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Articulation - Freelander Style208 views
Up The Roych Steps176 viewsConcentrating hard!
Pumped Up Freelander on Roych185 viewsJust to prove that Freelanders really can do Roych
Back End of a D3 and a D1 up round the back of the Hope Valley Quarry152 views
Descending Pindale191 viewsTaken immediately before the articulation demonstration
Articulation at the top of Pindale258 viewsThe guy in the green was genuinely rocking me side to side - I reckon that rear wheel was a foot off the ground
Articulation at the top of Pindale269 viewsNumber 5 of a series of 8
Articulation - Yeah!256 viewsAt the top of pindale there is an excellent articulation test - I am on three wheels ... and on two - I could actually flip 3 wheel sets (via just 2 inbetween) just by rocking myself in the drivers seat
My D3 waiting whilst we towed the dead RR classic backwards!258 views
The motley crew in Pindale Quarry242 views
When 10 Landrovers meet and only 9 are runners!219 viewsAt the bottom of Pindale we met 5 fully prepared 90/100\'s coming the other way - interesting when one of yours is dead!
Group 2 - Lead by me!203 viewsHaving finally got free of the Roych we stopped for a photo opportunity - like you do!
Roych Victim Number 2242 viewsA bust diff lock combined with side steps and road tyres makes for a stationary Disco 1 - took us an hour to get this over the big steps - and only then with a tow!
My D3 safely at the top of Roych Steps218 viewsWhistled up with little drama - lost a bit of momentum coming up to the last couple and needed a couple of goes to get up them.

For those there in July - this is a completely different kettle of fish when going up it!
Tow Out203 viewsFinally gave up and towe dthe Disco 1 guy. All he was bothered about was that the Freelander had got up1
Bust Petrol Tank191 viewsThis RR Classic\'s petrol tank got ruptured coming down Pimdale - this is the rush to collect and distribute the contents to other vehicles!
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