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Tekonsha Ford Brake Controller Adapter part number 3035-P
This is the adapter cable between the Brake Controller and the existing C2590 female plug located near the brake pedal on NAS spec LR3's. The flat 4 pin plug of the adapter cable connects to the Controller; the rectangular 6 hole male plug to C2590.

There are only four conductors in the adapter cable, but one will see five pins within the Land Rover C2590 plug. The #2 pin is not required for the NAS setup. #2 pin is the circuit between the head lamp switch and vehicle side running lamps required in the civilized world.

The single pin at the bottom in the picture is #3 and on the Land Rover, a Black wire tied to ground. The other pin at the bottom and across to the left is #6, and Blue on the Land Rover. This is the Brake Controller output to the trailer socket at the rear.

#4 is the pin at the top left, and is a White coloured wire from the battery. Pin #5 is from the stop light switch, and is Green on the Land Rover.

Note that the adapter cable colours do not necessarily follow all the above referenced Land Rover colours.
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