Parts required for OEM Hybrid TV install

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Below is a list of parts that I needed,

1 x YMQ502530 - green antenna connector £39.98 1 x YMQ502540 - brown antenna connector £39.98 1 x YMQ502510 - cable to go to touch screen £10.34 (this terminates at the gearbox) 1 x YMQ502510 - Fakra Female to Female £10.66 ( this is a very illusive cable, no lr dealer could find it, I ended up with an audi one, it is exactly the same, the Audi part no is 00 098 652A about £16.00) 1 x LR014050 - D4 TV Tuner Bracket £18.00 (3 x m6 x 12mm screws, to hold the tuner to the skin & 4 to hold the tuner into the bracket) 4 X Antenna Amps XUC000080 £34.40 EACH In addition to this you will need a most cable, these can be bought from adrian (wiggs) can not remember how much as I bought mine over a year ago.

Also you will need the Hybrid TV tuner unit, these can be purchased from Wiggs.

In addition to this you may need 4 pp3 connectors, these will need soldering or conductive glueing ( I soldered mine as the conductive glue wasn't any good) to the rear quarter pannel windows on the antennas that may be mounted in the glass.

The tuner fits in the drivers side rear quarter pannel, near the blue tooth module, pic in wiggs galery here, the picture shows a d3 tv tuner, but the d4 one goes in the same place, the d4 bracket is a similar size but the tv tuner is alot smaller.

The YMQ502510 - cable to go to touch screen, doesn't go all the way to the touch screen, it terminates at the gearbox. It is fun running this, I ran mine down the rear wheel arch, under the rear door trim with the other cables, then under the drivers seat and into the centre console by the other 100 cables. This will be obvious what I mean when you take the centre console off. Wiggs suggested going all the way down the drivers side of the vehicle then up into the dash and to the rear of the sat nav screen, I choice the other way as it seemed easier.

This is when you need the audi part, this goes from the back of the sat nav screen and plugs into the cable above at the gearbox or drivers dash, depending on which route you take.

For the power/earth, I ran a spur off of the bluetooth module for these. The pin outs on the tv tuner are, 1 - Positive 2 - Earth 4 - Coax 5 - Coax earth

4 & 5 are the end of the YMQ502510 - cable.

The connector that houses these is a self source item, I didn't bother as lr couldn't help. Not sure what others have done with regards a connector for this.


Also if you install your own OEM and would like to update this guide, please feel free to do so.