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The transmission fault102 views
Transmission as it was.89 views
13 Automatic Transmission Transaxle3 views13 Automatic Transmission Transaxle
14 Manual Transmission Transaxle, Clutch and Transfer Case5 views14 Manual Transmission Transaxle, Clutch and Transfer Case
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26122007039 (Medium).jpg
Transmission Range Change Not Available233 views
ZF 6HP26 Transmission Cooling System Description and Operation2606 viewsThe five page pdf details the operation of the cooling system as related to cooling engine oil, transmission oil and providing hot water to the cabin heating system.
automatic transmission.pdf
automatic transmission55 views
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Copy of Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf
Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf207 views
GOE Bash Plates117 viewsGreen Oval Experience Bash Plates. Front, Transmission and Compressor.
Might have to mod the front one a bit to let air into the trans cooler, it sits over the outside of the ARB bar which has vents for the cooler. If I cut slots in the Allow Plate to match those might do the trick.

I added a rear bolt to the Compressor Plate as it looked like it could get hooked on something and tear off. Two bolts onto the slider and two up onto the chassis now.
Aux transmission oil cooler108 views
Engine and Transmission18 views
Fluid, Filter/Pan Combo removal and install5583 viewsThese are the LR instructions re removal and install of the plastic pan/filter combo for the ZF 6HP26X transmission on the 4.4L petrol V8 LR3.

The instructions tend to ignore the reason you have to lift the right hand side of the engine about 40 mm. This is because of a frame cross member that interferes with dropping down of the plastic pan. The real problem is a vertical "oil filter spout" that rises out of the filter/pan combo up into the transmission. The spout is the suction pipe for filtered transmission oil back up into the tranny.

On the metal pan versions, the filter is separate from the pan, hence the filter remains with the tranny when the metal pan is dropped. The filter is then removed or installed independent of the metal pan, hence with the metal pan, there is no need to lift the engine.

If one is removing the plastic pan so as to install the metal pan, then some do not lift the engine but just drop the plastic pan enough to gain access to saw off the vertical plastic spout - it is a one time procedure.

Be aware however that the metal pan uses a flat gasket and the plastic pan uses a O ring like perimeter gasket that sits in a half round groove in the tranny casing. Also the metal pan uses 21 shorter torx M6x22.5 metric cap screws for the perimeter bolts. The plastic pan uses longer M6x28.5 torx metric cap screws.
Exploded Parts view calling up 6R60/80 and 6HP26/28 variations2859 viewsThis single page jpg exploded parts view indicates some commonality between the Ford and ZF versions of the early and later six speed units. Technically this sheet is for the RWD units as there are variations between plain RWD units, 4WD, and AWD. The transmission in the LR3 is called by ZF to be a 6HP26X and by LR in some publications, the 6HP26
gearbox oil cooler222 viewsThis is whats inside your radiator as you transmission oil cooler!
Using the Hawkeye to check transmission temp - getting there...12 views
LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3 istruzioni CAMBIO OLIO of Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill138 viewsLAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3 istruzioni CAMBIO OLIO of Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill
LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3 istruzioni CAMBIO OLIO of FluidPan160 viewsLAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3 istruzioni CAMBIO OLIO of FluidPan
LR3 Air Conditioner drain tubes.jpg
LR3 Air Conditioner Drain Tubes behind centre console1722 viewsThis shows the two air conditioner drain tubes located left and right under the radio stack.

The tube on the left side, (steering wheel side, LHD), disattached itself and the carpet on the floor under the gas pedal etc became soaked. I think rain water from outside that comes in the outside cowl vents also exits via the tubes as I first noticed the carpet was wet after parking outside during a big rain storm.

It was relatively easy to slide up and reattach the rubber hose that runs from the rectangular shaped plastic discharge hole(s) of the heater "pan" down along the transmission hump area and thru the floor pan. There is a hose on each side of the transmission hump, but only one hose had let go on my 3. The rubber hoses just slide over the rectangular plastic openings of the two heater housing drain outlets.

To get at each drain hose, remove the vertical sort of triangle carpeted piece below each side of the radio stack. The triangles of carpet will just pull away as each is held on with those metal U clips Land Rover so likes. Dislodge each triangle at least sufficiently to get ones hand in to slide the rubber hose back on.

