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TB 149584 - Air Suspension Compressor and Relay Replacement38 views
Remove Headlights and Grille using bulb replacement instructions in Manual - Push the fixings supplied into these holes circled in red147 views
Engine Accessory Drive Description and Operation775 viewsThis 2 page pdf shows both belts for the 4.4L petrol V8; the primary serpentine belt, (the long one), and the shorter secondary that drives only the radiator cooling fan.

The various accessory pulleys the two belts are each associated with are numbered and an included table describes each.

When replacing belts and pulleys, count the number of grooves on both your old items and your new replacement parts. It has been known for an pulley with the wrong number of grooves to come with a replacement part or the replacement belt has the incorrect number of grooves; hence make certain the groove count on the new parts are the same as the removed items.

Compressor type TSB97 viewsLand Rover TSB regarding Compressor type identification and fitment.
A Pillar Black Plastic cover install pdf - new type.950 viewsThis 3 page LR pdf explains how to install the newer A pillar plastic covers and avoid instant water leakage as a result of the new design.
Black Deposits to interior of Brake Light Switch2627 viewsThere are two contacts, one on each side of the vertical plunger under the copper metal. The set of normally open contacts on the left side that carries the power for the brake light filaments, (15 amp fuse F15P), is apparently not heavy enough as the contacts deteriorate and generate the black residue.

The set of normally closed contacts on the other side appear to be sized OK. There is not as much current, (5 amp fuse F66P), flowing thru the contacts to the ABS module, however the contacts are likely adversely affected by the black residue produced by the other deteriorating set of contacts.

One presumes/hopes that the newer replacement switch now has contacts heavy enough to carry the brake light power. It would be ideal if the ABS set of contacts were sealed from the brake light contacts to prevent contamination of the normally closed set of contacts.
Brake Light Switch, Find, Remove, and Install Instructions 7211 viewsThis is a two page doc outlining where to find the brake light switch, how to remove it, and then install the new one.

Note, do not move the brake pedal when removing or installing the switch. Let the brake pedal hang where it wants to. The switch design is actually cunning, and as such is supposed to make the removal and install fool proof. Hence if you think too much about it, you can wreck the new switch.

If you want to inspect the interior of the switch, wait until you have removed the old switch. You can then just unsnap the blue from the white to get it apart. Inside, the switch is quite simple, (no circuit boards), but it will probably show black dust from failing contacts.

I think the reason the switch fails is that the Normally Open, (NO), contacts of the brake light contacts were made too light to carry the current load for make and break of the tail light filaments. I also think the black dust created then fouls the Normally Closed, (NC), second set of contacts for the ABS circuit. As such, the Normally Closed contacts become intermittent in operation and display as a fluctuating open and closed circuit condition to the ABS system when the ABS should be seeing a steady closed circuit. Hopefully the replacement switch contacts are more robust and may be as I recently replaced my switch again just as a matter of maintenance. While in a redesign, ideally the NC contacts should be sealed or at least separated from the NO contacts, when I inspected the removed switch, this time there was no black dust present.

Probably the removed switch will have a Land Rover oval logo moulded into it, the new one, FOMOCO.
Brake Switch Visible thru Opening4602 viewsThe blue and white bit is the switch; the sort of gold appearing box,(it is really black), you will not see in your 3 as it is a Smooth Talker brand amplifier for my Blackberry phone antenna. This install is detailed in the SmoothTalker phone antenna section of my gallery.

One way to remove and install the switch is to lower the "horizontal" panel above the brake pedal as shown where the flashlight head is located. To actually remove the switch, you slide your hand thru the gap and rotate the switch clockwise 1/4 turn while watching thru the rectangular opening. Installation of the new switch is the reverse of above - 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

Before you remove the switch, note its orientation - horizontal with electrical wires to the left. That is the way it should look after replacement as well.

The second time I replaced the switch, I did it all thru the rectangular opening and did not remove the horizontal panel - that is experience helping out.

