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DSC00995 (Medium).JPG
The road to Foz138 views
DSC00999 (Medium).JPG
Kingsley with Sr. Pedro, the chief of police at Foz Do Cunene, Angola.162 viewsSr. Pedro was initially a bit wary of us, but once King had explained his mission, Sr. Pedro and his team couldn't do enough to help. He even brought us sinkers to fish with and beer when we ran out! Kinsley took him to meet his neighbours from Namibia
DSC01030 (Medium).JPG
Papa King shows us why you never travel alone191 viewsAll of a sudden the sand became spongy, and Kingsley\'s vehicle just sunk in up to the chassis. Took the guys quite a while to dig and winch it out.
DSC01055 (Medium).JPG
The largest pothole we found was as big as a D3189 viewsOn the road to Ondjiva. Worst road in the world (so far)
DSC01895 (Medium).JPG
Babu - great guy from Mozambique who joined Kingsley\'s core team.150 views"How the heck am I gonna fit all that in there?!"
Packing all the kit in Ondangwa. Amazing what you can get into a Defender!
DSC01899 (Medium).JPG
Filling up and final kit checks at the BP in Ondangwa181 views
DSC01904 (Medium).JPG
Kingsley, Eugene, Paulo, Myself at Ruacana falls on the Namibian side172 views
DSC01911 (Medium).JPG
The kids at Ruacana School, expedition vehicles in the background154 views
DSC01916 (Medium).JPG
Kids from Ruacana school in Namibia147 viewsThe kids at some South African schools donated libraries and stationery which we were handing out. THe also filled a book with pictures of themselves and messages to the kids of the schools Kingsley\'s mission were to visit. In return the kids from the destination schools wrote messages back to the SA kids. Very Cool!
DSC01917 (Medium).JPG
Crossing the bridge across the ruacana falls, just past the border post into Angola168 viewsWill - a chef of note, and a great companion. Kept us well fed, and well entertained
DSC01948 (Medium).JPG
A school on the road to Chitado137 viewsThe "school" is built of sticks, and the kids sit on wooden logs!
The kids were still very proud of their school and really appreciated the stationery
DSC01950 (Medium).JPG
Paulo showing a Himba warrior his own photograph141 views
DSC01984 (Medium).JPG
Stuff I found at Espenhierra145 views
DSC01986 (Medium).JPG
Wrecked old Ford on road to Foz du Cunene141 views
DSC02004 (Medium).JPG
Police station at Foz du Cunene130 views
DSC02008 (Medium).JPG
Paulo with a Kabeljou (I hope) caught at Foz du Cunene. His first beach fish! Well done Boet154 views
DSC02014 (Medium).JPG
Gill Holgate with a huge shell. They were all over the place.154 viewsThis is somewhere on the beach on the way north to Tombua
DSC02016 (Medium).JPG
Beach full of shells141 views
DSC02020 (Medium).JPG
Along the beach on the way to Tombua. The wreck in the background is "Consortium Alpha"153 viewsApparently this boat was wrecked on it's maiden voyage cos the prop got caught in the nets
DSC02023 (Medium).JPG
Just to prove you don\'t need to miss out on your espresso!181 views
DSC02024 (Medium).JPG
The pass at Mount Leba. Unbelievably beautiful, and the road is perfect139 views
DSC02038 (Medium).JPG
The potholes are as big as D3\'s. Trucks were breaking all over the place. Road to Ondjiva145 views
DSC02040 (Medium).JPG
Memorial to those who died during the war141 views
DSC02041 (Medium).JPG
Remains of a troop carrier next to the road. On the way to Ondjiva. Worst road in the world!156 views
DSC02044 (Medium).JPG
a Defender 150. Apparently 5 were made. We saw this one at Land Rover in Windhoek, Namibia172 views
86 viewspaddle switch connector
IMG_6097a (Medium).jpg
Black-backed Jackal - Etosha154 viewsNamutoni camp seems to be overrun with Jackals and Honey Badgers. This guy had no fear of humans, and tried to take food off our table
IMG_6104 (Medium).JPG
Wildebeest (Gnu) Etosha178 viewsYou generally see these together with Zebra in large herds, they are complimentary grazers
IMG_6125 (Medium).JPG
Gemsbok (Oryx) drinking at a waterhole in Etosha161 viewsIn Winter, they supplement with boreholes, otherwise there would be very little water to go around
IMG_6145 (Medium).JPG
Zebra, Gnu (Wildebeest), Etosha166 viewsPaulo\'s pics
IMG_6147 (Medium).JPG
Zebra in Etosha149 viewsPicture taken by Paulo.
You can\'t capture it on film, but I have never seen so many animals in one place in my entire life
IMG_6151 (Medium).JPG
Elephant at Etosha162 viewsI didn\'t have the guts to try get the D3 into the shot!
IMG_6165 (Medium).JPG
Baben providing a liitle entertainment172 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6168 (Medium).JPG
Ruacana falls as seen from above Hippo pools, Namibia148 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6183 (Medium).JPG
At ruacana school210 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6185 (Medium).JPG
Outside Ruacana school in Namibia168 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6197 (Medium).JPG
Ross Holgate - the cameraman243 viewsYou hardly ever see Ross in a pic, \'cos he is always on the other side of the lens. Chief of logistics and now also the cameraman
IMG_6205 (Medium).JPG
Himba maidens, a couple of hours past Ruacana border209 viewsKingsley stopped the convoy when we reached a fine place to camp. We met the local Himba chief, who we invited for a feast. Kingsley paid for a goat, which they slaughtered, and the maidens came from far and wide to join the feast and dance for us around the fire
IMG_6211 (Medium).JPG
Himba slaughtering a goat for the feast177 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6241 (Medium).JPG
School - the kids are happy158 views
IMG_6290 (Medium).JPG
Kingsley and Himbas188 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6302 (Medium).JPG
tough Himba warrior next to an even tougher vehicle163 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6317 (Medium).JPG
Somewhere along the road to Foz du Cunene161 views
IMG_6383 (Medium).JPG
Looking across the Cunene river into Namibia. The dunes are in the Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia157 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6389 (Medium).JPG
On the road to Foz175 views
IMG_6397 (Medium).JPG
Fishing at Foz du Cunene - the best fishing in the world according to the locals & we agree161 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
IMG_6459 (Medium).JPG
Inflating the boat at Foz176 viewsBruce had 2 Gemini inflatables on top of the Defender, with 2 engines in the rear compartment. Inflating the boats took about 30 minutes. The plan was to cross the Cunene and greet the miners on the Namibian side, which is where the Outside Edge expedition had left off a couple of weeks prior - they couldn\'t cross the Cunene in Land Rovers, so they had to go around - a detour of some 2000km
IMG_6464 (Medium).JPG
Launching the Gemini on the Cunene river179 viewsAcross the river is Namibia. There are HUGE crocs in this river, which is probably why you don\'t see me pushing the boat :)
IMG_6465 (Medium).JPG
Foz du Cunene police & Kingsley handing out some mozzie nets183 views
IMG_6468 (Medium).JPG
Flamingo camp www.aasafaris.com195 viewsAmazing lodge in the middle of nowhere on the Atlantic ocean. I can certainly recommend it. The pub is great, as are the hosts
IMG_6470 (Medium).JPG
Flamingo Camp, Angola www.aasafaris.com192 viewsThese guys entertained us for the night. What a great place. I am definitely going back for a longer visit. The fishing is apparently amazing
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