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NAS 7 Pin Round Socket + 4 Pin Flat Socket oriented as installed.
This is the layout you see when you look into the NAS Land Rover sockets as installed at the rear of the LR3/4. The flat 4 pin socket is located under the round socket.

Wiring order is relative to the slot on the round socket, and hence the same as the other jpg where the slot is shown at the top.

The CJB monitors the front and rear turn signal lamps and can detect if more than four lamps are fitted, (the side turn signal lamps are not monitored). This is another reason for using genuine LR bulbs as off shore bulbs can have varied and out of spec resistance values.

When a trailer is detected, the trailer warning indicator in the instrument cluster is supposed to flash green in synchronization with the turn signal indicators.

If one or more of the turn signal lamps on the vehicle or the trailer are defective, the trailer warning indicator will cease to flash any longer. This is to alert the driver to probably bulb failure.

If the trailer has LED lamps installed, and no LED adapter circuitry is used, most likely the trailer will not be sensed and systems such as the backup sensors will not be disabled.
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