The knee kick you have to remove regardless. It is sort of hinged at the bottom so you just pull at the top and sort of rotate the knee panel and then pull upwards for two plastic "fingers" to clear the slots they reside in.
Smooth Talker Amplifier Box mounted below near steering column.169 viewsThe gold look box due to the lighting, (actually black), is the antenna amplifier located near the steering column. It can be put anyway but this seemed an OK location as I ran the antenna connector cable rearward from here to the back corner of the 3 and then up to the underside of the roof glass at the rear. The blue/white thing is the brake light switch that often must be replaced. See the Brake Light Switch file within this Gallery regarding the switch replacement.
Black Deposits on Brake Light Switch Plunger2572 viewsThis jpg I got off another forum and is typical of what one will see when one opens up the removed brake light switch. The black powder is residue from arcing of one of the pair of contacts within.

Hopefully the newer switches with the FOMOCO logo moulded into the plastic are improved from the Land Rover logo marked early units, however I doubt it.

The Ford part number is SW-6572 and/or 7E5Z-13480-A as used on the 2006 to 2009 Ford Fusion's and Mercury Milan's; the Land Rover part number is XKB500110. Cost of switch could be about twenty five dollars. A previous LR part number for the switch was XKB500030, so hopefully the newer LR part number, XKB500110, reflects some improvement in reliability.

It is possible that the new switches are better as I installed a replacement 72,000 km, (45,000 miles) later, at 195,000 km (121,000 miles). When I took the removed switch apart to inspect, it was clean inside. There was no black dust - the switch looked like new, hence they must be improved now.
Breather line with factory cap cut off.2025 viewsIf you expand the jpg by clicking on it, in the bottom right corner if you look closely, one can see the black plastic factory vent tubing with the OEM cap cut off.

Note the tubing is cut at a 45 degree angle facing to the rear. Also shown in the top right is the cut off portion sitting on the coolant water hose and on the top left also sitting on the coolant hose, the new to be installed Gore manufactured replacement breather cap.
Breather Cap part # LR0194501370 viewsThis is the replacement breather cap as manufactured by the Gore Tex people, (Gore), for the engine compartment end of the front differential breather line.

You can with some difficulty, both blow and suck thru the breather filter material. The Gore Tex filter material has what are called hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This means the filter material keeps oil in and water out, while at the same time, allowing air pressure to slowly equalize, (air permeable). Additionally, the transfer of dust, salt, and road debris is inhibited.
Front end326 viewsARB deluxe winch bar is very well made. Still allows Mantec sump guard to be used. Warn M8000 winch fitted - (wish I could\'ve found an M15000!) and IPF 900XS Extreme Series mounted with light stays to grille. Fog lights work fine with the replacement bumper, and indicators in bumpoer are effective too.
Clip Spring Metal FYC 500040 that holds LR together1660 viewsThe jpg is of the spring metal clip, Land Rover part number FYC 500040 that holds most of our 3 together - well at least most the interior trim parts.