You will rarely see AC water on the ground as the front drains pour onto a metal underside protection skid plate and the rear drain onto the top of the left rear muffler.
Console Gear Selector Wiring Diagram821 viewsThis is a 3 page wiring diagram centered around the console located gear selector.
ZF 6HP26X and 6HP28X transmission parts showing various pans2599 viewsThis 42 page pdf is probably the most informative of all the material in this album. It is called a spare parts catalog but is much more than that. The material is specifically for the X variety of ZF six speed transmissions that are in the Land Rover 4WD / AWD models as well as BMW and Ford AWD vehicles.
Engine and Transmission Electronic Controls Wiring Diagram826 viewsThis 20 page pdf shows the wiring for the electronic controls for the engine, transmission and transfer case.
ZF 6HP26 transmission fluid drain and refill procedure3745 viewsThis is the Land Rover instruction pdf and I note they have it right - that is remove the filler plug first, then the drain plug. Also before you attempt that, not only do you need oil, but also new fill and drain plugs as the sealing washers are deemed single use only.
ZF 6HP26 Land Rover Transmission specs1520 viewsThis is just two sheets of paper with various numbers related to the 6HP26 such as oil capacity, gear ratios, and torque wrench settings for the fill and drain plugs.

You may note that LR calls this ZF transmission the 6HP26 whereas ZF calls out the LR3 transmission as the 6HP26X. Just what the differences are, I am not certain however the X refers to 4WD or AWD use as opposed to solely 2WD.

Zahnradfabrik is what ZF is short for and translated from German, roughly means Gear Factory.
LR 6HP26 transmission oil part number TYK5000501341 viewsThis jpg shows the genuine Land Rover transmission oil, part number TYK500050, for the 6HP26X tranny. The Shell product number is M-1375.4 but you cannot buy the oil retail from Shell. The container size is one litre.
A routine oil change where the pan/filter combo is not changed takes about 3.5 to 4 litres of oil. When the tranny is brand new, a dry fill can take up to 9.5 litres of oil however around 7 litres is more common for when a new pan/filter combo is installed on an already in service transmission.
LTB00172 - Technical Bulletin - Transmission Input Shaft Seal - Lower Level Service Part Availability and Repair Procedure59 views
LTB00228 - Technical Bulletin - Transmission MIL Illuminated with DTC P186D Stored67 views
LTB00228 - Technical Bulletin - Transmission MIL Illuminated with DTC P186D Stored56 views
manual transmission.pdf
manual transmission41 views
Fibre Optic MOST cable between components.486 viewsThis is a typical section of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) optic cable with the orange coloured cladding covering the perimeter of the light transparent core. This is used as the MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) data transmission medium.

Note that each MOST 1355426 optical connector holds a pair of light conductor cables, one transmitting optical signal in, and the second, optical signal out. When connected to the other cables and devices, the cables form a continuous loop.

The light signal within the cable is red colour as one might expect. One break or disconnect anywhere along the loop shuts down signal transmission to all the connected components.
ZF Oil_change_kit_for_automatic_transmissions24 views
2005 LR3127 viewsSafari Snorkel, D44 Discrete winch, Warn XD9000, Traxide SC80, Yellow Top, Tactical Rover Sliders, GNV Rods, Engel, KN Filter, 99% Royal Purple, ZF Metal Transmission pan, Tint.
Pagine da handbook_auto ATF.pdf
FormulaShell Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid69 views
Transmission13 views
Transmission12 views
Radio Noise Suppression Capacitor NNW502820616 viewsThis is the radio noise suppression capacitor, part number LR020488 (previous NNW502820), that is mounted underneath and near the transmission. It is powered by fuse 10 amp F30E in the engine compartment. If F30E blows, (the fuse that also powers the transmission ECU), the problem is probably caused by the failed capacitor, not the ECU. A quick fix is just to disconnect the capacitor and replace the fuse as nothing bad seems to immediately result.

The above radio noise capacitor is not to be confused with LR004160, the ignition noise capacitor which is located under the black plastic engine cover on the right hand side above the air intake towards the rear of the engine.

The ignition capacitor is held on with a single 8mm bolt and a three wire electrical connector. Replacing the ignition capacitor as a routine maintenance prevention action at 100,000 miles, 160,000 km), has merit. It is a do it yourself kind of thing and easier to get at than the radio capacitor underneath.
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missing transmission plate 101 views
transmission plate 93 views
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D2 pwned by LR3 :D261 viewsTransmission in D2 went out so I kindly towed my poor friend over hill & val (literally!) to safety. Just got the tow strap attached in this pic & ready to roll. What fun!!
Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller 90195 to Ford 3035P wiring adapter plug.pdf
Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller 90195 to Ford 3035-P wiring adapter plug281 viewsThis two page pdf is the general instruction for hooking up the Tekonsha part number 3035-P adapter cable between a Tekonsha P3 controller and the existing Land Rover/Ford plug, (called C2590 in the Land Rover wiring diagrams), that is hidden above the brake pedal.

The "Ford" plug, (C2590), is grey and is stuffed up above the brake pedal arm.

Mount the P3 controller appropriately and then connect one end of the custom cable to the P3 and the other to the "hidden" plug.

