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17 files, last one added on Oct 14, 2021

LR3 miscellaneous
Marilyn Monroe Land Rover Series 1 short wheel base.jpg

This album contains both data and fun stuff.

The data is generally boring pdf wiring diagrams that do not seem to belong elsewhere as well as various system explanations. There are also a number of files related to the alternator and regulator plus some files related to various 18" and 19" D3/LR3 rated factory wheels.

The fun stuff, is well - look at it.

I note that the Marilyn file within this album is over a thousand views - a very discerning mindset I suppose on the part of the Disco 3 forum participants.

There are other albums here with a number of files exceeding 2,000 views, a few exceeding 3,000 and the odd file having 4,000 views. The majority of the files however show perhaps 400 to 500 views.

43 files, last one added on Dec 13, 2017

Traxide Dual Battery install in LHDrive
Aux Battery vent 8.jpg

This album shows the Australian Traxide dual battery system installed in a LHD vehicle. Also included are files related to battery dimensions and cross reference material.

The Caterpillar file is of particular value regarding dimensioning and physical battery construction, post layout and tie down ridges etc.

15 files, last one added on Jun 08, 2010

ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission in LR3

This album includes a number of ZF pdf's as well as LR material related to the ZF 6HP26X transmission in our 3. Included is material re the plastic oil pan and integral filter plus material on replacing the plastic pan with a metal pan and separate filter. There are some jpg's re cut thru views as well.

27 files, last one added on May 06, 2016

Brake Light Switch Replacement

This album contains jpg's showing the internal deterioration of the switch; also wiring diagrams of the brake light circuit showing how the brake light circuit ties into the ABS, the HDC, and a multitude of other systems. Included are instructions re replacing the switch. The effect of a deteriorating brake light switch appears as any number of invalid warnings and false problems in other systems.

10 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2014

NAV Radio BlueTooth phone and Rosen DVD

This is a collection of files related to the audio system, NAV and BlueTooth as well as the overhead Rosen DVD Video player.

Some of the pdf's discuss the differences between the low and high line radio head units, speaker systems, and the two different amplifiers. Pinouts are provided in many of the pdf's.

21 files, last one added on Apr 24, 2016

Liftgate release mod
LR3 Liftgate release mode showing lead weight and wire 603.JPG

I installed this mechanical release in anticipation of the power operated upper hatch door release quitting for whatever reason. In the cases of the early production models, there is an L shaped plastic part that simply breaks. It has since been upgraded to metal and fails less often now. This mod provides a mechanical release as LR does not.

8 files, last one added on Jan 03, 2012

LR3 Air Suspension fuse 35P ECU Manual Shut Off Switch
LR3 Air Valve Shut off switch distant 6.JPG

At first I did not quite understand how the system worked and thought that removing Fuse 35P was the key to freezing the suspension computer. I later determined that removing F26E in the engine compartment would kill the computer 24/7/365 and keep it dead. Removing F35P only put the computers to sleep while the engine is running; later when shut down, the zombies wake up and drop the 3 while parked. Removing F26E is pretty much equivalent to putting a stake to the heart and kills the suspension computer "good".

13 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2016

NAS Trailer Socket Pin ID and Wire Colours

Album provides wiring hookup diagrams and colour codes for NAS trailer sockets; additionally an adapter box design that can be self built to eliminate pulsing of LED trailer lights.

The adapter also facilitates the required signalling to various onboard computer circuits that a trailer is connected and hence results in the automatic disabling of such features as the backup sensors and auto height lowering at speed.

Also depicted are various NAS hitches available as well as providing part numbers for an electric braking controller device that can be connected to the existing factory Ford wiring connector.

22 files, last one added on Mar 06, 2016

Broken Air Compressor RQG500060
LR3 Compressor Con Rod Stud worn 0584.JPG

Shows the "crankshaft" and what happens when the single nut unscrews itself. Rotation continued, something jammed, and then the connecting rod to the piston snapped. Also there is a jpg of the compressor mounting bracket that snaps when you jack on it.

There is also a pdf of an older Technical Service Bulletin related to a valve update mod; also listing previous mods.

8 files, last one added on Apr 20, 2011

Schrader Valve Air Tank Air In install
Reservoir Air In fitting installed 625.JPG

This details how to install a Schrader valve in the front end of the air tank of early 3's to facilitate "air in" in the event of compressor failure.

Later build 3's do not have the blanked off threaded bung that provides the required entry point.

4 files, last one added on Dec 04, 2017

Switch Replacement Rear Upper Hatch Release

This file shows the replacement of the LR3 rear upper hatch switch with a similar switch, but with a Range Rover Sport part number, hence a JAE connector has to be added to the LR3 wiring to accommodate the plug on the end of the RRS Switch.

4 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2012

Power Window and Door Lock Circuits
LR3 Power Window Components.gif

A collection of pdf's re the power window wiring and also the door lock wiring.

There is a 17 page pdf that attempts to explain how the door locking system is supposed to function. While the explanation is actually quite detailed and fairly easy to understand, overall, the locking system is not simple.

12 files, last one added on Apr 23, 2016

FASKIT Air Suspension Installation
LR3 Front LH engine bay empty space 52.JPG

23 files, last one added on Jan 24, 2011

Boot Cargo Area supplemental LED Lighting
LR3 Boot lighting looking to rear hatch closed 0468.JPG

3 files, last one added on Apr 05, 2010

ScanGauge II on LR3
Scan Gauge II mounted small.jpg

ScanGauge mounted above steering column

2 files, last one added on May 20, 2011

Fin on both Glass and Metal Roof parts view
Aerial Fin Image_20061020 (2).pdf

1 files, last one added on Feb 21, 2010

SmoothTalker on LR3 air vent
LR3 BlackBerry 9630 LR screen 396.jpg

6 files, last one added on May 09, 2011

CounterAct Corrosion Control LT-2 install
CounterAct Power supply mounted under brake lines 534.JPG

6 files, last one added on Apr 19, 2010

Danish Orchard cup holder
Danish Orchards dual jam coffee holders small.jpg

Pair of empty jam containers.

1 files, last one added on Jan 11, 2010

Breather Cap Front Differential installation

This album shows the installation of the Front Differential breather cap per Technical Service Bulletin LTB00245. What surprised me was that the piece I cut off, I could neither blow nor suck thru it; the new replacement breather cap, I could.

I tend to wonder what Land Rover knows that is not really mentioned in the instructions that generated the TSB.

10 files, last one added on Dec 19, 2021

Heater Air Conditioner System
Air Conditioning DrainIMGP0698.JPG

There are a number of pdf's and files that describe how the heater and AC system is supposed to operate. Both front and rear systems are covered.

Also included are files related to the fan box drain hoses disconnecting and allowing water to flow onto the carpet.

13 files, last one added on Feb 04, 2018

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