If you are going to remove interior panels, you may as well stock up on a few for replacement as upon panel removal, the clips tend to spring away into deep never to be found voids within your 3.
Seat base electrics cover38 views
Front seat lower cover removal replacement41 views
Lower Seat Cover and T40 Torx bit for seat base removal44 views
Hog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers46 viewsHog Rings and Hog Ring Pliers showing an open and closed hog ring with 20p for scale
Seat Base out of car rear view35 views
Seat Base out of car36 views
Rear Seat Cover retainer - Seat Base39 views
Front and Side Clips - Seat Base37 views
Per replacement of seat base foam - note creasing on right side due to collapsed foam38 views
Rear side clip removal - seat base41 views
Seat Base cover front and side clips released41 views
Seat Base cover partially removed - just hog rings to go43 views
Heated Seat Element Wiring - Seat Base46 views
Seat Base and Cover41 views
Seat Base Cover - hog ring attachment points41 views
Seat Base Cover and Foam43 views
Seat Base Heating Element Side View35 views
Seat Base Heating Element39 views
Protection material fitted between seat base and seat pan37 views
Heating element removed from base foam41 views
Old and New Seat Base Foam44 views
Glueing heating element to new base41 views
Heating Element refitted to new base38 views
Hog ring pliers load with hog ring46 views
Attaching one of the hog rings41 views
Ready to refit the cover37 views
Position of protection material between base and pan36 views
Seat base finished and ready to fit38 views
Finished - new seat base fitted back into D348 views
Routine Services Replacement schedule Discovery 43 viewsService Schedule Discovery 4
My Defender21 viewsDefender TD5 looking to keep it long term with a chassis replacement this year.but the quality / ride contrast between it and our Disco 3 is very apparent.
Replacement Discovery 3436 views
Replacement Discovery 3352 views
D3 HEVAC Actuator Replacement21 views
New engine138 viewsReplacement engine, reconditioned unit via Land Rover Australia, circa $6k
Ashtray panel replacement with ham radio rig.734 views
Front Belt Tensioner Mounting108 viewsCam Belt replacement Front
Front Door Trim Removal and Wing Mirror Replacement.pdf
Door Trim and Wing Mirror Removal and Replacement159 views
Thread upload17 viewsImage uploaded in thread 148456
Fix stiff gear selector or jumping out of drive into neutral32 viewsThis is a document culled from a topic about a simple fix to teh gearbox selector lever that fixes a problem with jumping out of drive into neutral.

I made the document to give to my local independent and thought it might be useful for others.

Thanks to disco_mikey, EdF and Robbie from the original post whose information and photos made this possible (I take no credit for anything here apart from errors).
Fix stiff gear selector or jumping out of drive into neutral17 viewsUpdated 19 Dec 2012

This is a document culled from a topic about a simple fix to the gearbox selector lever that fixes a problem with jumping out of drive into neutral.

I made the document to give to my local independent and thought it might be useful for others.

Thanks to disco_mikey, EdF and Robbie from the original post whose information and photos made this possible (I take no credit for anything here apart from errors).

Updated after I did this fix on my own car.
Hayman Reese td3tb.jpg
Hayman Reese replacement tow hitch for Australia489 views
How To - AMK Suspension Compressor Replacement by Disco_Mikey18 viewsA copy of Disco_Mikey's guide on how to replace AMK Compressor, complete with photos.
Steering UJ Replacement36 views
New door tops now fitted. Just needs new fuel tank, replacement footwells and a spot weld or two on the chassis!! 57 views
Worn Wrangler151 viewsOn trip to QLD both rear tyres went from slightly worn on inside edges to worn to carcass in just over 1000km. Wheel alignment(thanks to very helpful LR dealer in Maroochydore) and 4 new Continental tyres as no replacement wranglers in Aus.
Side Light - New24 viewsNew replacement LED sidelight from HIDS
Scuttle and wiper arm replacement18 views
Brakes fitted122 viewsBrakes easy to fir - sensor replacement less so.
Seat Electrical connector54 views
T40 Torx Seat Base Bolt44 views
Hk Logic 7 Head Unit Facia replacement6 viewsReplaced facia due to broken buttons
EGR replacement23 viewsUndoing the right hand valve is much easier that the left one.....
EGR replacement16 viewsThese horrible T30 bolts hold the original onto the EGR cooler. Replaced with nice new M8x16mm bolts
EGR replacement18 viewsNew one v old one!
EGR replacement15 viewsLeft side - where the hell is it?
EGR replacement16 viewsNew valve in place. Looking nice and shiny!
EGR replacement18 viewsThe left EGR valve is tight up against the turbo boost pipe. This make insertion of the long bolts difficult!
EGR replacement13 viewsBack of left EGR cooler was a swine to replace the clip. Bound it with wire before using pincers to clip together.
EGR replacement15 viewsNew one in place. Old T30 bolts used on top replacing old rusty ones. Good access here!
EGR replacement12 viewsWhile doing stuff on the engine. Good idea to clean yer MAF. Brake cleaner and air used to get it clean again
EGR replacement17 viewsOpening the actuator for inspection.
EGR replacement17 viewsOpening up the actuator reveals that all was OK. Even the ball races are OK
EGR replacement15 viewsOld value with soot cleaned off with wire brush!
EGR replacement16 viewsCarbon build up under the flange in the sliding shaft
Interstate Battery Sizes and Specs.pdf
Interstate Battery Dimension sheet601 viewsThis sheet is hard to find - the sheet is not on the Interstate corporate web site but some dealer web sites display it. The pdf shows most of their available batteries including the H7 and H8 sizes that are the LR North America replacement batteries for the main starting battery. These batteries are of the Land Rover desired "shallow" cycle high discharge current Maintenance Free, (Ca Ca), internal construction, (not AGM, but instead, Wet Flooded Lead Acid with battery "caps" and Ca grid separators).