You will now have power for your trailer electric brakes in the round socket at the rear of your LR3; also no computer update from the Land Rover T4 unit is required. For once, it is plug and play.

If however, your trailer has LED tail lights, you may have trouble with the flashing of the trailer signal lights or non recognition by the 3 that a trailer is connected. As such, the little green trailer signal will not illuminate when a trailer is connected and the signal lights are used. This can affect the shifting of the transmission and much to your annoyance, the backup sensors will still be functioning rather than being auto disabled.
transmission, transfer and differential oils specs, quantities and info117 viewstransmission, transfer and differential oils specs, quantities and info
Transmission Draining and Filling.pdf
Manual Transmission Draining and Filling436 views
Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf
Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf1374 views
Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf
Transmision Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf183 views
Transmission Fluid Level Check v2006.pdf
Transmission Fluid Level Check v 2006111 views
Transmission Fluid Level Check v2006.pdf
99 viewsAuto Trans fill
Transmission Fluid Level Check.pdf
Transmission Fluid Level Check.pdf930 views
Transmission Fluid Level Check.pdf
Transmision Fluid Level Check.pdf181 views
Transmission Install.pdf
Transmission module case.JPG
Transmission module cover.JPG
Transmission module.JPG
Transmission Removal.pdf
Transmission Specifications.pdf
Transmission Specifications.pdf688 views
Damaged Plastic Transmission Shield KRB500032308 views
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Radio Noise Filter Transmission Electronic Control Unit700 viewsThe jpg shows part number LR020488, a noise suppression capacitor located underneath on a bracket on the right side of the transmission forward of the selector shaft lever. The suppressor is connected to the transmission wiring harness and prevents solenoid operating noise affecting the audio system.

Failure of the capacitor is most often discovered as a result of either black smoke from below and or the blowing of 10 amp fuse F30E located in the engine compartment fuse box. This fuse protects the power circuit to the Transmission Engine Control Unit. When the fuse blows, the engine will still run however you have no gears, hence movement of the 3 is inhibited.

Anything over eight years in service is considered good capacitor life. If the capacitor does fail and fuse 30 blows, a quick fix is just to disconnect the capacitor and replace the fuse.

The capacitor might be missed by the DOT/FCC but the 3 does not seem to mind. With the filter disconnected, solenoid noise might be heard on some radio stations but at least the 3 would be in motion.
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Oils117 views
What a shocker.jpg
What a shocker252 viewsApparently he was excavating to lay foundations for transmission towers. Even though this worker is wearing personal protective equipment, it would hardly save him from death by sudden engulfment.
From Landscape Contractor magazine January/February 2007
ZF approved Transmission Fluids.pdf
ZF approved Transmission Fluids61 viewsZF approved Transmission Fluids
ZF_Automatic_Transmission_Spare_Parts_Catalog_6HP26-28_Catalog18 views
ZF 6HP26X-28X Plastic and Metal Pan part numbers and list457 viewsThis 3 page pdf lists the ZF part numbers for the factory metal and plastic pans. Note that the plastic pan is listed as the General pan, and the two metal pans as the BMW and Ford pans. The differences are subtle - drain related it appears.

Torx cap screw descriptions are provided as well as data on the differing gaskets and oil filters.
Manufacturers brochure re plastic pan962 viewsI found this ad from a German manufacture called LANXESS Deutschland GmbH saying that they manufacture the plastic oil pan/filter combo for ZF that is used on the 6HP26 six speed transmission.
ZF LifeguardFluid6 transmission oil.1289 viewsThis is an interesting pdf in that under the ZF 6HP26 six speed section, it provides the various automobile manufacturer part numbers for their version of the appropriate tranny oil, all of which seems to be the LifeguardFluid6 oil, ZF part number S671 090 255. Note the fine print and do not confuse it with the LifeguardFluid6 Plus oil for vehicles with the Torsen AWD setup such as the Audi Quattro, VW 4Motion vehicles and I think the BMW FF Range Rovers of an earlier time.

Also of interest at the bottom of the pdf is the recommendation for replacing the transmission oil "between 80,000 km and 120,000 km or 8 years, depending on the load." I also do not see any reference to "sealed for life" but almost as optimistic, "maintenance free" but with the proviso "intended for normal operating conditions". This would most typically be the Sandringham Castle Grounds in the UK rather than Cape York, QLD.
ZF 6HP26 Metal Pans, (top and bottom views), and separate Filter top and bottom views.1651 viewsThis single sheet pdf two views of the ZF metal pan for the 6HP26 transmission. The inside view shows the two magnets; the other is the bottom view. Also visible are the transmission bottom oil fill and oil drain holes that are sometimes utilized where access to the side fill is not possible. The ZF part number for the metal pan kit for our 6HP26X six speed is 1068_103_820_01 This includes the 21 shorter Torx screws, the metal pan gasket, and the separate oil filter as well as round filter seal. The ZF six speed LifeGuard6 transmission oil is extra.
ZF 6 Speed Transmission33 views
ZF 6HP26 and 6HP28 Comparison plus oil pan and filter replacement options840 viewsThis is a 66 page ZF produced pdf that provides comparisons between the various ZF transmissions; also instructions regarding maintenance of the Mechatronic unit, the round seal; the various metal and plastic pans available as well as tips regarding changing the oil.

