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Wheel weight ratings:

As at Jan 2009, all Discovery 3 factory fit and dealer fit wheels (17, 18 & 19") have been rated at 940kg per rim. While it is physically possible to fit wheels from the Range Rover Sport and some later FFRR wheels, it should be noted that the rims are rated for a lower weight.

FFRR - 925kg

RRS - 900kg

Fitment of the FFRR or RRS rims may therefore have an impact on your insurance. If in doubt, always check with your insurer. To date there have been no incidents reported on DISCO3.CO.UK of either FFRR or RRS wheels failing, nor have there been any reports of insurers questioning the fitment of these wheels.

Standard wheel dimensions & weights:

The dimensions and weight of alternative wheel fitments should be considered relative to the standard Discovery 3 fitments. These are:

PCD = 5/120 (This means a five wheel stud pattern, with the 5 studs on a pitch circle diameter of 120mm. Alternative sizes will literally not fit the Discovery 3 hub).

Offset = 53P (This dimension is the distance from the wheel hub to the rim edge. Different offsets will narrow or widen the track of your vehicle. Small changes in offset do not seem to impact the performance of Discovery 3).

Land Rover OEM sizes include:

17 x 7 - one design only, weight 11.4kg

18 x 8 - various designs, weight of 5 spoke design 13.6kg

19 x 8 - various designs

Weight - a lower unsprung weight is preferable. However, differences in wheels weights tend to be less significant than variations in tyre weight. A robust MT tyre with a LT construction will weigh around 25kg, compared to a passenger construction road oriented tyre around 15kg.


It should be noted that the standard Disco3 tyre fitment for an HSE model in the United Kingdom is 255/55/19 with a 111 weight rating. The minimum weight rating in the UK is 111 per tyre, while in Australia a lower limit of 109 applies. LR do NOT recommend the fitment of the RRS 255/50/19 107 tyre to the Disco3 due to the smaller rolling circumference and the lower load rating.

Pending the addition of further information, more can be found at DISCO3.CO.UK Wheels & Tyres Section

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