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Puma System Controller

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Puma System Controller
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Product Information


Call us on +44 (0)1295 533848 or email shop@fnltd.co.uk if you need any more information.

Please note that we currently have an approximately 21 day lead time on system controllers

This controller plugs into the engine bay ECU connector on a 2.4 or 2.2 Tdci/Puma Defender bulkhead harness and converts the signals present on other engines (CAN, digital or hardwired) into the CAN bus messages and control signals needed to correctly and fully operate the Puma (Tdci) Defender’s gauge cluster. The Puma ECU is no longer needed (and should not be connected).

Compatible with gauge clusters from both 2.4 and 2.2 Defenders.

Supported by the controller now are the Td5 (Defender and Discovery ECUs), 300 Tdi, 200 Tdi, 2.5 diesel/TD/petrol, BMW M57 DDE 5 and DDE 6, Rover V8 engine (14CUX, Carbs, GEMS and Motronic), Ford Coyote 5.0, Cummins, Mercedes OM606... with more being added all the time!

If you have an engine or installation that is currently unsupported we do have the ability to customise a controller for you so please contact us.

Please note that the Tdi and Rover V8 engine options (except V8 Motronic and GEMS) require that your alternator has a W terminal fitted. If in any doubt please contact us for help.

Connector Socket Options

The connector options are to match a 2.4 bulkhead loom (48 way brown colour coded) or 2.2 bulkhead loom (53 way black colour coded).

System Options

In addition to operating the instrument pack (gauges) from your engine's signals/sensors, the system controller can also operate the follow, which must be selected as options.

Air Conditioning

With this option selected the controller operates the engine air conditioning compressor feed and condenser fan according to the A/C on/off switch, thermostat, pressure sensors and engine operating conditions. 

The air conditioning option is compatible with both the 2.4 and 2.2 air conditioning systems.

ABS/Traction Control

We offer a option to maintain the operation of the WABCO ABS/TC system fitted to all 2007-2010 XS specification Defenders and often added as a factory option.

Support for the Bosch ABS/TC/DSC systems is under development for release in Summer 2020. Controllers will be able to have their software updated to add Bosch support if necessary. Contact us for more information.

Glow Plug Controller

This option uses the Tdci/Puma glow plug relay to operate your engine's glow plugs correctly according to the engine coolant temperature, removing the need for an additional glow plug timer unit. 

By selecting this option we will also include an adapter harness between the Tdci/Puma glow plug connector and the first engine glow plug nearest the bulkhead.

Radiator Fan Controller

With this option selected the controller provides an output for an electric engine cooling fan relay, switching it on at a set temperature. We can provide a suitable calibration for switch on/off points, or you can customise this.

Connection Loom Options

As standard we offer the controller with a sealed moulded fly lead to make connections to the engine input signals/sensors/CAN bus.

We can also make part or full engine looms, or a plug-and-play adapter or provide different connectors.

There are too many variations and possibilities to list every possible loom option, please contact us to discuss your requirements if this is something you'd like for your conversion.


If you have any questions about which parts you need, or to ask about a plug-and-play engine loom please just contact us - we would rather discuss your project/conversion and help you decide the best route than you order something unsuitable or miss out on the perfect kit!

Once you have ordered we may need to contact you to ask a few questions about your engine/installation as there are a few variations which must be configured in the controller for you.

If you have any questions regarding which controller you require for your engine or wiring loom, or about the the gauges please do not hesitate to contact us and ask - telephone 01295 533848

For this product the "Standard" shipping option at the checkout is fully insured and tracked, you do not need to select "Tracked" to add tracking/insurance.

Our controllers and looms are proudly developed and manufactured by us IN THE UNITED KINGDOM

Operated by Futuranet Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No. 04017852.