This ZF pdf has a number of colour pictures and part numbers within as well.
Electrical Connector Sleeve Replacement ZF 6HP26823 viewsThis 3 page pdf with pictures shows how to replace the sleeve that holds the multipin electrical connector that passes thru the transmission body to the Mechatronic unit.

The install of the sleeve is more difficult than the removal in that one must not rotate the sleeve as damage to the internal pins can result. The pan must be first removed to both remove and install the sleeve.
Mechatronic Sleeve Removal and Install Instructions902 viewsThis 3 page pdf with pictures shows how to remove and install the Mechatronic sleeve that tends to leak tranny oil after about ten years. Even if not leaking, replacement when doing a pan/filter change at the ten year mark is suggested.

Note the 3mm or less requirement when sleeve installation is completed; also that rotation of the sleeve during the install procedure can do damage to some internal pins - hence do not rotate the sleeve when trying to insert it or in getting it to lock in place - not so easy it seems.
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ZF6HP26X fluid fill checking procedure2095 viewsThis are the single page ZF instructions for checking the fluid level in the 6HP26X six speed automatic that is in the LR3.

Included sketches show where the fill and drain plugs are located and that it requires a 8mm hex wrench for the filler plug and a 10mm for the drain for the plastic pan.
ZF_6HP26_Plastic_Filter_Pan_ combo.png1040 viewsThis is the plastic oil pan on the bottom of our ZF 6HP26X transmissions. Note the two round magnets at the right end of the pan; the drain plug is between them. The filter is the grey part and the vertical oil suction pipe is to draw oil up to the transmission from the filter element. There are 21 Torx screws around the perimeter and the pan gasket is O ring like in design where a half round channel is moulded into the plastic of the pan. The metal pan uses a more conventional flat gasket and in both cases, the metal mating surface of the transmission case is a flat machined metal surface.
ZF Plastic Pan / Filter part numbers794 viewsZF, not Land Rover, part numbers for the various types of plastic pan depending upon vehicle manufacturer. The BMW pan is apparently different from the Land Rover pan even though the transmissions are 6HP26 units. No wonder each manufacturer has his own oil - maybe it is different as well. What I find interesting is the mention of Ford Australia and Ford USA separately rather than just Ford.
Gear Sump Sequence 85 views
Troubleshooting pdf re Mechatronic unit on 6HP26 ZF Automatic 1943 viewsThis 21 page pdf shows possible problems within the Mechatronic unit of the ZF 6HP26 six speed automatic. On page 19/21 is a drawing showing how all the various control circuits interface with the vehicle.
Of particular interest were comments with regards to fine metal contamination of various electrical contacts. This is probably why a mere oil change can improve the operation of the transmission - reduced conductivity of the oil.
ZF Transmission parts exploded views1177 viewsA 35 page pdf showing exploded views of the inside of the transmission along with oil fill procedures and part numbers. There is also the suggestion of a metal pan but no part number given and the appearance of a more usual type of oil pan gasket, flat rather than O ring.
Underside of ZF 6HP19 and 26 transmissions pans1292 viewsThis is a view of the underside of two different plastic transmission pans, one for the ZF 6HP19, and the other, the 6HP26.

The 24 Torx screw pan is for the 6HP19; the 21 Torx screw pan is for the 6HP26/28/32 transmissions. The screws are numbered in the order that they are to be tightened re the O ring seal. Our 3 has the 21 screw transmission, the ZF 6HP26X six speed.
Mechatronic Replacement Hints plus drains for steel and plastic pans947 viewsThis 22 page pdf shows colour views of the Mechatronic unit as well as good illustrations of the drain and fill ports in both the plastic, page 17, and steel pans, page 18.

Page 8 details the replacement of the sealing sleeve where the electric wire feed thru the case into the Mechatronic unit. The seal is normally replaced when a new pan is installed as the seal is a known leakage point.
Torque Converter cut away ZF 6HP26X tranny1403 viewsThis is a cut away of the model year 2005 ZF 6HP26X six speed automatic transmission. This is about as good a section of a torque converter, (the shudder maker), that I have yet seen.
Manul transmission has pipe in this gromit, not there on an Auto.111 views
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