For the AUX battery , the H6, (BCI Group 48), is probably similar in dimensions to the Varta E12V75N that is popular in Australia. For that battery to fit in the second battery compartment, you must grind out the angled nibs on the inside front bottom of the LR black plastic surround, something I did wish to do and hence installed a Group 40R on a spacer. Alternately, one can choose an Interstate BCI Group 47 which is similar to a DIN H5 for the AUX location. I did this when I had to replace my 40R. No vertical spacer is required and the stock battery tie down bolts and clamp work well.
Replacement switch from RRS installed on LR3819 viewsThe switch shown is LR part number YUZ500020, the upper rear hatch release switch that is found on the Range Rover Sport.

The switch body is the same switch as on the LR3 except that there is no wiring disconnect on the LR3. Hence when the switch corrodes and requires replacement, the LR solution is to purchase a new handle and license plate light assembly. I instead cut off the old switch and installed a JAE mating connector to the existing wiring and hence just plugged the RRS switch in.

The replacement RRS switch snaps into the same rectangular space in the same manner as the removed LR3 switch, the difference is the JAE male wiring connector.
John Guest Push In quarter inch DOT-A Union761151b8b165121f24da2ad39a17d24d.jpg
John Guest DOT all plastic fitting661 viewsThis is a picture of the John Guest DOT all plastic union. If you look closely, you can see the DOT imprinted in raised letters on the end of the fitting. This is of a 1/4" connector rather than the 6mm that the 3 requires.

The picture is similar to the air suspension pneumatic fitting union that Land Rover sells as replacement part # STC8580. This is for 6mm OD tubing size. The STC8580 comes with what are called "Collets" at each end that cover up the press to release feature underneath. See the John Guest web site under the Pneumatics section and also in Downloads for their catalog for install and remove instructions.

The actual "air brake spec" fitting that Land Rover provides has an interior 4mm OD ferrule that slips inside the 4mm ID of the nominal 6mm tubing. I have not yet been able to obtain the John Guest part number for the LR fitting, only the LR part number. This part number was generated for the RR Classic air systems.

John Guest (LR part # STC8580) push in straight 6mm tubing to tubing connector666 viewsThis picture is similar to the air suspension pneumatic fitting union that Land Rover sells as replacement part # STC8580. This is a 6mm OD tubing size push in to install straight tubing to tubing fitting. The STC8580 comes with what are called "Collets" at each end that cover up the press to release feature underneath. See the John Guest web site under the Pneumatics section and also in Downloads for their catalog for install and remove instructions.

The actual fitting that Land Rover provides has an interior 4mm OD ferrule that slips inside the 4mm ID of the nominal 6mm tubing. Hence the fitting depicted and part number are not actually correct. I have not yet been able to obtain the John Guest part number for the LR fitting.

The fittings that show in this doc are what I call food service fittings rather than transportation or Air Brake fittings. The part LR sells, (STC8580), is the Air Brake type for transportation.
LA501-023 - Technical Bulletin - Child Lock Cam Service Part Replacement Procedure57 views
Thread upload10 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
LR3 Compressor Air Drier 0594.JPG
Compressor Air Drier 1981 viewsA view of the air drier - the black round thing to the right of the actual compressor cylinder head.

