Known Issues & Fixes from MY05 Onwards

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Please see the Issues Section on the DISCO3 forum.

Most reported issues with Discovery 3 have been fixed either by the Enhancement Program issued by Land Rover in 2006 or have been developed out on the factory floor. MY07 onwards vehicles so far have been very reliable with only a small percentage of problems.

Car Won't start, Hazards flashing, suspension lowered "Driving my Disco 3 yesterday when all of a sudden it cut out and lowered, hazards started flashing, interior lights came on, doors unlocked, lots of lights on the dash, E in gear display. Suspension lowered, hdc fault, engine system fault, system fault special programs not available" See how it was traced here> Clicky

ARB Bushes - Anti Roll Bar bushes (ARB) also remain an issue for vehicles that are taken off road. These seem to need replacing at circa 50K miles onwards. Both the front and rear bushes become compressed and cause clunking. Many of the high mileage D3 owners on the Forum have also had to have these replaced. A recent updated fix has been described Here

Clutch - Clutch Slip/Smell discussed Here

Cruise Control - A common problem for early Discovery 3's was the drop out of Cruise Control which could not be reset without a stop, switch off and restart. See Here for some info.

EGR's - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves

EPB - The main issue still outstanding is with the Electronic Park Brake (EPB). See EPB Fit For Purpose Poll

Fog lamps - Front Fog Lamp Failure is fairly common but can be easily rectified if you wish to fix it yourself.

Fuel Filler Flap - The Fuel Filler Flap sometimes locks in the Open or Shut position.

Headlight Condensation - Headlight Condensation can build up. There is a TSB (No.LA417-002V3, 15 February 2005) for this issue, but not all instances are covered. See the TSB here.

Replacing Door Latch - A detailed guide with pictures can be found here Here

Suspension Clunks - A loud 'Clunk' in the front suspension when going over potholes, and also when applying the brakes sharply can be caused by worn lower wishbone bushes.

Tailgate struts - The loose tailgate strut issue still requires periodic checking on earlier models.

Unable to select reverse gear (manual) - This thread by Big Nev details replacing a broken circlip to fix this issue.

Yellow Park Brake Warning Lamp On - Accompanied by gear selection indication in the bottom of the speedometer missing or slow in to display the correct gear. Inoperative reversing lights. Caused by miscalibrated X-Y sensor in gear box. Can be recalibrated by following this procedure described in this thread: Park Brake and Gear Indication Fault