lokos tight, there is actually more room between the tire and arch than the pictures shows.
Front control arm clearance735 views275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer STT mud tires - clearance between tire and control arm
Front_normal_mode573 views275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer STT mud tires - front in normal mode
Front_offroad_mode563 views275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer STT mud tires - front in offroad mode
Front_offroad_mode_turned747 views275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer STT mud tires - tread view while turned
Fuel usage.jpg
MS Excel chart of fuel usage in TDV6 first 3 months of ownership194 viewsReason for distortion at beginning is not known - average so far is 11.55l/100k (25.09mpg) for the 6 199k travelled. The fuel usage 'bumps' correspond with the city driving although they did mirror the cost for a while! A copy of the spreadsheet (105kb) that shows MPG and l/100k (but not miles) is available for the asking - just PM me.
Fuel consumption to 15/2/07160 views
Tigger - page address76 views
Gansbaai 026.jpg
Winch/snatch block111 viewsThis picture shows the winch in position.
Glove Box 1.JPG
Glovebox 1140 viewsLocated D&P box on underside of glovebox, same as LR iPod/MP3 box
Opinione sulle gomme per la DISCO3/479 views
Aggiornamento 4 Novembre 2010 - giudizi su prenumatici per DISCO 3/487 views
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