The general feeling is that the air dryer is responsible for most of the compressor problems now and that replacement of either the assembly or just the beads inside will probably revive one's compressor. In reality, the beads may have for the most part broken down and turned to dust plugging the internal filters. Hence replacement of the complete dryer unit has some merit.

The part number for the dryer assemble complete with the desiccant is VUB504700.
LR3 Compressor Con Rod Broken 0583.JPG
Compressor Con Rod Broken 1692 viewsThe model number of this compressor is RQG500060; the model number of my replacement compressor was LR015303, the unit that was apparently being installed on the D4 vehicles as of Spring 2010. As of Fall 2011, the new replacement part number is LR023964, the same as in the 4's.

Note the number hand written on the black plate. All the compressors seem to have some number hand written on them - hand built I presume, and every unit perhaps evolving a bit differently as LR struggles to build a compressor that will last. I guess Hitachi, (the manufacturer), should be given credit for that.
Replacement Bracket, LR part # RQU500064 for Air Compressor981 viewsThis is a jpg of an aluminum replacement air compressor bracket, Land Rover part number RQU500064. The three rubber noise isolators are to be removed from the old bracket and inserted in the new bracket.
LR3 Denso Alternator YLE500390 pulley view761 viewsNote the DENSO sticker on the side. Denso calls their nominal 150 amp 12 Volt alternator an SC2 design. SC means Segment Conductor which apparently increase the winding density of the stator coil, hence yielding a physically smaller lighter alternator for a given output. I presume the 2 means the second try at getting it right. A Denso part number is 4280003690 for the alternator, (there are others, as below).

Rotation is clockwise and the 54mm diameter pulley has 6 grooves (PV6x54). Count the pulley grooves on both the one you remove and your new one - some replacement alternators seem to ship with 5 or 7 grooves so you might be swapping pulleys.

A previous LR part number was YLE500190 for the older variation of the newer YLE500390 unit.

An additional part number for a factory rebuilt is Nippon Denso 210-0569 for the petrol V8 alternator. Other Nippon Denso numbers include 104210-3690 and 104210-3691. The Lester number is 11206 which relates to another Denso number of 290-5287. WAI uses 11206N.

From 2006 to 2009, the internal regulator is a Transpo IN6349 and of the B circuit type if it can be said that applies to PWM, (Pulse Width Modulated), regulators.

The "regulator" inside the alternator is therefore really not a regulator in the old sense of the term but instead an instruction receiver from the ECM that translates Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signals into a form that the alternator understands – digital like signals from the Engine Control Module(ECM) into analogue like signals that the windings understand.
Power fold pivot less mirror33 views
Butchery of replacement mirror31 viewsI had to bend the retainng sleeve (bottom right) to be able to split the outer arm from the pivot.
Dry fit - Mirror shell and support arm33 views
Outer Mirror Shell and support arm in place34 views
Mirror parts33 views
Mirror shell replaced - notice self tapping screws39 viewsMirror shell replaced - notice self tapping screws to replace "plastic rivet heads" and also washers on inner screw to prevent screw piercing mirror housing due to short hole.
Finished Job - Mirror shell replacement34 views
Mirror - power fold pivot and pan/tilt/heat wiring34 views
Door mirror - outer support arm35 views
Mirror pan and tilt mechanism 33 views
Power and Sense connector on door mirror30 views
Mirror pivot with outer support removed27 views
LTB00051 - Technical Bulletin - Starter Motor Solenoid Replacement78 views
LTB00222 - Technical Bulletin - Steering Gear Tie Rod Tie Rod End Diagnostic Procedure and Required Replacement Parts Information119 views
LTB00269 - Technical Bulletin - Air Suspension System - Compressor Delivery Valve and Drier Replacement Software Update2036 views
LTB00331 - Technical Bulletin - Air Suspension Compressor and Relay Replacement213 views
replacement pump59 views
Mirror Glass Replacement41 viewsMirror Glass Replacement PDF
My D3 008 compressed.jpg
Front replacement coil spring - King Springs127 views
My D3 010 compressed.jpg
Rear replacement coil spring - King Springs116 views
my d3 011 compressed.jpg
After replacement heavy duty coil springs fitted129 viewsReplacement King Spring coils fitted 22 February 2008. Oem shocks retained.

