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Part numbers for JAE connectors for the upper hatch switch. 346 viewsThis lists the JAE and Digi-Key part numbers for the electrical connectors for the hatch switch.

I contacted Japan Aviation Electronics and they directed me to Digi-Key in the USA who sell odd lots of the JAE product, odd lots meaning two pins and one connector if that is all you wish.
JAE connectors for the upper hatch switch and FAKRA connectors for the Sat NAV.489 viewsThis jpg shows some catalog pages listing the MX19 connectors used on the upper hatch switch.

Also shown are the FAKRA connectors that are used on the rear of the Sat NAV.
Replacement switch from RRS installed on LR3787 viewsThe switch shown is LR part number YUZ500020, the upper rear hatch release switch that is found on the Range Rover Sport.

The switch body is the same switch as on the LR3 except that there is no wiring disconnect on the LR3. Hence when the switch corrodes and requires replacement, the LR solution is to purchase a new handle and license plate light assembly. I instead cut off the old switch and installed a JAE mating connector to the existing wiring and hence just plugged the RRS switch in.

The replacement RRS switch snaps into the same rectangular space in the same manner as the removed LR3 switch, the difference is the JAE male wiring connector.
Upper Hatch Release Switch LR Part Number YUZ500020624 viewsThis is the Range Rover Sport switch, Land Rover part number YUZ500020, as it comes out of the box. Note the JAE, (Japanese Aviation Electronics), male wiring connector installed on the end of the power lead.

The rubber cover of the switch is sealed to the plastic body of the switch whereas in the previous switch design, there was no sealing. Also the replaced switch was hard wired into the same harness as the license plate lights - no JAE connector in other words.
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