Wheel arch measurements (note that the old springs - weighing perhaps 30kg - were sitting in the boot when the "after" measurements were taken):-
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 35¼" (89.5cm)
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 34¼" (86.7cm)
my d3 013 compressed.jpg
After replacement heavy duty coil springs fitted128 viewsReplacement King Spring coils fitted 22 February 2008. Oem shocks retained.

Wheel arch measurements (note that the old springs - weighing perhaps 30kg - were sitting in the boot when the "after" measurements were taken):-
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 35¼" (89.5cm)
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 34¼" (86.7cm)
My D3 014 compressed.jpg
After replacement heavy duty coil springs fitted188 viewsReplacement King Spring coils fitted 22 February 2008. Oem shocks retained.

Wheel arch measurements (note that the old springs - weighing perhaps 30kg - were sitting in the boot when the "after" measurements were taken):-
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 35¼" (89.5cm)
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 34¼" (86.7cm)
My D3 018 compressed.jpg
From wheel arch after replacement heavy duty coil springs fitted135 viewsAfter replacement heavy duty coil King Spring coils fitted 22 February 2008. Oem shocks retained.

Wheel arch measurements
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 35¼" (89.5cm)
My D3 019 compressed.jpg
Rear wheel arch measurement after replacement heavy duty coil springs fitted146 viewsAfter replacement heavy duty King Spring coils fitted 22 February 2008. Oem shocks retained.

Wheel arch measurements (note that the old springs - weighing perhaps 30kg - were sitting in the boot when the "after" measurements were taken):-
Before - 33" (84cm)
After - 34¼" (86.7cm)
First Discovery6 viewsA battered-to-death-by-farmers and then brought-back-from-the-dead 300TDi Disco. When first seen the driver's seat was a plastic crate. Resprayed in Eastnor Green with replacement front seats and steering column controls that had been chewed off by farmer's dog. In many respects my best Land Rover buy ever!
New Key Fob 1.jpg
3 Button Key Fob Case46 viewsReplacement case for 3 button Key Fob (Disco 3 & RRS 2005-2009)
Rebuild Kit976 viewsReplacement custom Crown Wheel & Pinion, upgraded seals, OE bearings, replacement needle bearings.
P1010619 (Large).JPG
This is the broken one in situ, and the replacement part below95 views
Brace, for additional support, from OEM's fixed to replacement mud flaps53 views
the replacement rubber piece185 views
Instructions & advise on replacing the pollen filer269 views
Pollen Filter34 views
Pollen Filter Replacement in HVAC System373 viewsThe attached single page doc includes links to pictures of the procedure to replace the "air" filter behind the passenger side glove box related to the Heater AC system.

Part numbers are provided for both Land Rover and Mann filters, both the activated carbon type and the non charcoal filters.
With just normal interior lights (but HID\'s High Intensity LED Replacement)78 views
Air Compressor 70 amp replacement relay1297 viewsThere is a software update, 09 April 2010, LTB00270, for the compressor which reduces the shut down pressure to about 205 psig (14 bar). The update is usually done when changing to a new compressor and also includes replacing the R7 relay in the engine compartment fuse box, 07 DEC 2010 LTB00331.

The newer grey case coloured relay, part # YWB500220, shows to be rated at 70 amps, (the relay, not the compressor), however the previous black case coloured relay also indicates 70 amps.

Both the new and replaced relay show on their wiring diagrams to have a parallel voltage spike resistor, (probably 560 ohms), across the coil terminals, #1 and #2. This means one does not just replace the relay with any four prong 70 amp ISO sized relay that one happens upon.

One presumes the grey relay is either upgraded or just being installed for good measure. The relay is common on Ford Fiesta for the seat heater relay, Ford part number 5M5T 14B 192 EA; also Volvo, part number 30765034. The Tyco part number moulded on the grey body is V23136-J4-X62.
Shock Removal and Replacement page 1_4.pdf
Page 1-41018 views
Shock Removal and Replacement page 5_8.pdf
Page 5 - 8795 views
Shock Removal and Replacement page 9_12.pdf
Page 9 - 12751 views
Replacement Smoke27 views
Replacement Smoke23 views
Tailgate Actuator DIY.98 viewsIf your stuck with the problem of the boot not opening and can't wait for the replacement, here's the DIY.
Technical Service Bulletin SB034 SB036 Vehicle Enhancement Program[1].pdf
Technical Service Bulletin SB034 SB036 Vehicle Enhancement Program2294 viewsOn page 6 and following are the Land Rover service bulletin instructions as to how to install delivery valve and exhaust valve repair kit JPO500010; also a list of previous compressor model numbers as related to the 3. The new delivery valve is easy to install, the exhaust, not so easy. Note that this in not the more recent TSB that reduced the operating pressure of the compressor via a software fix and also recommended replacement of the air compressor 70 amp relay. See the F35 album near the bottom for the relay material.
Vehicle Maintenance Log for LR3/4 D3/4 or other1043 viewsThis is a Excel file that you can download and then modify to suit. It is very simple, but allows me to keep track of most maintenance and fixes etc on my LR3. All columns and rows and boxes can be edited.

I did not erase any data in the various boxes so you could see how I am using it - again not very fancy but it works for me. Under the brakes column, one will see f6 r5 which is how I keep track of the condition of the brake pads. The dealer records the pad thickness at each oil change so that is where the numbers come from.

f is for Front Pads, 6 is for 6mm; r is for Rear pads, 5 is for 5 mm. New pads are about 10 mm; replacement is at 3 mm or less. The amber coloured brake wear dash warning light should come on at about 2 mm.
New Wiring Overlaid88 viewsSport loom gives me length info to position replacement connector and its wiring in. Her you can see the new wires lying over the top of the cut of ones.
ZF 6HP26 and 6HP28 Comparison plus oil pan and filter replacement options836 viewsThis is a 66 page ZF produced pdf that provides comparisons between the various ZF transmissions; also instructions regarding maintenance of the Mechatronic unit, the round seal; the various metal and plastic pans available as well as tips regarding changing the oil.

This ZF pdf has a number of colour pictures and part numbers within as well.
Electrical Connector Sleeve Replacement ZF 6HP26818 viewsThis 3 page pdf with pictures shows how to replace the sleeve that holds the multipin electrical connector that passes thru the transmission body to the Mechatronic unit.

The install of the sleeve is more difficult than the removal in that one must not rotate the sleeve as damage to the internal pins can result. The pan must be first removed to both remove and install the sleeve.
Mechatronic Sleeve Removal and Install Instructions894 viewsThis 3 page pdf with pictures shows how to remove and install the Mechatronic sleeve that tends to leak tranny oil after about ten years. Even if not leaking, replacement when doing a pan/filter change at the ten year mark is suggested.

Note the 3mm or less requirement when sleeve installation is completed; also that rotation of the sleeve during the install procedure can do damage to some internal pins - hence do not rotate the sleeve when trying to insert it or in getting it to lock in place - not so easy it seems.
Mechatronic Replacement Hints plus drains for steel and plastic pans942 viewsThis 22 page pdf shows colour views of the Mechatronic unit as well as good illustrations of the drain and fill ports in both the plastic, page 17, and steel pans, page 18.

Page 8 details the replacement of the sealing sleeve where the electric wire feed thru the case into the Mechatronic unit. The seal is normally replaced when a new pan is installed as the seal is a known leakage point.
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